Foolishness since 2007

Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Panties and Such

We posted two months that we had both gotten some new panties. Actually very light control girdles. We have enjoyed working our way through them – different colors and styles. Amazing how much fun we can have with some Lycra.

On Panties and Spanking

One of the first degrees of modesty a young girl learns is to not show
her panties, especially when boys are around. The training begins before she acquires any of the societal sexual taboos. it's
explained as something that "good girls don't do".

As she becomes sexually aware she is conflicted, her body wants her
panties off, but the now deeply instilled values demand they be
retained on - until Mr. Right comes along.

Girls love to decorate themselves not only with jewelry and makeup,
but with lingerie - with panties that more than utilitarian. They like
to wear panties that are designed to be seen in, yet they hide them -
except from Mr. Right.

I love to exploit this internal conflict – to show them, to not show them. I like to lean on the guilt and accommodate the desire.

Once the panties are in view, the game is only half over. She may feel naughty for allowing her panties to be seen, as they are covering that
which she has known since she was a girl is to be kept hidden. panties white

Funny how a piece of cloth can be so important.

How to remove them?
1) While OTK, and her face is hidden I can take them down, sparing
2) I can remove them while she is standing in front of me. Perhaps
with her hands on her head.
3) I can have her remove them while standing in front of me.
4) As above, but slowly roll them down.
5) Remove them completely and hand them to me.
6) As above, just before we leave for dinner.

And once down, it lecture time, just standing there bare assed and

Monday, December 28, 2009

School Paddling Party

This year our New Years’s Eve annual fund raiser will be a paddling party at the school. That’s right, you can paddle and get paddled and raise money for the school at the same time.
Want to be paddled by a teacher? Gals: maybe that dreamy science teacher that you tried to get to paddle you in the 9th grade. Guys: How about Miss Strickland the girls physical education teacher? Make an early appointment.

Want to paddle your neighbor? Just negotiate a generous donation with her.
The lounge will be reserved for switching couples. Everyone there will be in panties and there will be both m/f and f/m paddling.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas

Yes, we say Merry Christmas and we mean it.

We feel good that our little Blog has had such varied posts in the last three months. We did not set out to do it, it’s just the way it happened.

We are going to take the rest of the week off.  We hope that you and yours will enjoy the spirit of the season.


merry christmas

Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Santa Spoon

One of our Christmas traditions is honor the days before Christmas by giving and taking swats with a custom made and painted Santa spoon. Here’s Becall toasting a friend.


Today it was five licks. Stop by for your licks.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Let It Hang Out?

I saw this on Tickle My Bum.

I have this question concerning spanking etiquette. Should a man wear a thong which leaves his butt exposed, but contains his penis when he is being spanked? 

I saw in the protocols of one spanking organization, that they suggested the use of thongs at spanking parties.

This has been the custom at the parties we have attended for both males and females who were spanked in public areas.

In a private session with a new partner, I would think an agreement would be reached ahead of time.

I wear a thong sometimes when Becall is paddling me, especially when she is using the ruler on the front of my thighs. A mistake can hurt. Plus somehow the thong puts me in the proper frame of mind.

While on underwear, a fav topic with us; Becall stumbled on these Bjorn Borg briefs while surfing the other day.

bjorn borg2 bjorn borg1

Not quite our cup of tea, but they would win a be seen in the dark contest. And yes, they have them for the gals also

Wear a pair to your next spanking party. Why are panties/briefs a pair?

Bjorn Borg also has Lucky Underwear – to improve your chances. I will let you find them.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Nothing of import to write today. Come to think of it you will never find much of importance here. How about a picture that expresses a bit a of Christmas cheer? Here’s something I would like to find under the tree.


Fantasy over, it’s time to get ready to play.

Monday, December 14, 2009

What We and This Blog Are About

christmas_fanny As it says above “We don't spank for punishment or discipline or any reason other than to supercharge sex. Getting our bottoms toasted sexually arouses us.”

There are no subs or bosses to be found here. We both like to feel a burn in our backsides. We both enjoy putting a burn in the others backside. Sometimes, we both want it, so we paddle each other in the same session.

We understand this is rare, but it’s what we enjoy.

Our best to you. And enjoy the holidays.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

So you want your wife to spank you?

Several times in the life of this Blog, men have commented that they admire my good fortune in meeting a woman like Becall who enjoys spanking.

I agree I am lucky to have Becall, but not just for that reason. Besides, there are MANY women who want their bottoms paddled.

I did not declare to Becall my fascination with spanking until after we were married. Sure I gave her playful pops from time-to-time, but I was not honest with her before we said our vows. So if I am lucky, it is that she turned out to share my interest.

I suppose any rational person would agree that a spanking interest is something that should be discussed before marriage. I wonder how often it is done?

So you did not mention it before marriage and now her interest in spanking you does not match your interest in bending over. What can be done?

I am positive that more men could get spanked by their wives, if 1) they would go about it in a straight forward way. Write her a letter and let her know exactly what floats your boat. Keep in mind that women know more about role play than you ever will. While you were smashing your GI Joe’s with a hammer, she was playing house and her dolls were stand in’s for some very complex adult characters that sometimes needed a spanking.

2) Do something for her that she wants. I don't mean furs and jewelry or even chocolates and flowers. You will have to think beyond tangible gifts. "What does she really want?" It could be she would like to spend more time with her Mother or have you cook a meal once in awhile. It will have to be something that you should have been giving her all along if you were not so selfish. Oh yeah, it can not be quid pro quo. This has to be something that you do and never ever mention, much less ask for something in return. You just do it with love.

After you have done this thing for a while, I would be surprised if she did not spank you more often. You did write that letter didn’t you?

Try it and see if you get to this situation.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Waiting Is the Hardest Part

Tom Petty’s lyrics don’t have anything at all to do with percussive sports; but waiting for a promised spanking can really mess with the mind.

I know when I was sentenced to a paddling in school, the apprehension of what was to come filled my mind. It did not matter if the paddling was to happen within minutes or hours later, the waiting was always difficult. OK, maybe not as difficult as the actual paddling.

Becall likes to ponder a paddling for a day or so. It gets her panties moist thinking about it.

One of my favorite images is this one of Paula Meadows. While the picture is vanilla, you and I both know she is reflecting on her pending spanking.

waiting paula meadows

As an adult, the anticipation of a spanking is totally different from what we experienced as a youth. Now we want a spanking and waiting is just part of the fun. But, I would like to have the experience of those butterflies in my stomach just one more time.


Sitting bare bottom next to the paddle, waiting.


A little chat, with her panties down, before she is spanked.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Little Bit of Fun

This couple, Ivan and Susan, enjoy spanking like we do.

They have four videos at Spanking Tube. Drift over and see if this is your cup of tea.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Yours Anonymously

In the last week there have been three comments asking questions. Since they were posted anonymously, there was no way to respond, except by another comment, which I thought was not a good way to correspond.

We always welcome on-topic comments and we will respond to any questions sent by email.

So if you want a response, be sure your email address is set to display.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Paddles and Panties

Think Pink has a delightful Youtube video showing the products of Paddles and Panties. A very attractive and well dressed woman shows off panties and takes paddle licks. It was a nice wake up video.

Disclaimer, we have no association with the vendor. But, we have always said that paddles and panties go together.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Paddling on Flickr

She takes 15 hot ones

Stevie’s Spanking

    In this song from the early 80’s, Zappa documents actual events which transpired between Steve Vai and Laurel Fishman as they were reported to Zappa at a breakfast meeting the following morning.

    Laurel Fishman (the female subject of the song) is a groupie that had followed Zappa from the late 1960s onwards. This song is one of many in Zappa's repertoire that pokes fun at his bandmembers' sexual encounters with groupies.

His name is Stevie Vai,
And he's a crazy guy
Last November, I recall,
He needed a spanking

He decided then
A female specimen
Would be exciting for a night
To give him a spanking

Laurel was her name
She came to Notre Dame
He told me just the other night
He oughta be thanking
Her for the spanking

She was large and soft
And she beat him off
Made him drool upon his dork
And gave it a wanking

After the spanking
Hair brush!
(Ah . . . a hair brush!)
Oh! What a hair brush!
(Hey, Frank, it's a hair brush!)
(It's not that he requires grooming!
(Honey . . . Wah! Splash!)
Guys with light blue hair never did!)

Then did she exclaim:
"There's another game
That we can play with this device,
And then a banana!"

It was slightly green
Vapors in between
Rising up to fill the room
And cook the banana

She said it was dry
"Stevie won't you try
To drool a little drool on it
And grease the banana"

Later in the dawn,
Laurel carried on
She got right up and dressed herself and
Ate the banana

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The No Name Resort

The facility is set in the coastal trees and meadows, with a view of the ocean. The rooms are large and set in small groups in buildings scattered around the grounds.


Like most resorts, there is a pool and tennis courts, you can get a seaweed facial or a Shiatsu massage. But this resort offers services of a different nature as well. At the customers request, after the whole body message, a spanking can be administered, leaving a glow on the bottom in addition to the muscles. The resort has  a "full disciplinary staff". Guests might hear the sound of a paddle being applied to the bare bottom of an exhibitionist, taking a spanking over a spanking horse in the garden, only partly shielded by a hedge. 



For those with more private tastes, an appointment can be arranged with a staff disciplinarian, like Angela, for a in-room session.



About Our Accommodations

All rooms are large suites with a private courtyard. There is a formal garden and pool for each group of suites enclosed within a 10-foot brick wall.

bondage dungeon




All rooms are equipped with numerous and conveniently located eye straps and hooks on the walls and ceiling.





20021013046 debbie




Each room has a kneeling bench.




Special Decor Rooms

the paddle

The Principal’s Office  The outer office has a secretary who will embarrass you about the paddling you are going to get and then further embarrass you by witnessing your paddling. The inner office has a large wood desk to lean over, an equally large paddle and a principal who has a terrific forehand.




Adolescent Rooms - For those who miss parental discipline or for those who never got it - one each in pink and blue and two suites for troublesome teens.







Spankers and Spankees of both sexes are available for play. Appointments are made with the concierge.

One of our experienced staff, like John, can accommodate your unique needs.








Enjoy our trails and many outdoor activities






bottom so_many_and_only_two_hands


Each evening, during the complimentary cocktail hour in the courtyard, spanking games are conducted.



20040829119 debbie



All of the young men and women who serve the guests in the public areas wear tight white shorts or thong bikinis.





Teach me a lesson ruler




Our gift shop has a full complement of implements. Any may be used or “experienced” prior to purchase.





Call now to make your reservation

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Search Terms

According to the statistics captured by Stat Counter, the phrases that most often lead to this Blog are “spanking parties” and “spanking party”. Interesting as that is not a major topic here.

In a close second is the phrase “our bottoms burn”.

“paddled at school” is in third place. “f/m spanking” and “forced to wear panties” are tied at fourth place.

We could increase “hits” if we wrote posts to match these topics. But hits are not our goal. We are not selling anything here, so the number of eyeballs does not enter the equation of what to write. We just write what’s on our minds.

We could increase visits by using phrases like “hot wet Asian teens”, etc. But since we don’t write about those things, it would be dishonest to bring those with such interests here.

Activity has tripled since Spanking Universe listed us. I guess that is a good thing? I note that the number of Followers has also increased since Spanking Universe listed us.

For a topic, how about a spanking party at a school? Everyone is forced to wear panties and there would both m/f and f/m paddling. Sign me up.

We welcome new readers. We hope the content is of interest to you. We invite your comments. If you have something to say privately, you may write us at mybottomburns at