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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Go Cut A Switch

I was paddled throughout my school years in both public and private schools. That was no fun. At home, I got the switch from Mom. It was terrible. A paddling in school meant a switching at home. The usual routine was that I was sent to cut a suitable switch and remove any buds and branches. Then it was pants off. She held my arm with her left hand and put the switch to my legs. I could try to escape but all that happened was that we went around in a circle. In the summer, we were in shorts so it was not necessary to take anything off. I can recall one time my cousins were visiting. We were playing outside and my Mom and her sister sat on the patio drinking iced tea and talking. There was a switch on the table and whenever we got into a fight or the like a few strokes of the switch would take our minds off the disagreement.


For me, the switch is my ultimate fear. I have never had an adult fantasy to relive those childhood experiences.

With some reluctance, I have used the switch on two women, at their request. One thought it would help her quit smoking. While I smoked her bottom with a switch 2 or 3 times, she continued to smoke. The other woman was even more of a pain slut and heard about the smoking cessation program and wanted the same treatment. She enrolled and greatly reduced her nicotine intake. She wanted to continue being switched, begging for a switching. Given my background I was not keen to accommodate her, but from time-to-time, I would tear her legs up. One time, I took her for a walk in the woods to select some switches. She was near giddy with anticipation. Before we left the woods, I had her drop her jeans and gave her maybe a dozen or so licks. She thought I was done. Imagine her surprise when later that day, I had her lay over the bed and used four switches at one time on her legs. She was striped and the bark from the switches was all over the floor. She was quite proud of her stripes and showed them off, which pissed me off.

After writing this, I Goggled and found I had already written most of these words before, back in 2010. Oh well, I need a post as I posted two items last week that I had intended to post this week.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Compare and Contrast Forms of Spanking

More of we all so different. In their own words

I love erotic spankings, but they are not the stuff of fantasies. No, for me, it's the good old-fashioned, "you've been a naughty girl and now I'm going to teach you a lesson" scenario that makes my knees go weak and my tummy turn to butterflies.

Here are the elements of a real spanking that make it so much hotter:

1). Risk

In a real punishment spanking, the submissive is not in control (I'm using submissive rather than bottom, because, as I learned at Eroticon, a bottom IS in control of their spanking). Because the sub is not in control, the risk level goes up, and with it, the heat.

2). Shame/emotional content

If I am receiving a real punishment spanking, there will be emotions involved--remorse, shame, etc. This goes in hand with humiliation, but it's a slightly different shade. I don't know why, but both shame and humiliation play a huge role in making a spanking hot. In general, the emotional content bound to be present in a punishment spanking will naturally up the ante (now we're back to risk, above) and make it hotter.

Renee Rose

My HoH is a gentle man and doesn't like hurting me, so he tries to err on the side of caution. Usually, he stops a minute or two after I start really crying, but I could probably take much more. For me, a hard spanking is somehow easier to take once I start to cry, probably because I am more in acceptance of the fact that my naughty tush is getting tanned no matter what, and nothing I can do or say will change that. At times, the spanking will go on just long enough for me to start thinking of mean names for my husband and then stop. He always makes me look at him before deciding if I've had enough because if I'm still glaring or pouting back over I go. I can't hide my emotions!

From a DD blog, I did not record the name

…over and over: every night, in my husband's bed, used for his pleasure and precisely not for my own, degraded but made worthy by that very degradation, marked out most shamefully as his property.

From a DD blog, I did not record the name

I have spent and do spend most of my life being the one in control. Perhaps you have already gathered, that I am as much a control fiend as you are; I am just a little more subtle than you!  I love the power and hate it at the same time. I hate being the one that has to make all the decisions ALL the time....So to turn around and give that control over to someone else I trust, means so much to me!! You say that you get tired at the point where I am about to break.........but it's not necessarily the whacks on my bottom that leave me marked that gets to my's the control that someone TAKES from me!!! Tell me what to wear.......tell me what to me while I me as you order me to get on all'd be surprised at how submissive I can be in that kind of safe environment. But just because a man wants to TAKE it, doesn't mean I always trust enough to GIVE it. And to date....... I have never really given too much to anyone.

Perhaps I am NOT a "true" submissive. I LOVE and ADORE the power week you're the Dom.........the next week I am....but to find someone who can play both roles is very have no idea how many times I would have loved to have stopped you in mid sentence.........bend you over........ and paddle your fanny like you've never been paddled before!! You would be surprised at how many times I have used the massager/vibrator thinking about such things........ You are a rarity because I don't switch with anyone else.....haven't found anyone else that is stronger mentally than I am, so I can't go there with them.

As for the BDSM aspects of my play............ I don't need anything fancy. I love the spreader bar you made; the prayer bench went right to my head before I even got an opportunity to bend over it. And actually I would prefer to be tied up with ropes.....ties....etc. than any fancy wrist cuffs. And spanking would always have to be a part of the play. I am not into bondage, just for the sake of being tied up. That doesn't do anything for me. It's WHY I am being tied up that gets to me......

Okay so what does all of this really say.........I have lots of ideas for "good girl scenes" in my's one: First of all, we are going out to dinner. You tell me what I am going to wear - even down to which panties to put on. Throughout dinner you tell me what is going to happen to me when we get back. Not in full detail but in snippets. When we get back, I am given an OTK warm up spanking. Then ordered to go into the bedroom and take off my dress (leaving on my bra and panties) and wait. On the dresser are laid the implements of choice - a paddle, crop, cane and a switch. I am told to bend over the bed and you paddle me, first over my panties and then you remove them and paddle me on my bare bottom getting in some pretty hard licks. I stand up and remove my bra like I am told to do and then place my hands behind my head. You pick up the crop and tease me with it.......stroking my thighs, whacking my bottom and in between my legs. Then I am tied down with either the bed or prayer bench (!!!).........spreader bar placed to keep my legs apart........and my wrists are tied down...........You grab the cane and give it several whooshes through the air before it lands on my bottom. The cane is just the warm up for the switch..........after being caned and untie me and tell me to get on the bed on my back, legs bring out the the massager............and then I go from sub-space into outer space!!!!!!!!!!

And right now, I am headed to find my vibrator........I am a little turned on by all these naughty thoughts!!!

A submissive

More to our way of thinking

One of the themes of this blog is my struggle with the concept of punishment. I have embraced, rejected, embraced, and rejected the very idea of punishment. I have rebelled at the idea of naughty school girls, because in reality, they should have better guidance than a cane over wet panties. I have rebelled at the idea of domestic discipline - a marriage is a partnership, not an opportunity for abuse. I have even rebelled at the idea of tops and bottoms, dominants and submissives, because I welcome spanking but I have a say in what happens to me, in what is right and wrong for my body, my mind, my heart.

Abby Williams – The Little Red School House

Friday, February 21, 2014

Mature For His Age

The caption might be I Think This Can Be Arranged.

this can be arranged

I never wanted to be spanked by a teacher. But they sure wanted and did spank me.

Thursday, February 20, 2014


Do you recall sometime back that I asked to you remember the decor, the background, in one spanking picture taken at a party?

Here is another picture taken in the same place.Do you recall the prior post?


Love the hose.


Same place, another bottom, but the woman on the left has on the vest shown in the first picture.

We sure had some fine looking lasses and lads.

I am sure that Rollin Hand knows this place.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

In Praise of Hand Jobs

I confess, I have always enjoyed a hand job more than a blow job, so I must be missing a key part of male DNA. Never once have I wished for a woman with a flat head for a place to rest my beer while her talented lips envelope my cock. Not once. Perhaps I have double Y genes?

I think the reason for my preference is that conversation is difficult when the tongue is suppressed. I really enjoy dirty talk while Bacall strokes me. She can come up with new and original stories anytime.

Sometimes after she paddles me, we will lay in bed face-to-face and she will tell me a naughty story as she slowly stokes me. When she knows I am about to there, she quickens the pace and in seconds there is yet another happy ending.

I am often able to return the favor when her bottom is aflame. I mention things like I can always paddle her more and that she will have to take the licks. That usually results in her mouth opening wide, emitting a gasp and her hips arching up. After her first come, I enter her.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Spankable Bottoms Day

It’s been awhile since I have posted any eye candy featuring delectable spankable bottoms. Ain’t digital photography great?


Hose are always proper


and appreciated


She seems quite content awaiting what she wants


Sweet Cheeks

cutie145 copy

A good breakfast gets the day started right,

Friday, February 14, 2014

No Freaking Hearts

We don’t celebrate Valentine’s Day at mi casa. So I was going to continue the annual tradition of ignoring the day. Until I saw what Hermoine posted.

fat baby

No spankings here for eons. Both of us have had bronchitis. Bacall is over her bout and has been in the social swim all week and has neglected all housework. She felt bad enough about it yesterday that before she left she told me I should paddle her. I was feeling well enough and did so with gusto. Or so I thought. After about 15 minutes she said that she thought she needed some more. She left with a red bottom.

I have scheduled her on Saturday morning for more instruction.

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bacall’s List

I guess we are compatible as she pretty much copied my list.

1.Tortugua’s Pizza – the best deep dish in the world
2. Having Bogey cook a meal
3. Watching Doughton Abbey
4. Listening to Handel's Messiah
5. Listening to Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata
6. Spending time with friends and family
7.The life Bogey and I live
8. Military parades
9. Browsing the shelves of a large public library or a bookstore like Portland’s Powell’s
10.Long walks on the Oregon shore
11.Filling a shoebox with toys to send to overseas  Marines to give away
12.Filling another shoebox with jerky and the like for Marines to eat
13.Driving Jeep trails in Utah to see the rock formations
14. Entertaining
15.Watching hummingbirds feed/fight at our feeder
16. Watching a TV series or movie that make me laugh
17.Getting a back rub
18. Giving a paddling
19. Getting a paddling
20.Seeing the start of Spring
21.Watching a glorious sunset from one of my top favorite spots
22.Eating BBQ at Cooper’s in Llano
23. Steak at Perino’s in Buffalo Gap or Cowboy Dinner Tree
24. Eating Bogey's triple chocolate bunt cake
25.I love how Bogey takes care of me, especially my computer

I will take issue with her #9, as she goes straight to the fiction section. That is the one section I never venture to.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Some posts are easy

Hermione posted 54 things that made her happy, so all I needed to do was to copy, paste and edit. It was made easier since she likes some of the same things I do. Here, In no particular order, are things that make me happy.

  1. Tortugua’s Pizza – the best deep dish in the world 
  2. Blogging about spanking
  3. Trying new recipes. If it’s over my pay grade, Bacall can do it.
  4. Watching Doughton Abbey
  5. Listening to Handel's Messiah
  6. Having my blog mentioned on other blogs
  7. Living with Bacall 
  8. Military parades
  9. Browsing the shelves of a large public library or a bookstore like Portland’s Powell’s
  10. Long walks on the Oregon shore
  11. Filling a shoebox with toys to send to overseas Marines to give away
  12. Filling another shoebox with jerky and the like for Marines to eat
  13. Driving Jeep trails in Utah to see the rock formations
  14. When Bacall un-decorates the house after the holidays
  15. Watching hummingbirds feed/fight at our feeder
  16. Enjoying Boston Legal again
  17. Getting a back rub
  18. Giving a paddling
  19. Getting a paddling 
  20. Seeing the start of a new day
  21. Watching a glorious sunset
  22. Shooting a belt fed weapon
  23. Eating BBQ at Cooper’s in Llano
  24. Steak at Perino’s in Buffalo Gap
  25. The rare sighting of a tall woman in heels [I am 6’4”]
  26. Enjoying the quick wit of Neil Degrasse Tyson
  27. Making my triple chocolate bunt cake 
  28. Cutting this list in half. Another way of saying it does not take much to keep me happy.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Shopping For Undies

Not so long ago, Ronnie contributed the Brunch question Do you and partner go together to buy underwear to wear specifically for spanking? Do you go alone to choose them? Or does your partner select them for you?

The responses were underwhelming. I was appalled that a question so easy to answer was panned.

While Bacall buys some of her undies, we have always enjoyed shopping together.

This morning I saw these pictures and I think I now understand more about how men view shopping with their mates.

miserable-men-instagram-men-shopping-with-their-wives-and-girlfriends-11 miserable-men-instagram-men-shopping-with-their-wives-and-girlfriends-20

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Whole Lot of Shaking Going On

Republished as a public service from January, 2010. We are telling you that you will never know how great it can be if you have never used one of these.

Masturbation Can Be Fun, Even If You Are The Only One. That is or is something like the lyrics from a song in Hair. If you know it, you are old. Mutual masturbation can be fun a lot of fun too. Guess what we did this morning after warming each others backsides?

Vibrators are normally phallic shaped. They hum and tickle. They pulse and lunge. Some rotate and flash colored lights. Our favorite mechanical device looks like this. It’s an design intended for muscle massage. It works fantastically as a vibrator and it works on both genders equally well. It will cause an orgasm. You can try and fight it, but it will get you.

sunbeam oster

You slip your fingers through the springs you see on the bottom and your whole hand becomes a vibrator. For men, the hand wraps around in the usual way. There is really no need for the hand to move. For women, we have found that cupping the whole hand over the vagina works well. Start with a light pressure and when she screams and her hips come off the mattress - press harder. Those with an ultra sensitive clitoris may find direct contact uncomfortable, so take care until you have experimented a few times. 

Bacall likes it for one or two orgasms and then she wants the real deal. Afterwards she says all of her skeletal bones melt.

Google Oster Stim-U-Lax Massager to find one for yourself. I saw one on Amazon for $86. If you think that is pricey, consider it uses 15 watts. A battery powered vibrator uses less than a watt. The difference between 1 and 15 watts is HUGE. We keep ours hooked up ready to go under the bed plugged into an extension cord.

One caveat, if you have small hands, it can slip off your hand.  Use gravity to your advantage.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014


I was chatting online with a young lady about spanking. We are of like minds, simpatico, in how we view spanking. That is it’s sexy, it feels good, we don’t need to act out to be spanked and we both switch. No thoughts of meeting her as she is younger than our daughter and lives a country away from us.

I volunteered that I could not enjoy a spanking if I did not have an erection. Without a boner it would be pain. Somehow the sexual excitement converts the pain to pleasure. I am a hedonist. I want pleasure.

This presents a little problem. I am old school. I consider it crude to display one’s wiener, unless it’s a) for consensual sex or b) a spanking where the woman is comfortable with it because she knows the man is excited by the upcoming spanking and is that the man is not expecting a).

She said she was always took an erection as a compliment, not as a expectation. Good on her.

A woman that enjoys this type of spanking and with this mindset is rare. I was going to reply to her, but decided I would post about it and let her read it here. I will call it my ideal spanking encounter with a woman other than my wife. I would not exclude Bacall, in fact it would be even better with her there. I will keep this to F/M, tho since she is a switch, I expect I would be warming her bottom also. But, we will leave that for another time.

I like to dress for a spanking and I expect the spanker to do likewise. I want some preliminary conversation. An hour or more of talking about what we like and don’t like. At some point, I would want for her to show me the paddle she is going to use – to hold it in her hand, smiling, as she describes how she is going to paddle me.


This would also be good time to divest clothing. She would have me take off everything but my panties. Boy shorts are ideal to hold the equipment and provide an unprotected bottom. Of course, the panties would allow her to see what effect all this is having on me. And that is important, because if deflation happened for whatever reason, I would want to take a break.

I would want her to shed some clothes, but not everything. You know I am a lingerie freak, so something like this would be ideal.

fm385 fmlap035 fmlap176

Or since I am so attracted to thighs.

fmlap047 fmlap149

By this time, I would most ready to bend over and take my licks. I would expect her to swing the paddle with enthusiasm and her aim would be perfect. The crack of the paddle would be loud and I would recoil from it. She would give me a few seconds to recover and push my bottom out for the next lick.

Sorry, if there no titillation in this for you, but there sure would be for me.