Foolishness since 2007

Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Sunday, May 5, 2024

New Ourbottomsburn Site Now Open

There will be no more posts here.  Head to the New OBB

Some people have reported a warning message that the site  has an invalid certificate and it may be trying to steal info.

That's not true. Trust me.

It appears the problem has been corrected. It only affected cell phones.


Friday, May 3, 2024

Men Spanked

Had 467 viewers here yesterday. That's less than than the 6,000 on the WP blog.  A reader has offered to help me set up a new site. Stay tuned.

Disappointed that Bacall got so few comments yesterday.

For Openers

Cricket Bat

Two Good Reasons Why I Don't Go OTK

Road Side Assistance

Pick Your Spanker


Or the Girl Next Door

How About This Strap?

Thursday, May 2, 2024

Fudge Cakes

Gee did I screw up posting a picture of a coochie and getting banned. I don't remember doing it but a reader saw it, so I did.

Tried to set up another blog of on WP, but new blogs are confusing to this old man.

Tried to set up a blog on AWS, but it's way over my head.

So until I can get smarter, we will struggle along here.

How to comment here.

Blogger uses third-party cookies to be able comment. If third-party cookies are disabled on your browser, you will not be able to comment. I hope you will take the time to do this. The blog is a lot more fun for me when you comment.

WTF is a third-party cookie? Known as a tracking cookie so a site can offer you goodies based on what other things you have been looking at. How to turn them on varies on the browser.

Go to the Settings on your browser and search for third-party. 

For Chrome, Go to Settings, Privacy and Security, in the middle of the page Allow Third Party Cookies.

Clear your cookies once a week.

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

Day One All Over Again

Thanks to all who have written to express their feelings about WP kicking OBB to the curb. One reader mentioned that I had posted a picture showing a gals coochie. That was not intentional and it was careless of me. I am sure that was the reason I was booted. They have software that can recognize "parts". We will all suffer for my screwup.

However, all is not lost. Thanks to the Wayback Machine, the blog from 2007 to last November can be found here

OBB on the Wayback Machine

So if you are really bored...

The future

For the time being, I will post here. There are over 200 followers of this address so word will get out. If you Google 'our bottoms burn' this is the site that is returned, not the WP site.

I know Blogger can be problematic to log on. [I moved to WP because I could not always log on to my own account] Folks had problems with WP. If you have login woes, try clearing your cache and cookies. I do that every week.

I just tried to reply to a comment. It wanted me to sign on. I already was. So it's still flaky.

Don't worry about giving Blogger your phone number. They will always nag for it, just ignore it. They probably already have it from other sources. If you imagine you are a ghost on the internet, you are misinformed.

Going forward. I may put OBB on another site. I need time to procrastinate on that.

Due to a knee injury, I have been confined to my recliner for the last two months. I can now get around some, so I should be doing more than posting to OBB.

Posting 5/6 days has filled some of my time, but I should post less frequently and get some other tasks done.

Another thing you will see when you Google 'our bottoms burn' is my X/Twitter account. I have greatly enjoyed the several sassy and conservative women there. There is some spanking content there also.

The Google search also returns a lot of OBB images I posted.

More about all this as it is revealed to me.

How about a few images?

Kelly Payne spanks men and women. I think this woman is getting her money's worth.

This guy used to get spanked. A lot. Now he do the spanking.

There are more F/F images now than M/F

PS I search with Duck, Duck, Go, not Google. Less tracking.

Sunday, April 28, 2024

What To Do?

So Wordpress suspended my account. Probably because I posted too many boobie pictures. They will never say beyond I violated their rules.

So far I can not get an current export. I have one from February that I could use to start OBB Redux. 

The export will not import to Blogger.

I could post from here. I did for over ten years.

I could have it privately hosted, maybe by AWS.

How much should I pay to entertain you? 

To be decided.

Abby comforted her friend while desperately trying to conceal an elicit frisson of excitement that it was her turn next.

Ever see two gals in the position tied together and both of them being whipped?

Thursday, April 25, 2024

Flashing Again

The third in a seemingly unending series of girls having fun by showing off, in public, semi-public, and private venues.

The first one likely had the golfer photoshopped on the image.

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Flashing Again

20 pictures of girls having fun by showing off.

She sure made morning news watchable