Foolishness since 2007

Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, March 29, 2010

In Position, Awaiting the Strap

Most of the Blogs of late have had nothing much of interest to me. So I thought I would do my part to make your day better by posting this picture, It sure works for me.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Another Lazy Day Here

The other evening I promised Becall a thigh fry the next morning. I didn’t forget, I just got busy and suddenly it was lunch time and then there were errands to run. So that evening she told me I would be in her new black panties bent over for the paddle in the morning. And so I was.

It was a typical Becall paddling. 10 with the heavy principal’s paddle and another 10 with the lighter bottom scorcher paddle.
These two paddles.

I see the Blog is getting twice as many hits the last two months as this time last year.

That’s all the news from here. Posts may be less frequent for the next few weeks, as we will be traveling in the back country.

Friday, March 19, 2010

A Really Odd Partner

I am flat out making fun of the guy in this picture. Our daughter would have never looked twice at anyone dressed like he is.
An odd couple for sure. Totally incongruent.

He is not even holding the belt correctly. What Bozo's paired these two for a spanking photo shoot?

Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's All Consensual

Regular reader Michael wrote: So how good does it get? - let's see -your partner enjoys being spanked by you, likes you to use a paddle on her bottom, enjoys paddling you whilst you wear panties and girdles, doesn't mind light bondage and allows you to use a pussy whip on her! Let me know your lottery numbers sometime, as obviously the gods have smiled on you in life.

We do have it good. And we are damn pleased we have each other.

All we do is 100% consensual. Becall tells me what she wants and how she wants it. Certainly not every time, but often enough so that I don't get sidetracked. She wants Her paddle, not any of mine. She likes everything we have made of leather, especially including the floggers. She like the batten on her inner thighs, And yes, the pussy whip. Part of her force fantasy is light bondage. We have wrist and ankle cuffs, plus a spreader bar. It's all fun for her.

I do the same -she knows I like about a dozen with the principal's paddle, followed by another dozen or so with a stingy paddle.

We each try to get what we want in this life.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Pussy Whipped

We have an early marriage picture of Becall dressed this way, long blonde hair, black garter belt and hose, with her bubble butt shown just so. We did not have a pussy whip then. I need to get ours out and remind Becall how good it feels.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Little Light Bondage

Becall likes a little light bondage. When I can remember, I try to satisfy her need.

This picture illustrates the lightest of light - a string binds her hands. She watches the sands of time awaiting her time with the crop.

I wish I could imitate the wonderful lighting in this picture.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Relaxing under an overcast sky

The paddlings continue here. Becall asked for a Good Girl last week and was pleased to oblige her. It had been several weeks since she asked for the batten, so I decided it surprise her with it. A few days later she told me I needed a good sorting out. I am now well sorted. Got the batten too.

I see that enlistment in all of the military services is up due to the lack of jobs in the private sector. I wonder if this also accounts for the recent increase in the number of women now accepting pay to be spanked.

Better Birthdays - Go to to find out what you can get free on your big day at restaurants and other retailers. (those cheek-reddening "Happy Birthday" waiter serenades vary from establishment to establishment of course)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wet Bottom Paddlings

If you have never had one, I can attest that the effect of the water substantially increases the sting. I have heard arguments about the physics of it. I don’t know about that, but on the practical side - it works.

I have given more of them than I have gotten and each of the lasses was impressed with the effect - as in GD it, that stings like a swarm of hornets.

The first swat of the paddle displaces most of the water, so by the third swat, the effect is greatly diminished. I think the best way to do it is with a third person who uses a water mister to replace the water after each swat. And everyone is going to get wet.