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Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Weekend

If Trump can get corporate tax reform done and otherwise stop harassing the economy the way Mr. Obama did, a judicious America might even decide it had a lucky election night. An improvement in the growth rate by itself would allow Mr. Trump rightly to say he left America better positioned to confront its long-term fiscal challenges. That’s not nothing.

A cartoon in the Eisenhower era had the president saying to his cabinet, “Gentlemen, what should we refrain from doing next?”

by Dan Henniger April 27

Back in 2016, Speaker Paul Ryan and the House leadership held public hearings, conducted negotiations inside the House conference, and published texts of the proposed legislation to repeal and reform ObamaCare. The American Health Care Act that emerged from this process had both a political and policy purpose.

Its political purpose was to create a bill that could survive the House, survive the Senate, survive a conference and make it to Mr. Trump’s desk to fulfill one of his and the party’s biggest political promises.

The policy purpose was to lay a foundation on which Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price and his SWAT team of reformers, such as Indiana Medicaid specialist Seema Verma, could help Congress clean up the rest of ObamaCare over the next two years—moving away from the 2010 law’s 2,000 pages of legal babel and toward a market-based system.

With momentum from that accomplishment, the Trump White House and the Republican-controlled Congress would roll forward into the next item on the ambitious, first-year Trumpian agenda: a historic tax-reform bill to clean up the tax code and restore growth of the kind last seen in the 1980s and ’90s.

From there, Congress would move on to the other pieces—infrastructure, the funding needs of the military, and cleaning out the sludge in the financial system produced by Dodd-Frank.

And then came the Freedom Caucuses, the Tuesday Groups, the Ted Cruzes and Tom Cottons —all those who helped kill the health-care bill.

Victor Davis Hanson on April 24, 2017

Trump is a flawed individual, but he is hardly the near-sadistic womanizer as was JFK. Nor has he used coercion to force himself on women as did Bill Clinton on numerous occasions—still a feminist hero. I did read in the autobiographical Dreams From My Father and from other biographies, how Barack Obama habitually used “blow” and decided at one point not to date “white” women any longer. 

I make a small prediction, When the present lengthy review is finished, the story will not be Trump’s purported collusion with Vladimir Putin, but rather the lengths to which the Obama administration went to reverse-target political opponents and to leak monitored conversations illegally to the public—an Obama administration trait of abusing constitutional rights unfortunately not confined to Trump alone, but apparent earlier also with the Holder/AP, Lois Lerner/IRS, and Brennan/Senate computer scandals.

How to drive a liberal CRAZY in 5 minutes: read them THIS list

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Happiness Is...

This picture from Enzo's blog is delightful

Is she happy or what?

We know the spanker is happy

She is definitely happy being spanked

Monday, April 24, 2017

Song Lyrics You Only Thought You Knew

On a dark desert highway, cool whip in my hair

I’ve two chickens to paralyze

Hold me closer Tony Danzer

Count the head lice on the highway
Theeer’s a bath room on the right

Cherry Ice Cream Anyone?

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Another Week Has Gone By

We are in New Mexico star gazing this week. Hope you had a great week.

Trump continues to reverse the stifling rules and regulations imposed by that last guy. Way to go!

Some Bad News

Think again if you don’t think this concerns you. One of Obama’s legacies is a 
debt bomb that has short fuse. Interest rates will be going up and all the debt that Obama took on is going to start really hurting the budget. The Treasury is particularly exposed to higher rates because its debt matures so quickly; half of its marketable securities must be refinanced within the next three years.

On Being Green

A green electric car isn't as green as we'd like it to be – whether it's the emissions used to create the car or the coal-produced electricity we're adding into it – the 'green' measures can get a little murky.

"For example, a petrol-driven vehicle produces 119g CO2-e/km, of which most are on-road emissions. In comparison, an electric vehicle produces zero on-road emissions.”

"However, if electricity is generated from coal to charge an electric vehicle it produces 139g CO2-e/km well-to-wheel emissions, compared with only 9g CO2-e/km well-to-wheel emissions with electricity from renewable energy sources." 

Warping The Meaning Of Words

There are also lots of Orwellian nouns and adjectives to describe those from other countries who broke federal immigration laws to enter and reside in the United States. “Illegal alien” used to be a neutral and descriptive legal term — one still preferred by the Supreme Court — but is now seen as counterproductive to the agendas of the open-borders movement. Thus the more inexact “undocumented alien” followed, although few who entered illegally ever had immigration “documents” of any sort. 

Next came the term “undocumented immigrant” — on the theory that the ancient word “alien” (from the Latin word alienus, meaning “belonging to another”) is offensive and also unhelpful to the open-borders project. 

Finally, the ambiguous word “migrant” is being used to suggest that there is really no difference between entering and exiting a country under any circumstances. 

How Do People Form Opinions?

From an interview with cognitive scientist Steven Sloman.
I really do believe that our attitudes are shaped much more by our social groups than they are by facts on the ground. We are not great reasoners. Most people don’t like to think at all or like to think as little as possible. And by most, I mean roughly 70 percent of the population. Even the rest seem to devote a lot of their resources to justifying beliefs that they want to hold, as opposed to forming credible beliefs based only on fact.

How Does One Become A Liberal?

A few ways come to mind
Their parents were liberal and they bought into it.
Their parents were conservative and they rebelled.
Four years at most any college.
Working for the government
Working in a Union job
Seeking to enforce order in a chaotic world

Why We Join Cults

Not just James Jones style of cults, but churches, and dare I say political groups.

My number one guess would be Finding Purpose in Life.
Year after year, the world becomes more a complex place to live. In times of confusion and uncertainty when people feel lost, extreme groups offer absolute answers to questions that people have. Many people find comfort in seeing the world in terms of good and evil, right and wrong. Cult leaders offer simple solutions in a way that makes sense, and they know how to motivate people to devote their life to the leader’s cause.

Other reasons for being drawn to a cult:
Post-Breakup Blues
Striving for Perfection
Low Self-Esteem
They Want Someone to Take Care of Them
Trying to Save the World
Fed Up with Society

They Have No Idea It’s a Cult

Wednesday, April 19, 2017


Regular readers know that Bacall and I both like wooden paddles. I have always fixated on them. She moved from leather to wood a decade or so back. The ones I prefer are meaner than her favorites, but we share a few paddles.

Today's post is about nothing more than paddles.

This one is from Devlion Oneill's Blog. It looks like a lake in Glacier NP to me. She looks like perfection in a carbon based life form. I learned that Teeny's (logo on the paddle) is brand of swim wear.

A man in Texas likes to have lasses to his home to taste his paddles. Seems he has plenty of takers.

Here is a classic Assume The Position pose. Only for the limber.

I have heard paddles called lot of things, but this is a new one to me.

Monday, April 17, 2017


Well, the sexual posts are done and I find there are only two posts left in the Drafts folder. Guess I will have to get busy and create some new ones. Bacall was supposed to write one on a special spanking she got, but that's been over two weeks and I am sure she could recall the details. Guess I will have to give another kind of special spanking.

Anywho, our paddlings continue and we hope your's do also.

Ronnie, don't put the eye chart over your husband's desk.

Saturday, April 15, 2017

The Weeks Musings

While Obama played golf and vacationed and lectured us...

North Korea increased its missile launches and loudly promised nuclear destruction of the West and its allies.

Russia violated its obligations under the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty and absorbed borderlands of former Soviet republics.

Iran harassed American ships in the Persian Gulf and issued serial threats against the U.S.

China built artificial island bases in the South China Sea to send a message about its imminent management of Asian commerce.

In Syria and Iraq, the Islamic State killed thousands in medieval fashion and sponsored terrorist attacks inside Western countries.

And know it’s been confirmed that Obama knew that the weapons were being transferred from Bengazi to Syria were all too attractive to AQI and that they grabbed them and Obama knew of the attack 10 days in advance.

More will come out as Obama supporters are no longer controlling the release of documents.

And all that is just on the foreign side. I could make a longer list for the domestic side. Trump has a LOT reset work just to get back to even.

Obama left his successor many time bombs—think chemical weapons in Syria and the collapsing Affordable Care Act. But a burning fuse that gets less attention are the rising interest payments on the national debt. While Obama was doubling the national debt over eight years, the Fed’s monetary policies spared him from the fiscal consequences. The chickens are home now and it will make budget reform near impossible. Another Obama legacy.

Think of it this way. If your mortgage payment went up 20% this year, what would do? Ask for a raise to cover the increase or tighten spending?

I was listening to Billy Joel’s 40-year-old Captain Jack this last week and this line hit me as him being prescient of the current 20 year-olds.

Well you're 21 and still your mother makes your bed
And that's too long

Dan Henninger wrote:
There was only one Trump promise—Make America Great Again. If you type that phrase into Google Translate, this is what should appear: Get the American economic engine retuned or pack it in. Every other pet peeve or project is secondary.

There are two levers for achieving this goal: tax policy and deregulation. To get there, the Trump presidency just inserted two key players.

Kevin Hassett of the American Enterprise Institute, an expert on what makes a tax code productive, becomes chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers.

Neomi Rao, director of George Mason University’s gloriously named Center for the Study of the Administrative State, became the Trump White House’s czarina of regulation.

Friday, April 14, 2017

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I'll Bet You Have Not Tried This Position

Warning sex depicted

You would not have to be lazy to try this.

Just think of all the unused treadmills in the world.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Chasity - You Got To Shitting Me

I came across this blog on an FLR blog. I dropped my jaw. Simply amazed. We don't begin to understand.

She begins:
I am not a big fan of penetrative sex so he has only been allowed to enter me twice since we married, three years ago. I allow him to masturbate, in the bathroom, once a month which seems to me to be more than enough.

If you want to read the whole post it's here Dominant Wife

Maybe this will take your mind somewhere else. Excellent cardio/

We are happily eating our way through Louisana.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Our Constitution

I believe that the Constitution’s meaning is fixed, that whatever the words signified in the era of the Founders is what they still express today. If you don’t like the meaning, the Constitution provides a way to change it. It’s not easy to change and that is entirely proper. It should be changed only after due deliberation.

That said, court decisions over the years have changed the original meaning, sometimes dramatically. The commerce clause has probably been the most abused section of the Consitution. My opinion. So while a reading of the Consitution is easy and straight forward, knowing how federal case has defined and altered what you think it means it is a life's work. 

A personal note. I was President of a national organization for some years. That Constitution provided the means to amend it, but only after the proposed changes were published to members three months in advance of a vote. This prevented the members from adopting knee-jerk proposals that were sometimes advanced at annual meetings. When these great ideas were put forward, I would remind them that we could take a straw vote right now, but that it would only indicate the support for the idea and that if the idea was to be adopted the Constitution’s prescribed means for changes would have to be followed. That always ended it as no one felt strongly enough about it to put it writing and proceed. 

I recount this to show that while the means to change the Constitution are present, we are all a bit lazy to make the effort. We favor using the courts to chip away at changes.

On the other hand, knee-jerk changes protect all of us. Always remember that democracy led to condemning Socrates on a whim. 

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Consensual Spanking - Reprise

This is been in the Drafts folder for a year. I had some thoughts I want to add to it, but I forgot them.
So here it is, as is.

In an old post I posed the question In most spanking stories and spanking video's, the spanking takes place as punishment. Do most spankees need a reason for the spanking? Or put another way, would you be just as happy getting a spanking just because?

Enzo replied:
I know your question was directed at spankees, but I will offer my thoughts as one who only delivers spankings; in case you are interested. 

There are different reasons why I give spankings; from fun to funishments, from erotic to strict discipline and punishment. What I have found very interesting and across the board in my experience is that even when funishments are delivered, the ladies on the receiving end are always more excited when a reason for the spanking is presented. Even if it is a silly one; as long as there is a reason it heightens the excitement. [I agree] 

As far as stories go, reading about an entirely consensual pre-arranged spanking between a married couple would not keep my interest. Generally in stories, the less consensual the spanking the more exciting the story is to me. 
Best, Enzo 

Anonymous wrote:
It is erotic spankings for me, exclusively. That is the only kind that my wife will give me. And that is perfectly fine, though I think I could accept a punishment spanking if that is what she wanted to give me. Yesterday morning I asked her to spank me at her convenience sometime during the day, and she soundly spanked me with a wooden paddle just before we went to bed. Yes it hurt a lot when it was being administered, as any good spanking should. Going to sleep with a warm bottom has a lot to be said for it. Of course, I thanked her afterwards and gave her a hug. 

Ron wrote:
OK, as a bottom, I never need a reason to be spanked, just love to be lost over the knee, but at the same time having a reason can be a lap, it depends on the bottom, if she wants a reason I can easily find one but like a lovely friend I spank, she just loves to be spanked and her only reason is well to be spanked. 

For me, again I too love to be spanked, so no real reason needed.
Thanks, Ron 

Ronnie wrote:
I get spanked for all different reasons and get spanked just because....P wants to. You know me, I'll take any spanking:)

In my opinion, doesn't matter, how, why or for whatever reason you are spanked as long as it's consensual and both parties happy.

archedone wrote:
I follow Ronnie and yes she loves to get spanked (as I do too) Some times she finds a reason some times P spanks her because he wants to but usually gives her a reason. I get spanked because I'm submissive to my wife and I love presenting my bottom to her for spanking. She also loves spanking me and many times has told me to get her some implements so she can spank me. Now having said that I will also say she has given me punishment for real reasons and they are not play and no sex after just a good hard spanking the type you wish had not happened. Is the punishment consensual YES. I do have a temper and I do snap at her at times and too many times she will ask me to do something and I keep putting it off. Does the punishment change the problem. you better believe it does and for a long time. I follow many blogs here and each person that gets spanked or does spank has their own reason. I enjoy what they have to say and am happy they found a way to enjoy themselves.

JGH57 wrote:
I don't do punishment spankings, at least not for me. I'm adult. I just like to be spanked. So I ask my wife and she spanks me. I am a switch but my wife is not into being spanked. That's ok. I love her and I can go with that. In the past I had a friend who wanted and needed punishment spankings. I have punished her. When we just playing I could wear her bottom out and not get a tear. When I punished her she was crying from the start. I guess it's all in the mind set of the individual.

Hermoine wrote:
Our spankings are never for punishment, only for fun because we both enjoy them.

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Life Events

Tattoos - 0
Piercings - 0
Marriages - 1
Divorces - 0
Children - 1
Grandchildren -3
Surgeries - 0
Shot a gun - yes, never in combat
Quit a job - yes, many, sometimes I even had a better one first
Flown on airplane - yes, but have zero desire to ever fly commercial again.
Flown in a helicopter - Yes, the Army hauled my ass around Vietnam. I was Navy
Gone over 100 mph in a car - Yes, and in late 50, early 60 Detroit iron. Would be scary now
Hit a deer - Not, in a car or with a rifle
Gone zip lining - No
Cried over someone - Yes
Fell in love - Yes
Skipped school - Yes, many times and got paddled for it
Watched someone give birth - No
Watched someone die - No

Been to Canada - Yes, headed that way this summer
Been to Europe - No
Ridden in an ambulance - No
Been to Hawaii - Yes
Sang karaoke - Hell No
Laughed so much you cried - Yes
Had a pet(s) - Yes
Been sledding on big hill - No
Been downhill skiing - No
Rode on a motorcycle - Yes, only small Honda's a 125 and a 250
Rode a horse - Yes, don't care for them
Stayed in a hospital - Yes, once for a day, observation only
Donated blood - No
Driven a stick shift - Yes
Rode in the back of a police car - Yes, no brains, alcohol and fast cars attract police

Monday, April 3, 2017

Vicki's Story

They had played before. She had a deep desire to be "mastered" by a strong male. To be punished until she no longer resisted, until her will had been broken and it was a strong will she had, very strong.

They had engaged in a lot of cyber and face-to-face role play. She was three-people-in-one. Vicki the real person, vicki the little girl who needed to be conquered and a bridge character, a playmate of vicki's who could talk about vicki's inner secrets.

They had played twice before. While the role play was good, she admitted the spanking was not severe enough to give her the release she desperately wanted. She went all out to antagonize her "Uncle" into being really mad at vicki to ensure he would not hold back. She was most inventive in her role play. He let her know he would not disappoint her again. She did not really believe him, so many men had disappointed her in other ways.

On their first meeting, he decided that he would make her prepare for her spanking, by removing her skirt and panties herself. He knew this was an act that most woman prefer to have done for them. He also knew that the act would require her to acknowledge his "power" right from the start. She refused. He paddled her across her skirt until she found the will to prepare herself and bend over the desk.

At their next meeting, she had on pants, which she refused to remove to get herself ready for punishment. Again he paddled her hard and long until she again reached the point where she was willing to remove her pants herself.

After this meeting she wrote him that she would never consent to prepare herself for punishment and that he could not make her do it. He knew what he had to do. He had never used one before. The thought of one made him a little queasy. He also knew that it would provide the sharp burning pain that would make her contrite very quickly. He got a cane and tested it by moving it through the air. It would bend and the swishing sound it made was almost terrifying to him.

He had spanked her hand before. The last time, she took 10 licks on each hand without even flinching and she later taunted him that it did not hurt. He decided he would repeat that, perhaps a bit harder, but with a lot more theatrics.

When he arrived she was all smiles. He noted she was attractively dressed, but was obviously wearing panty hose, a no-no and she knew it. He also noted a gold ankle chain, but thought nothing of it. She proceeded to aggravate him in short order. He had planned to draw it out for a long time, but she was asking for it in a big way. He tried to get her to apologize for her behavior, but she only became more brazen - testing his will.

He asked her to get ready for her punishment. As expected, she refused. He got the ruler. 10 licks to each hand had her begging and trying to pull her hand away. Very different from the last time. He again asked her to get ready for her punishment, she again refused. He got the cane. He partially raised her skirt and begin to spank her thighs with it. She collapsed on the floor. He struck whatever part of her leg was exposed. She still refused to remove her skirt. He hoisted her off the floor and turned her over the end of the couch, raised her skirt and continued to use the cane on her legs. She collapsed again. This was repeated a third time until she was finally broken, the pain having overtaken her strong will to resist. She removed her skirt. He pulled down her panty hose and panties to mid leg and bent her over the couch, he did not want to waste time taking them off. He wanted to continue the punishment without respite while she was still on fire from the cane.

He picked up a heavy paddle and proceeded to give her hard licks without pause. She was already crying and before long was sobbing. He continued, sensing her limits had not yet been reached and he wanted to take her right to the edge and let her look over the cliff. He listened for the safeword, while she sobbed and begged.

He stopped, he asked if she had learned her lesson. She said she had, but it was not convincing. He paddled her some more, then stopped and had her stand with her face to the door. He let her try to get control of herself, but he did not touch her, he did not console her, but offered her a Kleenex. He finally talked to her. He extracted promise after promise that she would keep her commitments, that she would try to change her behavior. He believed her. But he sealed her promise with more paddle licks that were no less severe than the previous ones. Then he held her while she cried.

Later when he removed her stockings and found the left one would not come off, she admitted she had put the ankle chain on just to foil his efforts. He appreciated her thought. He was glad he did not try to take them off before paddling her as it would have given her precious time to recover from the cane. So her scheme partially backfired on her. While she did not completely prepare herself for punishment, the punishment itself was more intense.

Vicki talks about vicki afterwards: I doubted the first two times would happen with you - and I certainly did not expect you going "all out" with me this last time. It really hurt.  I did collapse and it was for real.  It was probably the worst physical pain that I have ever felt.  And that's important: I felt it.  I don't remember feeling it before.  So, I ask myself, if you inflicted so much pain, why would I feel some sort of "gratification"?  The only answer I have is a male took the time and effort to try to understand and demonstrated that he was not intimidated by me.  I didn't "scare" him off, nor did he "walk out on me" when I desperately was needing to feel acceptance and human contact.  He took control and I didn't have to feel anything but safe... protected...and loved.  All that a "little girl" should have to feel.  Safe: because I no longer had to control the effects of life on the adult image.  Protected: because someone was "bigger and stronger" than me - such a one could keep me from the harm of others. Love:  because someone had "higher expectations" of me than just to consider me a "mistake" in their way "causing" their unhappiness.  Can you imagine the guilt involved in just existing when you're told by your mother that you were a "mistake"?  The guilt involved when you can do NOTHING to gain your parents' acceptance and love. The guilt involved when you can do nothing "right" and feel responsible for an adult's reactions!? Perhaps that's a key!  I was punished for a "false guilt" that had been thrust upon me.  A guilt for being alive and thinking I have nothing to offer anyone.

Love, Vickie 

PS This was the only time I played with a psychiatrist.

Saturday, April 1, 2017

Way Too Many Topics Today

Grab a cup of Joe and good luck making sense of all these thoughts

The Point of No Return
In an interview last week Ted Coppel said to Sean Hannity that he thought Hannity and his followers thought ideology was more important than facts. My jaw dropped, No it’s the other way around I told the TV. And that is the Great Divide. Both sides claim to be factual. But only one can be correct. Reminiscent of Daniel Patrick Moynihan famous bite Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts.

Now, before you tee off on me, we are not Hannity fans. And surely not Coppel fans.

My point is that both D and R claim the high ground and each fears the other. There is no chance for compromise. The division is as wide as that between Sunni and Shiites. It’s poisonous. There must be a way out, but I don’t have the vision to see it. The country has been split 50/50 many times before. During the American Revolution, half the people were either loyal to the Crown or did not want to pick a side.

Mr. Trump is getting the worst press of any President since the final days of Richard Nixon. The press is more partisan than principled.

The Future of the GOP Was Bright For A Time, Now Seems Dismal
Last weekend the Republicans engaged in a circular fire fight. The nation lost. I have no idea if the legislation was with merit or not. I do know that it was not explained any more than ACA was. Ryan did nothing to explain it. The always say no Freedom Caucus did not explain their objections. And the Dem’s were all too happy to sit on sidelines and enjoy the gunfight.

The full dimensions of the GOP’s self-defeat on health care will emerge over time, but one immediate consequence is giving up block grants for Medicaid. This transformation would have put the program on a budget for the first time since it was created in 1965, and the bill’s opponents ought to be held accountable for the rising spending that they could have prevented.

Medicaid is now the third-largest program in the federal budget and the fastest growing. Federal outlays are nearly three times higher today than in 2000.  Three Times!

Think it’s worth it? A New England Journal of Medicine study in 2013 found that Medicaid “generated no significant improvement” across measures like mortality, high blood pressure or diabetes compared to the uninsured.

The defeat of heath care reform almost fore-ordains that tax reform will be DOA. Freedom Caucus Members sit in safe seats and don’t need achievements to win re-election. They are almost happier in the minority where they can more easily vote no on everything. Damn them!

IF we are able to reduce tax rates and achieve regulatory reform, economic growth could hit 4% a year for the next couple of years. It will all be wasted, however, if the U.S. ends up in a 1930-style trade war.

What Health Care Would Have Done
It would have canceled insurance exchanges, halted and reversed Medicaid expansion, killed its taxes, and whacked its individual and employer mandates. It was a start.

Climate Change
Yes, our climate is changing. It was changing long before we started using coal. Man has contributed to the change in a minor way. There is nothing man can do ameliorate the change. Really nothing. The change will not be catastrophic. All the hoopla is nothing more that using a feigned crisis to regulate behavior. Yes, the swells want me to ride a bike or pay $8 a gallon for gas.

Cudo’s for rolling back the Obama energy generation restrictions. They did no good anyway. A year of U.S. reductions in 2025 would be offset by Chinese emissions in three weeks, says Rice University’s Charles McConnell.  It’s not enough though, energy plants take years to construct, companies remain leery that a future administration would put new plants out of operation.

Limited Government
I am for a limited Jeffersonian government. I don’t wake up and think what can I regulate, control or tax today. I want to be left alone to make my own mistakes while striving to attain my goals. I am unalterably opposed to anyone telling me how to live my life.

Marcus Aurelius
There are things you can control and things you can control. I think the progressives are worried about the things they can not control and seek laws and regulations in an attempt to alleviate their own worrying about things they can not control. Regulations are like a religion to some - an attempt at comfort in a world of uncertainty.

Michael Moore predicts the end of the human race because Trump reset the ridiculous regulations that would have forced all energy investment into green technology. Can some drive a stake into his heart.

“Barbra Streisand says she’s gaining weight because of Trump. Lena Dunham says she’s losing weight because of Trump. Really?

Roger Daltrey said Trump didn’t really win it—because Democrats threw it away by putting [Hilary Clinton] up. A dead dog would have won it against [her]

We would have voted for the dog.

Facts, Deal With Them

If you want to refute what someone has said, you need to do more than call them names. You need to establish your own bonafide's. I don’t claim to know it all. I maintain that my sources are accurate. If you think otherwise, cite your own sources.

Why I Am Writing
I write to help me glue together disparate thoughts. If it makes you think, great. It’s not necessary to agree with me. BTW, the number of eyeballs on these weekend posts are more than on spanking posts.