Foolishness since 2007

Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, February 28, 2011

F/M Clips

I stumbled across some F/M clips on Spanking Tube. I give the woman an A for effort. She even swings the paddle two-handed. I can only give her a C- for aim.

How he is able to stay in position is amazing to me. In one clip, she starts off hard and fast and he does not move. I would be in the next county after she hit me five or six times.

I am just a wussy.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Extreme Switching

I titled this Ultimate Switching and scheduled it for posting. The posting time came and went. Trying to get it posted by changing the title.

I saw this picture on Kaelah’s Blog. It reminded me that it’s been a LONG time since Bacall and I traded licks in this manner.


Becall and I have on a few occasions stripped down for action each with a paddle in hand and swapped licks. Bacall gets competitive and takes more and harder licks this way.

BTW, I think Kaelah’s Blog represents the best in thoughtful discussion of spanking.

Have a good weekend. Perhaps some original pictures next week?

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Here’s To Mary Jane

Serendipity: An unsought, unintended, and/or unexpected discovery and/or learning experience that happens by accident and sagacity.

Emanuele Lombardi left a comment on Proper Gardening Attire. His ID was new to me so I looked it up and found his Blog, Cranky Spanker and started reading. The first post I saw had a video of a cute lass spanking herself. Most of these self spanking clips are of little interest to me, but I had one hand on my coffee cup and the other on the mouse and Mr. Lombardi thought it worthwhile, so I clicked Play.

Well, this lass used two camera’s to record a long hand spanking, a firm paddling, then licks with a plastic rod and finally with the handle of a paint brush. Hundreds of licks. An impressive 12 plus minutes of spanking. I don’t know if she was doing it for a long distance friend or just for herself. The latter makes it more appealing to me, so I will go with that.

I much prefer amateur videos to the professional ones, so I agree with Mr. Lombardi, it was worth watching while having a second cup of Joe.

With the lasses bottom fixed in my wee male brain I started painting. [Walls, not canvas] After awhile, serendipity occurred. I thought of Mary Jane, one of my teen age larks. She had not crossed my mind in years. She was not my first, but second. However, she was the first girl I spanked. We were 15 and every time we were together she did something to “earn a spanking”. And spank I did. Nothing long, just a flurry of swats. Usually followed by another flurry when she repeated doing whatever she had done to start with to “earn” her spanking. Topping from the bottom, it’s called, when the top is clueless that he has not spanked long or hard enough.

I was never very smart and many gals used me this way. Get sassy, hide my wallet, etc. Get spanked. I do not think I was a spanko at the time. It was interesting for sure, but I was more interested in sex than spanking.

With Mary Jane, it was spanking and sex. My Dad would have termed her “hot to trot”. I was most grateful. We used each other, no doubt in my mind about that.

Several years go by while I was in the military. Home on leave, I call Mary Jane. Surprise, she was married, now divorced and would love to see me.

We are both a little more adult than we were four years back and she was very forth coming about her sexuality and her needs. She admits that she spanks herself. I don’t recall what was said, maybe I asked her, maybe she just wanted to show me, but there she was swatting herself with a paddle. And doing a fine job!

You can fill in the blanks. I think I spent all the days I had left on leave with Mary Jane and her paddle.

It was another two years before I was home again. I heard that she had moved to another state. I hope she found happiness. Thanks for jogging my memory Mr. Lombardi. And here is to Mary Jane.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Proper Gardening Attire


It has finally warmed up here. Only a month until Vernal equinox.


I sure wish the women in our neighborhood would dress up for gardening. I could walk around the block with a paddle in my pocket giving GG pops to those dressed like this lass.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Orgasm Denial

In those rare times when Bacall is feeling really submissive and is hotter than a fox, which is much more common; I tell her she can not come – yet. Those words get her even hotter. I proceed to paddle and diddle her for a bit longer. I think this sort of play is rather common.

There is another sort of orgasm denial that I have  difficult time understanding. This is from one of the FLR Blogs. He writes I am locked up snug as a bug in a rug, I haven't had an orgasm all year long(lol), and B and I won't be getting together again until Saturday. I love it!

I have spent a lifetime enjoying giving and receiving orgasms and now I find that some men seek to avoid them. They want to be spanked, but denied orgasm. And this is hot for them.

I think Bacall and I will continue to have as many orgasms as our bodies and minds will allow and always an orgasm served with our paddling's.

I think Zelle has it right.

Mentioning Zelle brings me to another thought. I have always thought that spanking enthusiasts have a gene that allows their more creative efforts to shine through. Zelle certainly has the creative gene. Has anyone else noticed that creativity and wit seems to be abundant the gen pop of spanking enthusiasts?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Home Movies

We continue cleaning, painting and tossing out stuff. We found a trove of VHS spanking tapes a few weeks ago. I offered them here for the cost of mailing. No takers. Yesterday, I found a VHS spanking tape of us.

We were early adopters of video cams and this tape shows us in our young and fit bodies captured during several play sessions. Damn we looked good. Bacall is over my knee in one scene, while I am getting my bottom toasted in all the others. I had no idea we did so much OTK in the old days. What a surprise.

It’s fun to look at the smile on her face as she puts the wood to me. And her lingerie. Oh la la. Hot!

Oh my, the camera keeps running after the paddling is over. The two backed beast is caught on camera.

Too bad everyone dumped their VHS players and can not see this. Nyah-Nyah


Simulation of our old spanking days

I never had white shoes, but she sure had the lingerie - garter belt and hose.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Intimacy of Spanking

There's just a singular intimacy that spanking brings that you just can't find anywhere else I think... everything get's intensified; the emotions, the sexual tension, the imagination and especially all the tactile senses... the sense of touch, the sounds of a good spanking in progress, the delicious visual treats.

Well said and written by reader Tex.


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We Are Both Alpha’s

We are both alpha types. We can snarl at one another in a heartbeat - if we get careless. Over the years we have both learned how to deal with the other without getting into a fight. Well most of the time. Even if we are fighting, we have never let it interfere with sex or spanking. That’s a whole different area for us.

Since we don’t do "faux discipline" or "DD" that may be what allows us to enjoy each other physically while still warily eyeballing the other about a perceived slight.

We will leave DD and FLR to others. We like our circumstances.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Note From A Would Be Submissive

I have spent and do spend most of my life being the one in control. Perhaps you have already gathered,  that I am as much a control fiend as you are; I am just a little more subtle than you!  I love the power and hate it at the same time. I hate being the one that has to make all the decisions ALL the time....So to turn around and give that control over to someone else I trust, means so much to me!! You say that you get tired at the point where I am about to break.........but it's not necessarily the whacks on my bottom that leave me marked that gets to my's the control that someone TAKES from me!!! Tell me what to wear.......tell me what to me while I me as you order me to get on all'd be surprised at how submissive I can be in that kind of safe environment. But just because a man wants to TAKE it, doesn't mean I always trust enough to
GIVE it. And to date....... I have never really given too much to anyone.

Perhaps I am NOT a "true" submissive. I LOVE and ADORE the power week you're the Dom.........the next week I am....but to find someone who can play both roles is very have no idea how many times I would have loved to have stopped you in mid sentence.........bend you over........ and paddle your fanny like you've never been paddled before!! You would be surprised at how many times I have used the massager/vibrator thinking about such things........ You are a rarity because I don't switch with anyone else.....haven't found anyone else that is stronger mentally than I am, so I can't go there with them.
As for the BDSM aspects of my play............ I don't need anything fancy. I love the spreader bar you made; the prayer bench went right to my head before I even got an opportunity to bend over it. And actually I would prefer to be tied up with ropes.....ties....etc. than any fancy wrist cuffs. And spanking would always have to be a part of the play. I am not into bondage, just for the sake of being tied up. That doesn't do anything for me. It's WHY I am being tied up that gets to me......

Okay so what does all of this really say.........I have lots of ideas for "good girl scenes" in my's one: First of all, we are going out to dinner. You tell me what I am going to wear - even down to which panties to put on. Throughout dinner you tell me what is going to happen to me when we get back. Not in full detail but in snippets. When we get back, I am given an OTK warm up spanking. Then ordered to go into the bedroom and take off my dress (leaving on my bra and panties) and wait. On the dresser are laid the implements of choice - a paddle, crop, cane and a switch. I am told to bend over the bed and you paddle me, first over my panties and then you remove them and paddle me on my bare bottom getting in some pretty hard licks. I stand up and remove my bra like I am told to do and then place my hands behind my head. You pick up the crop and tease me with it.......stroking my thighs, whacking my bottom and in between my legs. Then I am tied down with either the bed or prayer bench (!!!).........spreader bar placed to keep my legs apart........and my wrists are tied down...........You grab the cane and give it several whooshes through the air before it lands on my bottom. The cane is just the warm up for the switch..........after being caned and untie me and tell me to get on the bed on my back, legs bring out the the massager............and then I go from sub-space into outer space!!!!!!!!!!


And right now, I am headed to find my vibrator........I am a little turned on by all these naughty thoughts!!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Sofa Redux

It's was a good day, sun shining, not too cold, so it was time to try out the new sofa once again.  This was a very good paddling session, just the way I like it - erotic.  Sometimes I have my delicate days, when the paddle just stings more than other days.  This was one of those days, but the leather paddle was perfect, but of course we had to use my special wood paddle with holes in it that Bogey made for me.  And I thought the high point was that the workers wouldn't be here, so we had time to enjoy. 

But little did I know that the high point awaited me in the bedroom.  Bogey used two of our very soft deerskin floggers on me.  So the mood was set and I was totally excited and he satisfied me.  It's nice to have time to really enjoy each other.

blue polka dots

Bacall bought these pale blue polka dot panties for her Christmas stocking. I told her she would be paddled every time she wore them. She looked at me and said “of course”.

This picture was taken about halfway through.

I put the OBB watermark on pictures I take. I got tired of seeing them on other Blogs only days after I posted them with no credit to their origin.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Reader Comments

Thanks for these and all the comments!

Joe writes:

"Yellow pages" are how I define a blog, that is little more than any & every spanking link. Typically for pay. Commercial to say the least.

No worries Joe, the ad free logo I recently added to the masthead indicates we have no intention of plugging commercial sites. I seldom look at them and Bacall never does.

Missy comments:

I'm happy to comment, but have to agree with Kaelah on the grumpiness. Really Bogey, what's up? I think Chross does good work, but don't like clicking on all the links - Brushstrokes does a better job I think. What's with hating on the older dudes? To give you a feminine perspective, I have to say I prefer them. Honestly, getting spanked by a younger good looking guy always feels contrived, while getting it from someone like Sir Richard has a nice daddy element I can sink into. For me it's not about wanting to boink them; it's about the spanking experience.

BTW - I'm pretty sure Sarah Gregory is gay, so wondering if you are talking about someone else

Welcome Missy!

I am not always grumpy, but I do have a small burr on my ass about some spanking sites. Chross is fine. His tastes and the majority of spanking enthusiatists. They just do not match ours. Some of the things he links to are rather lame. Such as a picture of college girls, one who is kinda bent over and the other has a hand somewhere near her bottom.

Brushstrokes was new to me, but it’s just a commercial.

I did not infer I hate older dudes, I am one. I understand the May/December syndrome, but being old school I like to see spanking couples of somewhat similar age and I like them both well dressed and without tats. No punky looking guys with their caps on backwards, or wearing hoodies, or watch caps. Back when we went to spanking parties, everyone dressed for dinner. And that sometimes meant coat and tie for the gents. Gee, this turned into a minor rant. Sorry.

Sarah Gregory is not known to me personally. On Erica’s Blog she was presented as married to the man who was spanking the both of them. Perhaps she is happy, but not gay?

Missy comments:

Totally love the idea, but would be seriously bummed if it, "Taking a Hit for Charity" was limited to boys. Now, I'm not used to paying for my spankings, but to get called out and get it in front of everyone? *shiver* Oh yeah, I'd be there.

Great attitude. All the more for charity. Kaelah had a similar idea. Bacall did a post about it.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Those Short Plaid Skirts

Her fingernails add interest to this picture.

short plaid skirt 88

I always look in the background of pictures. The 2x4 leads me to believe she might be in a basement.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Paddled At School Redux

Kaelah commented  on "Paddled At School"

A sweet, funny and sexy story indeed! :-) And as you can see, your story doesn't only appeal to a few males who would like to be paddled at school, but also to a female whose fantasy includes things like being spanked together with some boys or spanking them herself. ;-)

And in the similar topic post  "Taking a Hit for Charity" Missy wrote:

Totally love the idea, but would be seriously bummed if it was limited to boys. Now, I'm not used to paying for my spankings, but to get called out and get it in front of everyone? *shiver* Oh yeah, I'd be there.

So with the idea of boys and girls getting paddled together Bacall wrote this:

They had been acting up, actually flirting, all month.  He really liked her and she really liked him, but they had moved past that point.  And they were being disruptive in the class.  Teacher had warned them several times to behave.  Finally, exasperated, the teacher took both of them to the principal.  Of course, they were grinning the whole time at each other, making funny faces.  The principal said that they must learn how to behave, but first they would receive a paddling!  They were shocked, after all, surely, they were too old to be spanked.  The Principal did not agree and  had him pulled down his pants and her pull up her skirt.  They were embarrassed but still looked at each other.  Then they bent over the desk as instructed.  Their underwear was pulled down, exposing nice white bottoms.  The principal got the paddle and gave each one four pops.  They continued looking at each other, but were no longer smiling.  Then they each got four more pops.  Their bottoms were now bright red and stinging.  They knew how each other felt.  They were dismissed and told to go back to class.  One the walk back, they were silent but held hands.  That weekend, they were out Friday night and Saturday and that's how their romance began.




Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Wrong Party?

Hastily jumping to a conclusion is risky, but it seems possible the lass in the red bottom may be at the wrong party.

she's at the wrong party

You think they will use any lube?

Perhaps this is the initiation before she can wear a Party Cove bottom?

Ah, mis-spent youth.

Monday, February 7, 2011

I Got Paddled

I woke up horny and needing a paddling. Bacall said she was only too happy to help me out. I suggested she wear a panty girdle. She resisted, as she somehow seems to get paddled when she wears one. I promised her that today she would be paddle free. So she though we should both wear one. She wore white and I wore beige. We were a handsome couple.

She wanted to wait for an hour or so and let me think about the paddling and she thought having on the panty girdle would stimulate my thoughts. She knows me so well.

We cuddled for sometime talking about it, while I rubbed her girdled bottom. It my fetish, OK?

When the time came, the panty girdle came off and she laid the licks on full force. She told me quality was better then quantity. I was also admonished to stay in position. If I got out of position, she would add more licks. I stayed in position.

My bottom was throbbing and she was smiling. It was fun for both of us.

This guy seems to have a few tears. I didn’t. But Bacall just might have stoked me a little.



Saturday, February 5, 2011

Reader Mail

A reader wrote:

I wish there were more resources on the net focused on erotic or sensual F/M spanking, just that part of the equation for couples that wanted to try it rather than the more common "faux discipline" or "DD" approach. I think my wife would be amenable to such bedroom games, but not being a spanko herself, figuring out the verbal and mental play side of it would be the challenge.

I wish there were more erotic or sensual spanking sites too. The best, to me, remains My Bottom Smarts. But, that’s not what you really want as Bonnie is only about M/F. OBB, tries to fill the exceptionally small niche of erotic or sensual spanking for switches. But, we don’t have the skills that Bonnie has.

That said, you may well being under-estimating your wife’s ability to role play. Women are far more adapt at this than men. Your job is to set the stage so that’s it’s fun for her. The first time will not be perfect, nor will the 20th time. But, you will have fun along the way, if you encourage her and never ever criticize. Why not cuddle up and talk about this with her. Not the whole enchilada at first, just enough to get started. You have been nursing this fantasy all your life, she needs time to understand it.

  ***     ***     ***

Readers know that Bacall likes to paddle me OTK. And they also know that I don’t care for it. She likes to paddle fast when I am OTK and it overcomes me and wilts my erection. Several times a year I offer myself to her OTK because I know she likes to paddle me in that way. Some men give flowers, I give her what she wants and she knows it’s a sacrifice.

A reader wrote and asked why she likes it so much. I thought I would go to the wellhead and get an updated response from Bacall.

Bacall’s reply:

According to Bogey, I get a big smile on my face when I take him OTK. I have never really tried to think about it. Maybe it's because I am in total control - mostly. After all, he is a lot bigger than me and will bolt after a certain amount of "fun". Don't get me wrong, I am not complaining because we each have our limits and tell the other when to stop.

[Bogey interjects: Please note that last sentence. We sometimes tell each other when we want a spanking, often with which implements and how many licks. We can also say that’s enough at any time. We don’t safe word and don’t try to take more than we want. For us, it’s not so much different than asking for a back rub. The fact that we don’t employ spanking for discipline and that we have rather agile minds that can fill in the blanks allows us to enjoy spanking as we choose]

Bacall continues: The control is mental, for a certain period of time he is mine to command. I have no desire to "be in charge" of another person, but for this brief period it is a true high. I get to take charge of the more dominant of the two of us and what a thrill. [Sounds like Top’s High to me]

To which the reader replied:

Seems natural that most women would get excited at the opportunity for a little role reversal and taking charge. Of course if one is a natural spanko then all the normal results of a good spanking like seeing and feeling a bottom heat up under your hand, hearing his reactions to getting a spanking from you, feeling him squirm and kick over your lap as you lay the spanks on, knowing you are absolutely in control, etc... are a huge part of the turn on as well. Just makes it a wonder more women aren't into spanking from that side of the lap doesn't it?

Friday, February 4, 2011

The New Sofa

We travel in a RV and I have found one of my favorite paddling positions is to put my knees on the sofa seat and bend over and put my arms on the sofa back. Bogey sits on the sofa next to me and holds me with his left arm. It's a really good position for both of us.

Alas, I feel deprived when I am at home.  This winter we bought a new sofa for the living room.  This week, while lamenting that we aren't traveling and aren't using the sofa in the RV properly, Bogey suggested (actually told me) to go to the living room and assume the position.  It's a wonderful sofa - it's very comfortable and it's also very good for a paddling.

Bogey had found a forgotten paddle this week.  He decided it should be tested out on the new sofa - I wish it had continued to be forgotten.  It has quite a sting and the sting lasts for quite a while after the paddling.  Today, I put on pink panties and Bogey got one of our leather paddles.  We went into the living room, and I given the most delicious pops with it.     And then - the workmen arrived!  Oh well, I guess a girl can't have it all.

To be continued


Thursday, February 3, 2011


Since Pervertibles are popular posts of late, I thought I would ring in with a memory.

A few years back we were shopping at our first Target. It was 20 miles across the county from our home. We saw a spatula with an ergonomic handle. Since there were several counters between us and the main aisle, we had to try it out. So I popped Bacall a few times with it. It seemed to have the desired effect. I hung back on the rack and we continued shopping. I know she was disappointed that we did not buy it, as she brought it up more than once.

Imagine her surprise when she found it in her Christmas stocking.


For those who like a panty clad bottom


For those who prefer a bare bottom

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

No End to Short Plaid Skirts

I am both lazy and damn busy this week. So I will make a pictorial post, that will at least please our male readers.

short plaid skirt 87

In Other News

I/we Blog because we want to. That said, I, Bogey,  am becoming a little addicted to comments. I want them. And not all of you are commenting. Come on, say something, it encourages me. And in the vaults, we have some original never before seen pictures.

Oh, I found yet another difference between me and most spanking enthusiasts. Most everyone likes the Chross Blog. Heck, he even linked to us once; a post on pink panties I think. However his tastes, don’t match mine. Mostly it is boring. But, it’s the most popular spanking Blog, so by extension I am not mainstream. There, yet another path to elitism.

I like the teaser pictures on Erica’s Blog. And I never realized that Sara Gregory was good looking. She is married to an old curmudgeon isn’t she? Oh well, Sarah and Erica look good.

Speaking of old spankers, such as moi, Richard Windsor must have to pay a lot for young lasses. He looks like a homeless person. Where are the good looking younger men?