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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Return To The Valley Of Fire

One of our most popular posts was Valley Of Fire. Read that so you can see the Fish Paddle.

We were here two years ago. It’s normally too hot be around Vegas this time of year. But, a cold front came through and allowed us to return. 

Bacall got excited when I asked if she wanted to come here again. She well remembers the fun we had in our private canyon. Like most people, we enjoy outdoor paddlings. In our private canyon, no one could see us, but the sounds of the paddle pops were amplified on the rock walls and I am sure they could be heard for some distance. Our private spot was taken, but our second choice was almost as good. It sure proved good enough for Bacall. 

She was sitting in a camp chair outside reading when I finished my shower. I held up the Fish paddle for her to see through the window. As I led her around the side of the huge rock that was to be our privacy screen she said she really didn’t need a paddling that she was so already turned on I could take her right then. I said a few pops with Mr. Fish would make the day memorable. She took down her shorts and I gave her six solid pops on her black panties.

We went in the RV, she got on the sofa and looked out on the rocks while I gave her another six licks. A few touches and she came and came.

Sorry, no pictures were taken.

We expect to be at Bend Over Rock in a few days.

Monday, May 22, 2017

We Missed Our Monday Morning Post

We have been off the grid for a few days and did not get anything uploaded. Plus we are very low on post ideas. And we may not have much internet access over the week or so. Excuses, excuses. But, Bend Over Rock is coming up soon.

Saw this picture this morning and it shows how the folks in flyover country got the idea that LA was all about cars and blonde girls. This was taken in 1972.

OK, I am a sucker for white short shorts. Mustangs are cool, but I have always been a Mopar guy

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday Musing's

I pause from taking the food out of the mouths of hungry children to write a few words.

Philosophy was one of my minors. I struggled with it. I still do.

Proverbs 4:7 - Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding.

Epistemology - The theory of knowledge, especially with regard to its methods, validity, and scope, and the distinction between justified belief and opinion.

Being told something is true does not mean it is true. The use of logic and reason beginning from a set of givens or first principles is one approach to epistemology.

The left has no rational argument, so they anathematize rather than argue back. This we have even seen on OBB. Ad hominem attacks, faux awards, etc. It is now common for the left to say that any criticism of their views is a form of violence. Absurd! It’s one rung up from political correctness, which I define as “Shut up, I have already made up my mind.” Or as Kimberly Strassel’s five year old explains ““Free speech is that you can say what you want—as long as I like it.”.

You may read the text of her speech on free speech here

                                                             *  *  *

So we have Islamists wanting our heads, and the lefties heads also, but they think otherwise. What are we going to do. I say we gather up a large quantity of the libtards and air drop them into the Bob Marshall Wilderness in early spring. The coyotes will be thankful. The Islamists? They have to go also. Since they are far more numerous and spread out over a large area of the world, it’s going to require a big solution.

                                                             *  *  *

Erica closes down her Blog.
Also, I made the mistake, in a time of weakness, of writing political posts on here. Please. Can we all agree that there's enough of that shit out there everywhere you look? I mean, really -- using a spanking blog, of all things, to push one's political agenda is arrogant, self-serving and a big waste of time, don't you think? So I do apologize for that bit of foolishness.

Well, our best to you. You have given us new purpose with our Saturday posts.

Speaking of sensitivity, we now have moral princesses. They are so sensitive to moral concerns that they are enraged by things the rest of us crude commoners do not even notice. For instance:
Regular person: “Mmm, this chicken tikka masala is delicious.” Activist: “I can’t eat that, as doing so makes me complicit in the British colonialist legacy.”

                                                             *  *  *

Trump is behaving about as I expected. The Trump Presidency has been perpetual turbulence, which seems to be how the likes it. He is ham-handed in things like firing Comey, who needed firing, but not the way it was done. That said, the bright spot for us is some freedom from regulations. Getting government out business will result in more choices and lower costs.

Two examples:

The Federal Communications Commission this month is launching initiatives that will shape the fate of America’s wireless industry. Last week it started to examine competition in the market, and this week it will propose taking Depression-era utility regulations off mobile broadband networks while protecting an open internet. This is only the beginning. The FCC is acting on a rare opportunity to correct its recent mistakes and restore the Clinton-era light-touch regulatory framework that will drive economic growth and job creation.

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt is wasting no time broadcasting that an era of lawless environmental regulation is over. One of the best signals so far is the agency’s agreement last week to let the Pebble Mine project in Alaska proceed through regular permitting and legal order.

The Trump voter remains fixed on achieving the Trump agenda—the economy, health care, taxes, education, America’s global standing, financial reform, immigration, infrastructure, etc, but his mouth may defeat much of that.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

This Would Be Fun For Me

I have been paddled by another woman while Bacall watched and vice versa several times. Usually, Bacall did half the paddling. But this picture is slightly different from what we did. Here "Bacall" is paying close attention to my facial expressions as the licks land. It's hot to me.

Would love to be paddled by another couple while we are side by side, one of them would have to be a lefty. And also while we are facing each other.

Monday, May 15, 2017

A Two-Fer

We had a marvelous paddling session the other day. For Bacall, it was long overdue. Various health issues have combined in last few years to dull her “sex drive”. She is pissed about that. She still wants the paddle about every week, but she is not able to “get off” on it as she was accustomed to in the past. Yesterday, was like old times for her.

She had mentioned the previous day that a paddling would be welcome. The next morning, she remarked that it was a shame we had not brought the red paddle as she was putting on red panties. Subtlety does not become her. She thought I needed a paddling also and that I should also wear red panties. I said in several ways, that I intended to toast her bottom to my satisfaction. I took off my belt and proceeded to spank her over her panties for some time. She cooed. I pulled her panties down and continued with the belt. Still only coos and yumms. She was now quite pink. I knew then she was getting into her space.

It was time for for her paddle. She got in her favored position, knees on the couch and looking out the window. That day, Lake Powell was her view. I wrapped my left hand around her and gripped her you know what. Just a grip, no kneading. Her panties were covering her again, as she likes to be paddled that way. I reminded her that it was going to sting a lot and she was just going to have to take it. That works wonders on her brain when she is in that space. I started paddling and she kept swishing her bottom around to let me know it was working and to keep on paddling. After a time, I pulled her panties down and told her to tell me she wanted to be paddled. She did and I did. Begging to be spanked works miracles on her brain. I had retained my grip on her you know what and she was pressing herself against my hand. A few more times of her telling me to paddle her and she came like a house on fire.

And yes, after she cooled down. She gave me I have no idea how many licks with the batten on the front of my legs. Then a few on the back of my legs. Soon I was bending over the couch and she was paddling me hard. And that’s how the day that morning went.

Bacall’s account
Monday, I mentioned that Tuesday would probably be a good morning for a paddling.  After breakfast, Bogey started getting dressed when I reminded him that  I had mentioned a paddling today - it had been a long time since I was in the proper “mood”.  We are parked at a beautiful beach and I was in the right frame of mind for a good paddling.

I put on a pair of red panties and so did he.  We relaxed and had a cup of coffee while thinking about the upcoming event.  All the while, I am getting more excited.  I just knew this was going to be a good paddling. Bogey got the paddles out and then he got his belt.  I just love the feel of the leather belt across my bottom.  He had me get over his lap and then he begin the spank me, first with his hand and then with his belt.  Ah, I was in a happy place.  Next I bent over the sofa, facing the beach, and he got the “holey” paddle.  By this time, I am going from warm to hot!  Panties down once again (they’ve been up and down several times) and the bare bottom paddling begins.  I am now hot and I want more.  He changes to the teacher’s paddle.  It stings and I tell him “More” as he continues to rub me.  I climax with the last pops.  

It takes me a few minutes to recover and I thank him for a wonderful morning.  But, the morning isn’t over yet.  Now it’s Bogey’s turn.  First I use the wooden batten on the front of his legs.  When I think it’s enough, I give my attention to the back of his legs.  He has been aroused since he paddled me.  I give him a few pops over his red panties, but quickly pull them down and give him a bare bottom paddling with the principal’s paddle.  Then, remembering how much I enjoyed my paddling with the teacher’s paddle, I want to return the favor.  He said it stung and was a hard  paddling, but I know he enjoyed it!

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Wilhemina Dreams

A woman commented on a recent post and we exchanged a few notes. Turns out she had a blog several years ago, stopped posting, but has now returned. You should check it out - Wilhemina Dreams  Romantic and erotic stories with a side of kink. And that includes some switching.

Ronnie, you are hereby notified of a new blog.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

The West’s Obsession With ‘Terror’

Where Are the Moderate Muslims?After every terrorist attack, politicians and pundits reassure us that the atrocity does not represent the true beliefs of the "moderate Muslim majority." But how many moderates are there? And what exactly does "moderate" mean? Hussein Aboubakr explains.

Next, a long scholarly interview with Ayaan Hirsi Ali

The West’s obsession with ‘terror’ has been a mistake, she argues. Dawa, the ideology behind it, is a broader threat.

By Tunku Varadarajan April 7, 2017 2:41 p.m. ET
Stanford, Calif.

The woman sitting opposite me, dressed in a charcoal pantsuit and a duck-egg-blue turtleneck, can’t go anywhere, at any time of day, without a bodyguard. She is soft- spoken and irrepressibly sane, but also—in the eyes of those who would rather cut her throat than listen to what she says—the most dangerous foe of Islamist extremism in the Western world. We are in a secure room at a sprawling university, but the queasiness in my chest takes a while to go away. I’m talking to a woman with multiple fatwas on her head, someone who has a greater chance of meeting a violent end than anyone I’ve met (Salman Rushdie included). And yet she’s wholly poised, spectacles pushed back to rest atop her head like a crown, dignified and smiling under siege.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, born in Somalia in 1969, is Islam’s most eloquent apostate. She has just published a slim book that seeks to add a new four- letter word—dawa—to the West’s vocabulary. It describes the ceaseless, world-wide ideological campaign waged by Islamists as a complement to jihad. It is, she says, the greatest threat facing the West and “could well bring about the end of the European Union as we know it.” America is far from immune, and her book, “The Challenge of Dawa,” is an explicit attempt to persuade the Trump administration to adopt “a comprehensive anti-dawa strategy before it is too late.”

Ms. Hirsi Ali has come a long way from the days when she—“then a bit of a hothead”— declared Islam to be incapable of reform, while also calling on Muslims to convert or abandon religion altogether. That was a contentious decade ago. Today she believes that Islam can indeed be reformed, that it must be reformed, and that it can be reformed only by Muslims themselves—by those whom she calls “Mecca Muslims.” These are the faithful who prefer the gentler version of Islam that she says was “originally promoted by Muhammad” before 622. That was the year he migrated to Medina and the religion took a militant and unlovely ideological turn.

At the same time, Ms. Hirsi Ali—now a research fellow at Stanford’s Hoover Institution, where I also work—is urging the West to look at Islam with new eyes. She says it must be viewed “not just as a religion, but also as a political ideology.” To regard Islam merely as a faith, “as we would Christianity or Buddhism, is to run the risk of ignoring dawa, the activities carried out by Islamists to keep Muslims energized by a campaign to impose Shariah law on all societies—including countries of the West.”

Dawa, Ms. Hirsi Ali explains, is “conducted right under our noses in Europe, and in America. It aims to convert non-Muslims to political Islam and also to push existing Muslims in a more extreme direction.” The ultimate goal is “to destroy the political institutions of a free society and replace them with Shariah.” It is a “never-ending process,” she says, and then checks herself: “It ends when an Islamic utopia is achieved. Shariah everywhere!”

Ms. Hirsi Ali contends that the West has made a colossal mistake by its obsession with “terror” in the years since 9/11. “In focusing only on acts of violence,” she says, “we’ve ignored the Islamist ideology underlying those acts. By not fighting a war of ideas against political Islam—or ‘Islamism’—and against those who spread that ideology in our midst, we’ve committed a blunder.”
There is a knock on the door. I hear hushed voices outside, presumably her bodyguard telling someone to come back later. To add to the mildly dramatic effect, a siren is audible somewhere in the distance, unusual for the serene Stanford campus. Ms. Hirsi Ali is unfazed. “What the Islamists call jihad,” she continues, “is what we call terrorism, and our preoccupation with it is, I think, a form of overconfidence. ‘Terrorism is the way of the weak,’ we tell ourselves, ‘and if we can just take out the leaders and bring down al Qaeda or ISIS, then surely the followers will stop their jihad.’ But we’re wrong. Every time Western leaders take down a particular organization, you see a different one emerge, or the same one take on a different shape. And that’s because we’ve been ignoring dawa.”

Ms. Hirsi Ali wants us to get away from this game of jihadi Whac-A-Mole and confront “the enemy that is in plain sight—the activists, the Islamists, who have access to all the Western institutions of socialization.” She chuckles here: “That’s a horrible phrase . . . ‘institutions of socialization’ . . . but they’re there, in families, in schools, in universities, prisons, in the military as chaplains. And we can’t allow them to pursue their aims unchecked.”

America needs to be on full alert against political Islam because “its program is fundamentally incompatible with the U.S. Constitution”—with religious pluralism, the equality of men and women, and other fundamental rights, including the toleration of different sexual orientations. “When we say the Islamists are homophobic,” she observes, “we don’t mean that they don’t like gay marriage. We mean that they want gays put to death.”

Islam the religion, in Ms. Hirsi Ali’s view, is a Trojan horse that conceals Islamism the political movement. Since dawa is, ostensibly, a religious missionary activity, its proponents “enjoy a much greater protection by the law in free societies than Marxists or fascists did in the past.” Ms. Hirsi Ali is not afraid to call these groups out. Her book names five including the Council on American-Islamic Relations, which asserts—and in turn receives in the mainstream media—the status of a moderate Muslim organization. But groups like CAIR, Ms. Hirsi Ali says, “take advantage of the focus on ‘inclusiveness’ by progressive political bodies in democratic societies, and then force these societies to bow to Islamist demands in the name of peaceful coexistence.”

Her strategy to fight dawa evokes several parallels with the Western historical experience of radical Marxism and the Cold War. Islamism has the help of “useful idiots”—Lenin’s phrase—such as the Southern Poverty Law Center, which has denounced Ms. Hirsi Ali as an “extremist.” She sees that smear as a success for dawa: “They go to people like the SPLC and say, ‘Can we partner with you, because we also want to talk about what you guys talk about, which is civil rights. And Muslims are a minority, just like you.’ So, they play this victim card, and the SPLC swallows it. And it’s not just them, it’s also the ACLU. The Islamists are infiltrating all these institutions that were historic and fought for rights. It’s a liberal blind spot.”

Western liberals, she says, are also complicit in an Islamist cultural segregation. She recalls a multiculturalist catchphrase from her years as a Somali refugee in Amsterdam in the early 1990s: “ ‘Integrate with your own identity,’ they used to tell us—Integratie met eigen identiteit. Of course, that resulted in no integration at all.”

Ms. Hirsi Ali wants the Trump administration—and the West more broadly—to counter the dawa brigade “just as we countered both the Red Army and the ideology of communism in the Cold War.” She is alarmed by the ease with which, as she sees it, “the agents of dawa hide behind constitutional protections they themselves would dismantle were they in power.” She invokes Karl Popper, the great Austrian-British philosopher who wrote of “the paradox of tolerance.” Her book quotes Popper writing in 1945: “If we extend unlimited tolerance even to those who are intolerant, if we are not prepared to defend a tolerant society against the onslaught of the intolerant, then the tolerant will be destroyed, and tolerance with them.”

I ask Ms. Hirsi Ali what her solution might be, and she leans once more on Popper, who proposed a right not to tolerate the intolerant. “Congress must give the president—this year, because there’s no time to lose—the tools he needs to dismantle the infrastructure of dawa in the U.S.” Dawa has become an existential menace to the West, she adds, because its practitioners are “working overtime to prevent the assimilation of Muslims into Western societies. It is assimilation versus dawa. There is a notion of ‘cocooning,’ by which Islamists tell Muslim families to cocoon their children from Western society. This can’t be allowed to happen.”

Is Ms. Hirsi Ali proposing to give Washington enhanced powers to supervise parenting? “Yes,” she says. “We want these children to be exposed to critical thinking, freedom, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the rights of women.” She also suggests subjecting immigrants and refugees to ideological scrutiny, so as to deny entry, residence and naturalization to those “involved with, or supportive of, Islamism.”

In effect, Ms. Hirsi Ali would modernize the “communism test” that still applies to those seeking naturalization. “I had to answer questions when I applied for citizenship in 2013: ‘Are you, or have you ever been, a communist?’ And I remember thinking, ‘God, that was the war back then. We’re supposed to update this stuff!’ Potential immigrants from Pakistan or Bangladesh, for instance, should have to answer questions—‘Are you a member of the Jamat?’ and so on. If they’re from the Middle East you ask them about the Muslim Brotherhood, ‘or any other similar group,’ so there’s no loophole.”

Might critics deride this as 21st-century McCarthyism? “That’s just a display of intellectual laziness,” Ms. Hirsi Ali replies. “We’re dealing here with a lethal ideological movement and all we are using is surveillance and military means? We have to grasp the gravity of dawa. Jihad is an extension of dawa. For some, in fact, it is dawa by other means.”

The U.S., she believes, is in a “much weaker position to combat the various forms of nonviolent extremism known as dawa because of the way that the courts have interpreted the First Amendment”—a situation where American exceptionalism turns into what she calls an “exceptional handicap.” Convincing Americans of this may be the hardest part of Ms. Hirsi Ali’s campaign, and she knows it. Yet she asks whether the judicial attitudes of the 1960s and 1970s—themselves a reaction to the excesses of Joseph McCarthy in the 1950s—might have left the U.S. ill-equipped to suppress threats from groups that act in the name of religion.

I ask Ms. Hirsi Ali if there’s any one thing she would wish for. “I would like to be present at a conversation between Popper and Muhammad,” she says. “Popper wrote about open society and its enemies, and subjected everyone from Plato to Marx to his critical scrutiny. I’d have liked him to subject Muhammad’s legacy to the same analysis.

“But he skipped Muhammad, alas. He skipped Muhammad.”

Mr. Varadarajan is a research fellow in journalism at Stanford University’s Hoover Institution.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Thighs Only For Guys Only

This is another one of my strange posts. It will probably appeal to men of a certain age. An age when hose were worn. I like thighs in silky hose. It's a fetish. I also like girdles and garter belts because they go with hose.

To make it really odd, I like women seated flashing their thighs. I know a lot of men who like to be spanked want to go over those thighs and stick their junk between them and squirm around until they spurt. OTK is the one position I never want to be in. So why do I like pictures of female laps so much? It defies logic.

Here are some pictures that get me excited. I have posted them all before, but why not again?

Young Love

You may not have had her Mother literally pour water on you, but you have probably made out in the living room, been caught and had your passionate session interrupted. Great memories of those hormones that coursed through the body making me feel so good and making me desire her so much.

In my summers of youth, girls usually wore short shorts in the daytime and skirts for dates in the evenings.

Short shorts, bare thighs, pert bottoms are forever linked in my mind. 

This post from 2011 talks a little more about Short Shorts.

Monday, May 8, 2017

Saturday, May 6, 2017

The Look Of The Left

Cursing pols, screeching students, and intolerant abortion advocates have become the face of the left.

While the Freedom Caucuses, the Tuesday Groups, the Ted Cruzes and Tom Cottons are obstructing Trump, the progressive left has been having a very public nervous breakdown.

Peggy Noonan expands

The new head of the Democratic National Committee, Tom Perez, performs unhinged diatribes. He told an audience in Las Vegas that “Trump doesn’t give a sh— about health care.” In a Maine speech, “They call it a skinny budget. I call it a sh—y budget.” In Newark, he said Republicans “don’t give a sh— about people.”

Perez says pro-lifers have no place in the party. Oh well, having thrown out God at the 2012 convention, this is small potatoes. Stepping back it looks like the Salem witch trials.

The perennially sunny Rep. Maxine Waters of California called Mr. Trump’s cabinet “a bunch of scumbags.” New York’s junior Democratic senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, has taken to using the F-word in interviews.

I thought Mr. Trump was supposed to be the loudmouth vulgarian who swears in public. They are aping what they profess to hate. They excoriated him for lowering the bar. 

And they’re doing it because they have nothing else—not a plan, not a program, not a philosophy that can be uttered.

Trump may not be lucky in all of his decisions or staffers, or in his own immaturities and dramas. But he’s lucky in his main foes.

Both D's and R's claim the high ground and each fears the other. There seems to be no chance for compromise. The division is now as wide as that between Sunni and Shiites. It’s poisonous. The D's are calling for a scorched earth policy. There must be a way out, but I don’t have the vision to see it.

I think many of the left are well-meaning, but let emotion erode logic. Perhaps they should strive for clarity of thought in lieu of unfocused passion.

I break it down this way. About 50% of voters have some sort of compass that defines their views. They are divided about even, both making up about 25% of voters. They could be Alinskyites, dyed blue Marxists, etc. My point being they have a "formal" POV. We are the sort of conservatives that reject the notion of a living Constitution and when all is said, we just want to be left alone. We don't care to impose our values on anyone and we sure don't want anyone telling us how to we should attempt to achieve Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.

The other 50% of voters lack a compass, they swing in the breeze.

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Toys, Myths and Facts

This post is about “toys”. 

First, I don’t know it all. I do have some strong opinions based on limited experience.

I have made dozens of paddles. Some were discarded after one product test. A few have been in our toy chest for decades. We have been given toys made by other spanko’s. We have been given a few toys made for the discriminating spanko. The ones we like all came from our workshop.

We have all heard others say something like wood is a hard limit for me. And if it’s not wood, it something else that they want nothing to do with.

I think a lot of you are misinformed because you think wood is wood and leather is leather. IT AIN’T!

Wood is highly variable. Length, width, and thickness can be seen. What can not be seen is density. I suggest to you that density has as much to do with how a wood paddle feels as its dimensions, maybe more.

In the following, I have in mind paddles of the same size.

You might suspect that balsa is not dense and you would be right. It’s so light it makes a poor spanking toy. Balsa has a density number of .16. [You don’t need to understand that it relates to kg per cubic meter. Just remember that .16 is very light and it’s not worth much as a paddle] Now consider that Hickory has a has a density number of .83, Oak .74 and Teak .65 to .98. Those numbers friends make heavy thudy paddles. Paddles that can bruise.

A density that would make a paddle suitable for Bacall and I would be somewhere in between.
In alphabetical order, Aspen - .42, Basswood - .3 to .6, White Pine and Popular both - .35 to .5.

We have found that the last three mentioned make paddles that pack a considerable sting. Especially when the length and width are moderate and the thickness is about 1/4 to 3/8.

White pine is the cheapest, but it is so soft, it is difficult to work wth. I suggest any of the other three. None of them have the beautiful grains found in the denser woods, but looks are not everything.

I have an open challenge for anyone that can tell the difference between the same paddle, one with holes and one without holes. Stop by our customer service desk to accept the challenge.

What I said about wood applies equally to leather. Leather is highly variable. Length, width, and thickness can be seen. What can not be seen is how it is tanned. I suggest to you that tanning has more to do with how leather feels as its dimensions.

Two examples. A friend made a paddle for us. On one side the leather makes Bacall go Mmmmm. The other side makes her go ARG! Same physical size, it the way the leather is tanned. Purses can be made so soft that they collapse in a puddle when put down. On others, the leather is stiff and keeps it’s shape when resting. [not talking about an inexpensive purse with cardboard between to give them shape]

Another example would be floggers. They can be so soft, they can not hurt if swung full force. Other have falls that are so stiff they will mark on the first swing. 

Same deal with belts. A police duty belt is tanned to be stiff. One wack with one and you will be most impressed. Men’s dress belts are usually on the stiff side, while casual belts tend to be more pliable.

Now you know that wood density and the tanning method determine how a toy feels. Anything else is in your mind and that’s fine too.

Monday, May 1, 2017

What's Going On Here?

Anyone have a caption for this picture. Anyone?

How about this picture. What are they celebrating?

This guy seems to be enjoying his day

OH yeah, this is a spanking blog. Things sure are different now.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Weekend

If Trump can get corporate tax reform done and otherwise stop harassing the economy the way Mr. Obama did, a judicious America might even decide it had a lucky election night. An improvement in the growth rate by itself would allow Mr. Trump rightly to say he left America better positioned to confront its long-term fiscal challenges. That’s not nothing.

A cartoon in the Eisenhower era had the president saying to his cabinet, “Gentlemen, what should we refrain from doing next?”

by Dan Henniger April 27

Back in 2016, Speaker Paul Ryan and the House leadership held public hearings, conducted negotiations inside the House conference, and published texts of the proposed legislation to repeal and reform ObamaCare. The American Health Care Act that emerged from this process had both a political and policy purpose.

Its political purpose was to create a bill that could survive the House, survive the Senate, survive a conference and make it to Mr. Trump’s desk to fulfill one of his and the party’s biggest political promises.

The policy purpose was to lay a foundation on which Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price and his SWAT team of reformers, such as Indiana Medicaid specialist Seema Verma, could help Congress clean up the rest of ObamaCare over the next two years—moving away from the 2010 law’s 2,000 pages of legal babel and toward a market-based system.

With momentum from that accomplishment, the Trump White House and the Republican-controlled Congress would roll forward into the next item on the ambitious, first-year Trumpian agenda: a historic tax-reform bill to clean up the tax code and restore growth of the kind last seen in the 1980s and ’90s.

From there, Congress would move on to the other pieces—infrastructure, the funding needs of the military, and cleaning out the sludge in the financial system produced by Dodd-Frank.

And then came the Freedom Caucuses, the Tuesday Groups, the Ted Cruzes and Tom Cottons —all those who helped kill the health-care bill.

Victor Davis Hanson on April 24, 2017

Trump is a flawed individual, but he is hardly the near-sadistic womanizer as was JFK. Nor has he used coercion to force himself on women as did Bill Clinton on numerous occasions—still a feminist hero. I did read in the autobiographical Dreams From My Father and from other biographies, how Barack Obama habitually used “blow” and decided at one point not to date “white” women any longer. 

I make a small prediction, When the present lengthy review is finished, the story will not be Trump’s purported collusion with Vladimir Putin, but rather the lengths to which the Obama administration went to reverse-target political opponents and to leak monitored conversations illegally to the public—an Obama administration trait of abusing constitutional rights unfortunately not confined to Trump alone, but apparent earlier also with the Holder/AP, Lois Lerner/IRS, and Brennan/Senate computer scandals.

How to drive a liberal CRAZY in 5 minutes: read them THIS list

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Happiness Is...

This picture from Enzo's blog is delightful

Is she happy or what?

We know the spanker is happy

She is definitely happy being spanked

Monday, April 24, 2017

Song Lyrics You Only Thought You Knew

On a dark desert highway, cool whip in my hair

I’ve two chickens to paralyze

Hold me closer Tony Danzer

Count the head lice on the highway
Theeer’s a bath room on the right

Cherry Ice Cream Anyone?

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Another Week Has Gone By

We are in New Mexico star gazing this week. Hope you had a great week.

Trump continues to reverse the stifling rules and regulations imposed by that last guy. Way to go!

Some Bad News

Think again if you don’t think this concerns you. One of Obama’s legacies is a 
debt bomb that has short fuse. Interest rates will be going up and all the debt that Obama took on is going to start really hurting the budget. The Treasury is particularly exposed to higher rates because its debt matures so quickly; half of its marketable securities must be refinanced within the next three years.

On Being Green

A green electric car isn't as green as we'd like it to be – whether it's the emissions used to create the car or the coal-produced electricity we're adding into it – the 'green' measures can get a little murky.

"For example, a petrol-driven vehicle produces 119g CO2-e/km, of which most are on-road emissions. In comparison, an electric vehicle produces zero on-road emissions.”

"However, if electricity is generated from coal to charge an electric vehicle it produces 139g CO2-e/km well-to-wheel emissions, compared with only 9g CO2-e/km well-to-wheel emissions with electricity from renewable energy sources." 

Warping The Meaning Of Words

There are also lots of Orwellian nouns and adjectives to describe those from other countries who broke federal immigration laws to enter and reside in the United States. “Illegal alien” used to be a neutral and descriptive legal term — one still preferred by the Supreme Court — but is now seen as counterproductive to the agendas of the open-borders movement. Thus the more inexact “undocumented alien” followed, although few who entered illegally ever had immigration “documents” of any sort. 

Next came the term “undocumented immigrant” — on the theory that the ancient word “alien” (from the Latin word alienus, meaning “belonging to another”) is offensive and also unhelpful to the open-borders project. 

Finally, the ambiguous word “migrant” is being used to suggest that there is really no difference between entering and exiting a country under any circumstances. 

How Do People Form Opinions?

From an interview with cognitive scientist Steven Sloman.
I really do believe that our attitudes are shaped much more by our social groups than they are by facts on the ground. We are not great reasoners. Most people don’t like to think at all or like to think as little as possible. And by most, I mean roughly 70 percent of the population. Even the rest seem to devote a lot of their resources to justifying beliefs that they want to hold, as opposed to forming credible beliefs based only on fact.

How Does One Become A Liberal?

A few ways come to mind
Their parents were liberal and they bought into it.
Their parents were conservative and they rebelled.
Four years at most any college.
Working for the government
Working in a Union job
Seeking to enforce order in a chaotic world

Why We Join Cults

Not just James Jones style of cults, but churches, and dare I say political groups.

My number one guess would be Finding Purpose in Life.
Year after year, the world becomes more a complex place to live. In times of confusion and uncertainty when people feel lost, extreme groups offer absolute answers to questions that people have. Many people find comfort in seeing the world in terms of good and evil, right and wrong. Cult leaders offer simple solutions in a way that makes sense, and they know how to motivate people to devote their life to the leader’s cause.

Other reasons for being drawn to a cult:
Post-Breakup Blues
Striving for Perfection
Low Self-Esteem
They Want Someone to Take Care of Them
Trying to Save the World
Fed Up with Society

They Have No Idea It’s a Cult

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Regular readers know that Bacall and I both like wooden paddles. I have always fixated on them. She moved from leather to wood a decade or so back. The ones I prefer are meaner than her favorites, but we share a few paddles.

Today's post is about nothing more than paddles.

This one is from Devlion Oneill's Blog. It looks like a lake in Glacier NP to me. She looks like perfection in a carbon based life form. I learned that Teeny's (logo on the paddle) is brand of swim wear.

A man in Texas likes to have lasses to his home to taste his paddles. Seems he has plenty of takers.

Here is a classic Assume The Position pose. Only for the limber.

I have heard paddles called lot of things, but this is a new one to me.

Monday, April 17, 2017


Well, the sexual posts are done and I find there are only two posts left in the Drafts folder. Guess I will have to get busy and create some new ones. Bacall was supposed to write one on a special spanking she got, but that's been over two weeks and I am sure she could recall the details. Guess I will have to give another kind of special spanking.

Anywho, our paddlings continue and we hope your's do also.

Ronnie, don't put the eye chart over your husband's desk.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Weeks Musings

While Obama played golf and vacationed and lectured us...

North Korea increased its missile launches and loudly promised nuclear destruction of the West and its allies.

Russia violated its obligations under the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty and absorbed borderlands of former Soviet republics.

Iran harassed American ships in the Persian Gulf and issued serial threats against the U.S.

China built artificial island bases in the South China Sea to send a message about its imminent management of Asian commerce.

In Syria and Iraq, the Islamic State killed thousands in medieval fashion and sponsored terrorist attacks inside Western countries.

And know it’s been confirmed that Obama knew that the weapons were being transferred from Bengazi to Syria were all too attractive to AQI and that they grabbed them and Obama knew of the attack 10 days in advance.

More will come out as Obama supporters are no longer controlling the release of documents.

And all that is just on the foreign side. I could make a longer list for the domestic side. Trump has a LOT reset work just to get back to even.

Obama left his successor many time bombs—think chemical weapons in Syria and the collapsing Affordable Care Act. But a burning fuse that gets less attention are the rising interest payments on the national debt. While Obama was doubling the national debt over eight years, the Fed’s monetary policies spared him from the fiscal consequences. The chickens are home now and it will make budget reform near impossible. Another Obama legacy.

Think of it this way. If your mortgage payment went up 20% this year, what would do? Ask for a raise to cover the increase or tighten spending?

I was listening to Billy Joel’s 40-year-old Captain Jack this last week and this line hit me as him being prescient of the current 20 year-olds.

Well you're 21 and still your mother makes your bed
And that's too long

Dan Henninger wrote:
There was only one Trump promise—Make America Great Again. If you type that phrase into Google Translate, this is what should appear: Get the American economic engine retuned or pack it in. Every other pet peeve or project is secondary.

There are two levers for achieving this goal: tax policy and deregulation. To get there, the Trump presidency just inserted two key players.

Kevin Hassett of the American Enterprise Institute, an expert on what makes a tax code productive, becomes chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers.

Neomi Rao, director of George Mason University’s gloriously named Center for the Study of the Administrative State, became the Trump White House’s czarina of regulation.

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Monday, April 10, 2017

Chasity - You Got To Shitting Me

I came across this blog on an FLR blog. I dropped my jaw. Simply amazed. We don't begin to understand.

She begins:
I am not a big fan of penetrative sex so he has only been allowed to enter me twice since we married, three years ago. I allow him to masturbate, in the bathroom, once a month which seems to me to be more than enough.

If you want to read the whole post it's here Dominant Wife

Maybe this will take your mind somewhere else. Excellent cardio/

We are happily eating our way through Louisana.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Our Constitution

I believe that the Constitution’s meaning is fixed, that whatever the words signified in the era of the Founders is what they still express today. If you don’t like the meaning, the Constitution provides a way to change it. It’s not easy to change and that is entirely proper. It should be changed only after due deliberation.

That said, court decisions over the years have changed the original meaning, sometimes dramatically. The commerce clause has probably been the most abused section of the Consitution. My opinion. So while a reading of the Consitution is easy and straight forward, knowing how federal case has defined and altered what you think it means it is a life's work. 

A personal note. I was President of a national organization for some years. That Constitution provided the means to amend it, but only after the proposed changes were published to members three months in advance of a vote. This prevented the members from adopting knee-jerk proposals that were sometimes advanced at annual meetings. When these great ideas were put forward, I would remind them that we could take a straw vote right now, but that it would only indicate the support for the idea and that if the idea was to be adopted the Constitution’s prescribed means for changes would have to be followed. That always ended it as no one felt strongly enough about it to put it writing and proceed. 

I recount this to show that while the means to change the Constitution are present, we are all a bit lazy to make the effort. We favor using the courts to chip away at changes.

On the other hand, knee-jerk changes protect all of us. Always remember that democracy led to condemning Socrates on a whim. 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Consensual Spanking - Reprise

This is been in the Drafts folder for a year. I had some thoughts I want to add to it, but I forgot them.
So here it is, as is.

In an old post I posed the question In most spanking stories and spanking video's, the spanking takes place as punishment. Do most spankees need a reason for the spanking? Or put another way, would you be just as happy getting a spanking just because?

Enzo replied:
I know your question was directed at spankees, but I will offer my thoughts as one who only delivers spankings; in case you are interested. 

There are different reasons why I give spankings; from fun to funishments, from erotic to strict discipline and punishment. What I have found very interesting and across the board in my experience is that even when funishments are delivered, the ladies on the receiving end are always more excited when a reason for the spanking is presented. Even if it is a silly one; as long as there is a reason it heightens the excitement. [I agree] 

As far as stories go, reading about an entirely consensual pre-arranged spanking between a married couple would not keep my interest. Generally in stories, the less consensual the spanking the more exciting the story is to me. 
Best, Enzo 

Anonymous wrote:
It is erotic spankings for me, exclusively. That is the only kind that my wife will give me. And that is perfectly fine, though I think I could accept a punishment spanking if that is what she wanted to give me. Yesterday morning I asked her to spank me at her convenience sometime during the day, and she soundly spanked me with a wooden paddle just before we went to bed. Yes it hurt a lot when it was being administered, as any good spanking should. Going to sleep with a warm bottom has a lot to be said for it. Of course, I thanked her afterwards and gave her a hug. 

Ron wrote:
OK, as a bottom, I never need a reason to be spanked, just love to be lost over the knee, but at the same time having a reason can be a lap, it depends on the bottom, if she wants a reason I can easily find one but like a lovely friend I spank, she just loves to be spanked and her only reason is well to be spanked. 

For me, again I too love to be spanked, so no real reason needed.
Thanks, Ron 

Ronnie wrote:
I get spanked for all different reasons and get spanked just because....P wants to. You know me, I'll take any spanking:)

In my opinion, doesn't matter, how, why or for whatever reason you are spanked as long as it's consensual and both parties happy.

archedone wrote:
I follow Ronnie and yes she loves to get spanked (as I do too) Some times she finds a reason some times P spanks her because he wants to but usually gives her a reason. I get spanked because I'm submissive to my wife and I love presenting my bottom to her for spanking. She also loves spanking me and many times has told me to get her some implements so she can spank me. Now having said that I will also say she has given me punishment for real reasons and they are not play and no sex after just a good hard spanking the type you wish had not happened. Is the punishment consensual YES. I do have a temper and I do snap at her at times and too many times she will ask me to do something and I keep putting it off. Does the punishment change the problem. you better believe it does and for a long time. I follow many blogs here and each person that gets spanked or does spank has their own reason. I enjoy what they have to say and am happy they found a way to enjoy themselves.

JGH57 wrote:
I don't do punishment spankings, at least not for me. I'm adult. I just like to be spanked. So I ask my wife and she spanks me. I am a switch but my wife is not into being spanked. That's ok. I love her and I can go with that. In the past I had a friend who wanted and needed punishment spankings. I have punished her. When we just playing I could wear her bottom out and not get a tear. When I punished her she was crying from the start. I guess it's all in the mind set of the individual.

Hermoine wrote:
Our spankings are never for punishment, only for fun because we both enjoy them.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Life Events

Tattoos - 0
Piercings - 0
Marriages - 1
Divorces - 0
Children - 1
Grandchildren -3
Surgeries - 0
Shot a gun - yes, never in combat
Quit a job - yes, many, sometimes I even had a better one first
Flown on airplane - yes, but have zero desire to ever fly commercial again.
Flown in a helicopter - Yes, the Army hauled my ass around Vietnam. I was Navy
Gone over 100 mph in a car - Yes, and in late 50, early 60 Detroit iron. Would be scary now
Hit a deer - Not, in a car or with a rifle
Gone zip lining - No
Cried over someone - Yes
Fell in love - Yes
Skipped school - Yes, many times and got paddled for it
Watched someone give birth - No
Watched someone die - No

Been to Canada - Yes, headed that way this summer
Been to Europe - No
Ridden in an ambulance - No
Been to Hawaii - Yes
Sang karaoke - Hell No
Laughed so much you cried - Yes
Had a pet(s) - Yes
Been sledding on big hill - No
Been downhill skiing - No
Rode on a motorcycle - Yes, only small Honda's a 125 and a 250
Rode a horse - Yes, don't care for them
Stayed in a hospital - Yes, once for a day, observation only
Donated blood - No
Driven a stick shift - Yes
Rode in the back of a police car - Yes, no brains, alcohol and fast cars attract police