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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Girdles And Garters

A reader commented that he liked to see woman's laps with garters exposed. So do I. I hope he enjoys these pictures from the vault.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Watching Your Friend Get It

I did a post in 2013 titled Guess Her Muff, no muffs are shown, but it continues to garner more eyeballs week in week out than any other post. I love it.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Thought For Today

The urge to use the power of the government to silence or destroy those we disagree with is why the Framers wrote the Constitution to limit federal powers, and to create checks and balances between the three branches. It’s why the more cynical (or realistic, depending on your viewpoint) anti-Federalists insisted on the addition of the Bill of Rights.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018


Pictures of things I don't understand

Put your junk through a hole and she teases you

Another hole

Big and Small

More Big and Small

Seems To Be A Very Popular Fantasy

Monday, April 9, 2018

How we came to spanking

An OBB reader posted:
I have never met anyone, knowingly, that shared my passion for spanking.
Neither have I sought out like-minded folks to meet up with. I do wonder, though, if I ever will at some stage.

That gave me the impetus for this post - a tell-all.

How we came to spanking…that starts with my background before I met Bacall. I think I spanked most of the girls I dated. I never planned to spank them, it came naturally because of something they did. I would ask them to cease whatever annoying behavior they were doing. Of course, the little darlings relished that game. So I would hoist their skirts and spank them. They took it in good fun. But, it was common that the same behavior occurred the next date with the same result. I was being played, but I was too dim to understand it. I did not see spanking as sexual. But, afterward, they would often be sitting on my lap with their panties down being comforted and still impish. The only way I can see this is that since their panties were down for a “good reason” it was OK to advance to some heavy petting. Always likes that term. So spanking was a back door to sex. Bad pun.

I was 19 when spanking became sexual for me. Now I not only consciously wanted to spank I wanted to be spanked. That was two firsts for me. The trigger for this event was a picture like this one of two women spanking each other. Why a depiction of F/F spanking caused my sudden interest in F/M spanking will always be a mystery to me.

Since I was now actively thinking about spanking my dates, it was no longer spontaneous. And I think less enjoyable for both of us. I had a lot to learn.

When I started dating Bacall, she naturally felt my palm and after awhile I got the nerve to tell her I wanted to be paddled. She took to it like a duck to water.

I was still really stupid about spanking her. I thought the only way to do it was paddling her like I liked being paddled. That was too painful for her. Still is most of the time.

Years pass, I was usually the one getting paddled. I just could not imagine another way to spank other than with a paddle and hard.

The internet dawned and we found that we were not alone in enjoying spanking. One thing led to another and soon we were in a group of spankers. At first, only 20 people, it quickly grew to over 100 souls. We got together several times a year for long weekends.

It was at the first party that things changed for us. I was spanking a gal in an adjoining room and Bacall came in and told me to come and see this. I said, "In a minute, I am little busy right now". But, she was so excited she persisted to encourage me to drop what I was doing and come to see her discovery. It was a leather paddle.

We bought several leather paddles and that changed the whole dynamic for us. She was now paddled as often, if not more so, than me.

More years went by and just as suddenly she decided she liked wood paddles better. Not the same ones as I prefer, but still darn stingy ones. Isn't that right, Ronnie? [At her request, I made her one just like Bacall's]

This photo was taken during her transition from leather to wood. From left to right, a metal ruler - her idea. Pussy flogger. Two leather toys and her first wood paddle.

So to our reader, what I am saying is that there are people just like you out there. Why are we hiding from each other? You will not find many women that enjoy spanking men, but there are lots of women who want to be spanked.

Questions? Comments?

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Trump Is Cutting Old Gordian Knots

Trump seems to be running the White House like The Apprentice. I don't like the style. Yet, reading this article gives me hope.
Donald Trump’s unconventional methods may be exactly what is required for seemingly unsolvable problems.
The proverbial knot of Gordium was impossible to untie. Anyone clever enough to untie it would supposedly become the king of Asia. Many princes tried; all failed.
When Alexander the Great arrived, he was challenged to unravel the impossible knot. Instead, he pulled out his sword and cut through it. Problem solved.
Donald Trump inherited an array of perennial crises when he was sworn in as president in 2017. He certainly did not possess the traditional diplomatic skills and temperament to deal with any of them.
In the last year of the Barack Obama administration, a lunatic North Korean regime purportedly had gained the ability to send nuclear-tipped missiles to the U.S. west coast.
China had not only been violating trade agreements, but forcing U.S. companies to hand over their technological expertise as the price of doing business in China.
NATO may have been born to protect the European mainland, but a distant U.S. was paying an increasingly greater percentage of its budget to maintain NATO than were its direct beneficiaries.
Mexico keeps sending its impoverished citizens to the U.S., and they usually enter illegally. That way, Mexico relieves its own social tensions, develops a pro-Mexico expatriate community in the U.S. and gains an estimated $30 billion a year from remittances that undocumented immigrants send back home, often on the premise that American social services can free up cash for them to do so.
In the past, traditional and accepted methods failed to deal with all of these challenges. Bill Clinton’s “Agreed Framework,” George W. Bush’s “six-party talks,” and the “strategic patience” of the Obama administration essentially offered North Korea cash to denuclearize.
American diplomats whined to China about its unfair trade practices. When rebuffed, they more or less shut up, convinced either that they could not do anything or that China’s growing economy would sooner or later westernize.
Europeans were used to American nagging about delinquent NATO contributions. Diplomatic niceties usually meant that European leaders only talked nonstop about the idea that they should shoulder more of their own defense.
Mexico ignored U.S. whining that our neighbor to the south was cynically undermining U.S. immigration law. If America protested too much, Mexico usually fell back on boilerplate charges of racism, xenophobia, and nativism, despite its own tough treatment of immigrants arriving into Mexico illegally from Central America.
In other words, before Trump arrived, the niceties of American diplomacy and statecraft had untied none of these knots. But like Alexander, the outsider Trump was not invested in any of the accustomed protocols about untying them. Instead, he pulled out his proverbial sword and began slashing.
If Kim Jong Un kept threatening the U.S., then Trump would threaten him back and ridicule him in the process as “Rocket Man.” Meanwhile, the U.S. would beef up its own nuclear arsenal, press ahead with missile defense, warn China that its neighbors might have to nuclearize, and generally seem as threatening to Kim as he traditionally has been to others.
Trump was no more patient with China. If it continues to cheat and demand technology transfers as the price of doing business in China, then it will face tariffs on its exports and a trade war. Trump’s position is that Chinese trade duplicity is so complex and layered that it can never be untied, only cut apart.
Trump seemingly had no patience with endless rounds of negotiations about NATO defense contributions. If frontline European nations wished to spend little to defend their own borders, why should America have to spend so much to protect such distant nations?
In Trump’s mind, if Mexico was often critical of the U.S., despite effectively open borders and billions of dollars in remittances, then he might as well give Mexico something real to be angry about, such as a border wall, enforcement of existing U.S. immigration laws, and deportations of many of those residing illegally on U.S. soil.
There are common themes to all these slashed knots. Diplomatic niceties had solved little. American laxity was seen as naiveté to be taken advantage of, not as generous concessions to be returned in kind.
Second, American presidents and their diplomatic teams had spent their careers deeply invested in the so-called post-war rules and protocols of diplomacy. In a nutshell, the central theme has been that the U.S. is so rich and powerful, its duty is to take repeated hits for the global order.
In light of American power, reciprocity supposedly did not matter — as if getting away with something would not lead to getting away with something even bigger.
Knot cutters may not know how to untie knots. But by the same token, those who struggle to untie knots also do not know how to cut them.
And sometimes knots can only be cut — even as we recoil at the brash Alexanders who won’t play by traditional rules and instead dare to pull out their swords.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Men In Panties

I have enjoyed wearing panties since we were newlyweds. Panties and paddling go together for both of us. We both have panties we only wear for spanking. Some are matching. Bacall has a large drawer of them. I have over a dozen. I would have more, but they shrink.

One reader wrote and told us about some of the really good looking and expensive panties he buys. I guess we are both too cheap to get those.  

A fellow blogger sent me this comment she found on a panties site.

My wife bought a pair and she loved them so she got a pair for me and I love them. We will be wearing them when we go out together. what fun! 
They feel good on and she says they look great on me.
Must buy more . A pair for each day.

Here are two pair I bought last month on Amazon. They have room for male equipment which makes them a lot more comfortable. They are rather sheer and allow the sting of the paddle to come through. Bacall likes the look and the way they feel to her hand. I get a lot more stroking during a paddling with these on. Grin.

 I wish my abs looked like this