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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Friday, June 29, 2012

Best Lines While OTK

These may not all be up to the ad lib’s by Erica, but I offer them for your enjoyment.

“Now remember, I'm very delicate today”

“Why don't you save yourself for later?”

"You call that a spanking?"

"Have you started yet?".

"You're making a BIG mistake! Huge!"

"How 'bout a ham sandwich?"

Looking at the carpet: "I gotta get that new vacuum cleaner..."

"Are you sure you wanna do this? 'Cause if you're at all in doubt...?"

"Okay. What's in it for me?"

"You call that a spanking? My butt has hurt more standing on a crosstown bus!"

"What? You wanted my attention, too?!"

"Have you started yet?"

SMACK! "One."

SPANK! "Two."

WHACK! "Buckle my shoe."

When a Shadow Lane party attendee paused to change implements, the young lady brightly inquired "What time does the buffet start?"

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Lingerie - II

lingerie - panties88

Oh My, so spankable

playing the game

Playing The Game

Waiting for Bogey

Waiting For Bogey

FYI, We remain in a digital dark zone. When we get “in the light”, we upload a week of posts.

Monday, June 25, 2012

First Spankings – The Game

This is from another Blog. I neglected to note which one. It reminds me of the spankings that my dates provoked when I was a teen. I did not know it was a game then. I did not dream of spanking then as I came to do in my late teens. They crossed a line, it was up to me to spank them.
I have always provoked the spanking, it's never unjustified. My innate female bitchiness causes my lover to say, very quietly, "All right now, that's enough!" I say "Don't order me around" and he replies "You're asking for a good spanking". I answer "I'd like to see you try it!' in a very taunting manner.
At this point he grabs me, grasps both hands firmly behind my back, pulls down my panties, turns me over onto his knee and traps my kicking legs between his.
Back then I was more interested in traditional amorous activities than spanking. With her skirt was up and her panties down or off, that came naturally. I wonder now if sex was a reward for spanking them?
What makes this odd, is that I spanked almost every girl I dated more than once. I wonder if I brought out something in them without being conscious of it?
I have no memories of dreaming of spanking girls until I was 19. That was also the same time that I suddenly wanted to be spanked.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Short Shorts – Round Two

short shorts11_thumb

In celebration of summer, today we devote ourselves to studying denim.

short shorts44_thumb

short shorts55_thumb

sweet cheeks_thumb

Sweet Cheeks

Have a wonderful weekend

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Up The Stairs - III

Continuing the theme of women on stairs.

Stairs are a popular location for pre-spanking pictures. Perhaps because it shows off their bottoms.

up the stairs7

I would pass on the bath brush

up the stairs8

A nice looking paddle

up the stairs9

Another nice paddle. Points off for the tat.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Paddled To A Polka

From the title you can see that Bogey and I are weird - we like polka's, (and accordions).  I have been feeling really sassy the last two days.  Yesterday there were too many chores to do, so I could just be sassy and feel immune from the paddle.  We were sitting outside and Bogey brings out the batten knowing that I can't help but focus on it.  He put it on the table and I look at it and I look at the bushes next to me and think what a wonderful place for the batten.  Finally I tell him what I am thinking of doing, but am not giving in to those thoughts.  You would think that he would be so proud of me being such a good girl.

Of course, Bogey never forgets sassiness.  Still feeling sassy this morning, I continue having fun until my fun time is over.  He pulls out my paddle and I look at it and tell him I'm not scared of that little paddle.  Now this is the time that he should sympathize with me for completely losing my mind, especially when I take the paddle and put it in the trash can.

paddle - hers

Paddle to the Trash

I digress here for a moment.  We went to Oregon several years where Myrtlewood trees grow.  The grain of the wood is beautiful so while we were shopping, we picked up a small cheese board with a handle, knowing full well it would never be used as a cheese board.  How anything that beautiful can sting so much is amazing.

paddles - myrtlewood

The Myrtlewood Terror

Back to the present - Bogey pulls out the Myrtlewood paddle and give me a dozen or hard swats with it.  Wow it stung and I can still feel it at this moment!  At that point, sanity returns and I get the paddle out of the trash can (which was empty by the way).

KSQM is playing a very peppy polka and I am on my knees, so I am moving my bottom to the music.  Suddenly I realize that the paddling has stopped.  That's not a good sign.  So I stop keeping time to the music and get a few more pops.  But the music is so peppy, what can I do but start moving my bottom again.  Uh oh, I'm in trouble again!  I just don't know why I keep asking for trouble.  Then the batten comes out and I get it between my legs.  Now I am moving to a different tune. 

After all is said and done, is the sassiness gone - who knows.  Stay tuned in the next few days and find out.

PS: I had showed her Erica’s recent post the day before this. Bacall remarked that she and Erica would get in trouble together.

Unlike Erica, she apologized to her paddle for placing it in the trash can. It did take more than a few more pops for the paddle to accept that it was a sincere apology.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Spanking Pictures


is that all you have

The expression on her face seems to say “Is that all you have?”


I love this old picture. Snug fitting stirrup pants.  You can even see the outline of her panties.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


All different topics today.

top shelf

My Kind of Top Shelf

self spanking

Poor dear, she may need some assistance. I love to watch Bacall paddle herself. I would bet we have all paddled ourselves at sometime or another.


You know who, showing off an easy to build stock. Cut a 2x4 in half. Make holes for the hands. Put a hinge on one end. Shock cord on the other end. Believe me, she will be secure. You can put a threaded insert in the bottom of the stock and another one in the railing of your deck for outside fun.

uncle wayne

Our all time fav spanking video, Uncle Wayne’s Woodshed. She has a smart mouth and he has a wide strap. We would like a wood shed with a large log with bark stripped off.



Monday, June 11, 2012

Presenting Your Bottom

It’s no secret that OTK is the favorite spanking position for both tops and bottoms. Regular readers know that it’s my least favorite position when I am on the bottom. However, it’s rates high with Bacall when she is topping.

We both find it to be self-satisfying to present our bottoms in best position for the paddle. Bacall likes to be on her knees on a low couch so she can rest her arms on the back of the couch. She arches her back and pushes her bottom back in prefect position to receive the paddle.


OTOH, some like to be told to assume the position and they take a lot of commands before they finally are in position. I suppose that the slow submission could be part of the thrill for them, just as much as Bacall likes to present her bottom perfectly to start with.

I am like Bacall in that I find it erotic to bare myself and bend over, arch my back, stick it out and try to hold position after each lick. But, sometimes, she gets me wiggling around.






Friday, June 8, 2012

Short Plaid Skirts

By special request, here are three pictures for Michael.

In the first, we find a lass bound over a spanking bench. Goodness knows what may have already happened to her or what is about to happen to her.

short plaid skirt87

The second picture is of Kitty.

short plaid skirt5

If you are not familiar with Sweet Surrender, do yourself a favor and stop by.

And finally, and this is the very last one in the vaults, a young lass with lace on her skirt facing a hard wooden paddle.


If anyone wants to see more short plaid skirts, someone will have to send them to me.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Just Bottoms

First off, it’s nice to see a few more followers. Hope you continue to like what you read/see here.

Like Spanky at Bright Bottoms says, this Blog attempts to share in my droll humor a perspective on things I don't understand and those that I think that I do.  Maybe you can be the one to explain it all to me.


I wonder if she will write us when she sees this? Nah.


Bubble Butt



She is always up for a paddling. And I am always up to paddling her. Here with a special spoon.

Monday, June 4, 2012


make my day

What you want to see laying out when you get home.



That’s a BIG Tennessee paddle.



I always like to see a gal holding a paddle.



Sometimes the picture is ambiguous. Is the paddle for her or whoever is behind the door? Frilly socks make me think it’s for her.



I even like it when she is holding a paddle to use on me.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Up The Stairs - II

Continuing the theme of women on stairs.

This is popular location for pre-spanking pictures. Perhaps because it shows off their bottoms.

up the stairs4

I would have to paddle that scowl off her face before she could paddle me.

up the stairs5

A seemingly capable young woman

up the stairs6

Now that is a paddle!