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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, May 28, 2018

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Paddling Positions

An old school, assume the position paddling. We wish we could still grab our ankles.

An across the desk paddling.

A position for the more experienced

For experts only

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

The Curse of My Fetish Continues

I recently blogged about my girdle fetish. That got my mind focused on the topic. I am so damn focused, it's all-consuming.

When we got home from our trip, I found a girdle we have had since early marriage. I had no idea I could still get into it. But, I did. It's black and when it's on it is so sheer you can see the skin. I have been paddled in it many times, but not in a long time.

I put it on and showed Bacall. First thing out of her mouth was "Black girdle gets the black paddle." I wore it for an hour or so until she got ready to paddle me. I was expecting it to sting as the black paddle is our stingest paddle. I bent over a dining room chair and from the first lick, I knew it was going to be one of her classic Aunt Bacall paddlings. She does not hold back. Damn did it sting. Did the girdle amplify the sting?

I got ten on the girdle and then it came down for another four on the bare bottom. I was so high.

That should have gotten it out of my system. But, no, I wanted it again. So we did it again yesterday. It stung just as much. I am doomed.

Wednesday, May 16, 2018

An Adventure In Tampa

This is from an OBB reader

A number of years ago I was down in Tampa on a fishing trip. There was a bait shop in the area which I had been stopping at almost every morning. It was located in a very off area and next to it were a few stores, one of which was a sex shop. I kept saying to myself I was going to check it out but it never opened until the late afternoon. 

Middle of that week I had a great day fishing and on the way back I stopped at that bait shop to tell the owner about my catch. Anyway, I noticed the sex shop was open so after leaving the bait shop I went in there. 

A young girl was in there running the place. Friendly but not overbearing like some of these shops are. I looked around and was intrigued by these custom made paddles she had there. They were made from exotic skins like alligator and ostrich. I was slapping myself on the legs with then when she came over and asked if I needed help. 

We got into a conversation about the paddles and she told me how much she liked to be spanked with one particular paddle which was made from elephant hides. So I picked it up and for whatever went through my mind I slapped her on her ass with it. She didn’t flinch but then the conservative shifted to what I liked to do. 

So naturally I spoke of spanking, both giving and receiving and she took it all in. I really thought she was going to suggest something, she did, but not what I expected. 

She started telling me about a club in the area for people of “my age” and interest.  

Burst my ego right then and there but I listened to what she was selling. 

Told me where it was and how to get in and once inside ask for Andrea and tell her Annie sent you. The club, she told me, is only opened in the morning around 9am. At night it’s a young people’s place. 
So at least I found out her name. 

I left the shop after spending $75.00 for that ostrich paddle. I thought about going to that club but didn’t. 
Until the next day. 

It was on my mind all night so I said I’ll go check it out and if it sucks I’ll just leave. 

I go to where this club is located around 9:30 am. I kept forgetting I’m in Florida and all the “old” crowd does everything early. Mind you I’m only 50 at this time. 

The club is in some strip mall. The windows are all black glass, you can’t see in. Annie told me to go around the back of the mall and enter through the delivery door. So I go around back, find the door and go in. I’m in a vestibule and it’s dark and there’s a second door. Suddenly I hear a voice coming from a speaker asking what I want. I say I’m looking for Andrea and that Annie sent me. The door buzzes open and I go in. 

I’m met by this rather attractive mature woman who introduces herself as Andrea. 

Asks my name and I tell her and says it’s $50.00 to come in. Annie forgot to mention that part but I had the money on me so I paid and followed Andrea into this larger open area. First thing I see are people sitting around watching a woman over the lap of a man getting her bottom spanked. In fact, as I looked around the room there were several spankings taking place. Andrea asked me if I’d like to watch or participate and asked my preference, did I want to spank or be spanked or both. 

So I went for it all and said both. 

She said she would pair me up with a woman and left me to watch while she went to find someone for me. 
I took in the action which was quite lively in fact. Didn’t notice any men being spanked in this area, all women and all present were at least my age or better. 

Andrea returned and apologized for not being able to find someone for me and said she’d love to be my partner. Didn’t matter to me. She asked if I wanted to stay in this larger more public room or retreat to a more private area. I chose the latter and she led me to one of several smaller rooms in that club. 

The room was small but enough room to operate. It had a couple of chairs and a small table. 
Andrea asked if I preferred to be spanked first and I agreed. 

She took one of the chairs and placed it in the center of the room and I watched as she began to remove her clothing, stripping down to panties and bra. Damm, she had somebody for her age. She took a seat and told me to get undressed. So I did, down to my underpants. She motioned me over her lap, said a few words about the spanking and just started slapping my bottom. Nothing that hard but continuous. She spanked for a while then stopped. Told me it was time to remove my underpants. She pulled them down over my now erect cock and left them around my knees and continued the spanking on the bare. I’d say it lasted about 5 minutes and she stopped and pulled my underpants back up. 

I got off her lap and she asked me if I was OK. I had no issues so she got off the chair and told me it was my turn to spank her

I sat and pulled her over my lap but I immediately lowered her panties and spanked her bare bottom. 
Again it lasted around 5 minutes and I stopped and she got up. 

She was surprised but thrilled I did what I did. 
At this point, I figured we’d just go back and forth with spankings or maybe introduce some implements but I didn’t notice any. 

I asked about it and she told me that people bring their own but she could round some up. OR would I be interested in getting together with another couple? So again I chose the latter. 

Andrea left the room for a few minutes and returned with another couple. 

I forget their names and it really doesn’t matter. I think it was Joe and Susan. 

Anyway, we make acquaintances and get into spanking. We started off with Sue on my lap and Andrea over Joe’s. Then we switched women.  Each time the routine was to spank first on their panties and then on the bare bottom and always to pull the panties back up once done. 

I found out later that it was a club rule. No one runs around naked when not engaged in spanking. Once both women were individually spanked, Joe and I turned out chairs together facing each other and took Andrea over our laps and both spanked her together. We did the same to Sue. 

After the women were properly spanked it was time for the men to face the consequences. 
We were each spanked by both women individually as well as by both. 

I’m not sure how much time had passed during all these spankings but we all settled down at this point and just sat around and talked. I was then Joe suggested that the women spank each other while we watched. I was all for the idea. Both Andrea and Susan both agreed and they got into it while we sat and watched. I got quite turned on by it I have to say. 

When that was finished I figured we’d call it a day and leave but Andrea had other plans. 

She suggested at that point in time that the women would like to watch a spanking performed and by that she meant the men spank each other. 

I think both Joe and I reacted the same way and said that wasn’t happening but I could see there was a look on both women’s faces that it was going to happen. 

There was a lot of discussion back and forth and finally it the heat of the moment, I got all caught up in it and said, OK I’ll do it. I’ll go first.

The women were all excited that they just told Joe to take a seat while they practically pushed me to his side. Andrea had me by both arms while Sue pulled my underpants down and Andrea pulled me over joes lap so fast I almost hit the floor. He steadied me on his lap and I could feel my junk pressing on his leg which sort of grossed me out but before I could think about that he began spanking my ass. Compared to the women this was hard and it hurt. The realization that I was being spanked by a man had set it. I took the spanking while the women watched and cheered and giggled like little kids. Good ole Joe did a fine job on my ass. I was sore when he finished and somewhat embarrassed. 

I got up and speaking of embarrassment, I had an election that could have broken glass. Now I’m not gay but suddenly I was so turned on by that spanking. 

Now it was my turn. The women set him up like they did me and once I had him over my lap I locked my leg around his and I laid into his ass as hard and as fast as he did to me if not harder. I had him squirming. 

The women were getting a show and they loved it. 
Finally, it all ended. I let him up, I would have sworn he had tears in his eyes. We both stood, naked, faced each other and shook hands. Job well done, Joe said. 

We all then got dressed and eventually left the club. 
I never went back there again that trip. 

Two years later I was in Tampa again. Both the club and the sex shop were gone. 

To this day I still think about that experience.

Do you have an experience you would like to share with OBB readers?

Monday, May 14, 2018

Men Can't Spank

This comment was made on a post that had nothing to do with discipline. Those that crave discipline can seldom resist ringing in and they usually include a witnessed public spanking.

The commentator said she and her "hubby" were female. I doubt it, but what the hey I always need an idea for a post.

What woman does not enjoy a spanking, I sure do, only problem is the males don't know how to properly give a spanking, they are to easy and stop too soon. 

Many women lament their husband does not give the thrashing they crave. As many or more men report the same from the wife that spanks them. Trying to make a spanker from a vanilla is exceedingly difficult. Their desires should have been discussed before proposing marriage.

....  My hubby will spank me when it is needed and does not care where. I was taken to the restroom once while eating out, my attitude was the reason, my hubby just took my arm and soon I was in a stall, bottom bared and getting a spanking. 

Here is the leading cause of men and women feeling their spouse is not being the disciplinarian they desire. Their spouse does not desire a partner who acts out. They expect adult behavior. 

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Explosives require careful handling. Sometimes they blow up in your face

Are more and more people getting fed up with the liberal agenda? This discusses things external to the Beltway such as ESPN, Hollywood, the Gods of Silicon Valley, etc. Worth a careful read.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Six Levels Of Spanking

Monday, May 7, 2018

Girdle Spanking

A perverted old man posts about his fetish. In this case an article of women's clothing.

I don't know what it is about a panty girdle that gets me so excited. It's an obsolete article of wear. I have always liked to paddle women wearing one and I like to be paddled by a woman wearing one. Heck, I even like to be paddled wearing one. It compresses the bottom so that the red zone is smaller than it would be without it. Physics I guess.

You may have noticed there is more F/M material on OBB this year. I did not intentionally change the mix, it's just that my thoughts have once again focused on those interests. That's a part of being a switch. I hope our female readers will not be turned off.

I have confessed to having a fetish for women's panties and girdles. I not only like to see women in them, I like to spank women wearing them, I like to put them on and be spanked in them. This seems to be fairly common with men who are into being spanked. It's not something I want to be mentioned at my funeral, but I can write about it here.

In recent years we have bought several light control girdles - which are really just thick panties. Our firm control girdles long ago shrunk and we had not thought about replacing them. Last week I got into a dialog with a couple about spanking and girdles. We share a lot in common. That's when I realized we did not have real panty girdles to wear anymore. We will rectify that soon.

I let my wee mind think about this for awhile and here is where it went. Put on a girdle and think and talk about getting paddled. Take the girdle down, get paddled, pull the girdle back up and go on with the day. The girdle will keep my mind focused on the burn in my bottom. The next day put on the girdle again, get paddled and engage in sex. We tried it out yesterday and I have to say I was thinking about the paddling for several hours while we were at a car show.

This morning, I asked Bacall when we should do the second part and she thought there was no time like the present. So again I was bare bottom getting toasted.

Can't wait to get matching panty girdles. Ones pictured here are proving hard to find.

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Public Education

The combination of government and public unions in public education leads to no education.

Reading scores were just as dismal.

Language experts at Oberlin College asked 500 women what they considered to be the most unpleasant words in 2015, and 'moist' topped at 77 percent.

Next up on the list: The word 'squirt' was close behind at 68 percent.

Try using the word underwear: The word 'panties' was hated by 54 percent of the females.

If Trump is impeached, Pence becomes president.

Pence pardons Trump and appoints him vice-president.

Pence resigns.

Trump becomes president and appoints Pence as his vice-president.

Liberal Heads explode.

A more serious article, where I had to look up amoral

James Comey’s Judgment Days

Comey was temperamentally unfit ever to be director of the FBI, and never more so than during Donald Trump’s presidency.

It is beyond imagining that even the politics of the United States could simultaneously put before us two protagonists such as Donald Trump and James Comey —the one a dedicated amoralist who ascends to the presidency, the other an FBI director who quotes Reinhold Niebuhr.
Of Mr. Trump, not enough will ever be said. James Comey, however, stands before us as the most public FBI director since J. Edgar Hoover, also a moralist in his own peculiar way.
Representing the FBI and at times the Justice Department, Mr. Comey spent almost two years answering the siren song of modern media—with press conferences amid a presidential election, appearances before Congress, and now high-profile interviews to market his memoir, “A Higher Loyalty.”
Who is James Comey?
Thanks to the musical version of Victor Hugo’s “Les Miserables,” everyone knows the figure of Inspector Javert, relentless pursuer of Jean Valjean. Less known is Hugo’s own description of Javert, whom he calls “this unspotted police agent.”
Hugo continues: “It was evident to anyone acquainted with that clear, upright, sincere, honest, austere and ferocious conscience, that Javert had just gone through some great interior struggle.”
James Comey’s interior struggle appears on every page of his book. A few hundred words past the first page, Mr. Comey declares, “I have learned that ethical leaders lead by seeing beyond the short term, beyond the urgent, and take every action with a view toward lasting values.”
It is a most unusual man who takes “every action” with a view toward lasting values. But as Mr. Comey makes clear, he is that man. He spends eight pages on the moral justification for his decision to prosecute Martha Stewart while he was U.S. attorney in New York. “There was once a time,” he says, “when most people worried about going to hell if they violated an oath taken in the name of God.”
He explains how as a young 6-foot-8 man, he would tell people who asked that he did indeed play basketball in college, though he had not: “This was a seemingly small and inconsequential lie . . . but it was a lie nonetheless. And it ate at me. So after law school, I wrote to the friends I’d lied to and told them the truth.”
The Catholic tradition places great emphasis on the value of conscience as a guide to behavior. Less well-known is its warning against developing a “scrupulous conscience,” which is an obstinate fascination with one’s own moral standing.
Mr. Comey describes going to the FBI cafeteria while director: He “never cut the line. Even when I wished I could . . . I thought it was very important to show people that I’m not better than anyone else. So I waited.”
One could go on with examples of his high-minded earnestness, but that would require quoting the entire book: his account of prosecuting Scooter Libby or opposing the Bush administration’s post-9/11 surveillance program, Stellar Wind; his pre-emption of Attorney General Loretta Lynch during the Clinton email-server investigation; and, of course, his crucible with Donald Trump.
In an intriguing contrast to his disdainful accounts of Presidents Bush and Trump, he recounts going home after a meeting with President Obama to tell his wife: “I can’t believe someone with such a supple mind actually got elected president.” They have much in common.
In fact, James Comey was temperamentally unfit ever to be director of the FBI, and never more so than in our intense times.
Mr. Comey’s daily visits to his personal chapel of an apolitical “higher loyalty” impaired his professional judgment. Instead, he is judgmental. Judgmentalism is a flaw in an FBI director, because it undermines the objective credibility of his role. A high officer of government shouldn’t see his job as doing battle with the seven deadly sins.
After Donald Trump won the election, an opposition rose on a wave of moral revulsion. The moralistic Mr. Comey let the FBI get swept into a politicized crusade.
Halfway through the book, Mr. Comey describes addressing the FBI’s employees in Washington for the first time. It reveals a lot:
“I gave the talk sitting on a stool, wearing a tie but no jacket. I also wore a blue shirt. This might not seem like a big deal to outsiders, but Bob Mueller [as FBI director] wore a white shirt every day for 12 years. . . . Not some days, or most days—every day. That was the culture, and I thought shirt color was one early, small way to set a different tone. I said nothing about my shirt, but people noticed.”
Perhaps they did, because what happened at the highest levels of the FBI afterward through the Clinton and Trump investigations was a collapse of professional discipline. The FBI needs to find its way back to the culture of the white shirt, every day.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018