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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, December 22, 2008

We need more Real Men

One of the first films I recall is John Ford’s “The Searchers” made in 1956 starring John Wayne. The image of him standing in the doorway in the last scene burned into my young mind. This was a real man, who went his own way, imperfect; but always trying to do the right thing.

The 60’s changed a lot of people, myself included. The turmoil gave birth to a new generation of “progressives”. It also killed off the real men, first in Hollywood and then across the country. We no longer have the John Wayne’s, Robert Mitchum’s, Paul Neuman’s, heck even big Clint has gone wobbly.

What’s this got to do with spanking? What woman wants to be spanked by a guy in too big sweats with a ball cap on backwards?

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas


A hairbrush is the implement most commonly associated with American style spanking. They are a fixture in every household and traditionally most purses. Being so handy, they have lighted up the backsides of misbehaving children. Surveys, say they remain the most popular implement for adult spanking, for either males or females.

Becall and I escaped the hairbrush as kids. Her Mother was a devotee of “go cut a switch” and then having her bend her over her bed and switching the backs of her legs. Ouch!

At home, I also got the switch and occasionally a belt on the legs. I got paddled in every grade first through tenth.

Given this background, I was strangely an aficionado of the paddle and wanted Becall to paddle me and of course, I wanted to paddle her. It took me years to understand that Becall can only enjoy wood once she is warmed up with leather. We did not know about leather until we had been together for 20 years. The Internet educated us.

We tried a few hairbrushes over the years, but none were effective. They were either wimpy or thudy. Becall got a vanity set for high school graduation, which included a hairbrush. It’s not wood or plastic, but some man made material that makes it a 10 on the thud scale. But it is silent and we used it from time-to-time when noise was a concern.

One day, Becall saw a Vidal Sasson brush that looked like it would work. At the checkout, the clerk remarked how good it was for spanking and thought should be used on me. We bantered back and forth for a few minutes and then she must have realized how much she had admitted and sealed her lips.

Let me tell you, this hairbrush works. After it’s first use on her, Becall declared it off limits. And so for years, it was used for brushing her hair. Last year, I had her bring it to me and I whacked her a few times with it, before she said that I should feel it. Lordy, Lordy, was she ever right, that sucker set me on fire. I put it aside for a future play date and told her she should paddle me hard and fast over the knee, just like I was a kid. As you know, she loves me over her knee and she likes to pop me hard and fast and get me wiggling around. So she had an agreeable time and I found out what a bona fide hair brushing feels like. I prefer a paddle thank you very much.

Friday, December 12, 2008

OK, lets try again

Have both of my readers vanished? I thought a few readers would post clever captions for the two gals with a paddle. None, Zero, Zilch.

OK, let's try again. What or who is the couple looking at?

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Monday, December 8, 2008

a reason for wanting to be spanked

I read in the mainstream press that percussive play is practiced by over 40% of Americans. The reason given is that repetitive swats to the bottom excites nearby sexual centers.

Using the word in the British sense, I reply, Right.

Spanking can be delightful; it can elect a warm inner glow, a feeling of floating and more. But, I submit that is not the reason many of us live for it. [Thinking as a bottom right now] Like most of us, I was fascinated with spanking long before I knew that it could feel so good. I was hooked on spanking before I was first spanked. I got the paddle, all through school. And I hasten to inform you not a single paddling was pleasurable - to me anyway. Nevertheless, like you, I looked up all the spanking words in dictionaries and I spanked almost every one of my dates and there were many.

I have lived all my life wondering why spanking is so much a part of my life. How did I morph what was painful punishment into something that became so enjoyable? Why are those schoolboy paddlings most wanted so many years later? I don’t know. But the repetitive swats theory does not hold water for me. I don’t want to be punished, but I want a paddling of sufficient nature that someone that did not know it’s real purpose might term it punishment. If they did not see my stiffie that is. [Grin]

At least the women that want a DD, D/s, HOH. Master/slave or whatever relationship have it in their minds that they want to be spanked when they step over the line. That is some reason. I don’t have one.

How about you? Do you have a reason for wanting to be spanked?

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Spanking Party Skits

We have attended a few spanking parties over the years. For us, one highlight has always been the skits the gals put on. As groups mature, the skits decline, but it seems that in new groups or ones where new folks out number the old, the gals enjoy putting on uproarious skits; the sole purpose being that they get spanked.

These women would never think to showing themselves off elsewhere, but at a spanking party it seems like the thing to do. Having their skirt flipped up is always to their delight. And it’s done in front a roomful of people they may have only just met. The laughter and hijinks always make me fall down laughing.

Such skits are not something I have ever seen men do. Maybe we are the real prudes?

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Play Time

It had been a week without play or even sex. I was randy and needy. Becall calmed me down. She used a leather slapper on my legs. Then a dozen with the principals paddle, followed by another dozen with the stingy pine paddle.

She is having surgery this week, so we don't know when we will "be in the mood" again.

This is punishment?

If anything, spanking interests are diverse. Her are the words of two brats who are in DD relationships and what they do to get punished.

He came home with a cane. He told me that I'd feel it the next time I was a bad girl. I was able to behave for almost two weeks before curiosity got the better of me. That first time he gave me six stripes and I cried and begged him to stop, but I never said the safe-word, and I would've been severely disappointed if he had relented.

I decided it was time to test his resolve...I teased and goaded and cheeked and bratted and pushed my luck too far....
He decided enough was enough, and spanked me, ....the artillery came out! belt, wooden spoon, paddle.... I was determined to stay the course, and he finished up with a hand spanking that was harder than I could have imagined, along with the lecture; my ass wanted to pack and leave town!
He was wonderful...and psychic, because just as I was about to say the safeword, he stopped and held me tight...I don't doubt now that he is more than a match for me.... I love that man so much...

We are alike, we are all so different.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Pink Panty Day

To really enjoy them, Becall likes to get her mind right for a spanking. She will fix on something and turn it over in her mind for at least a day. I think it is like marinating meat.

Two days ago she told me she would be wearing pink panties for her next spanking. In my male mind that is all I need to know, spanking and pink panties. This morning, it not only pink panties, but a pink bra, pink blouse and frilly socks. She also had on jeans, but those were quickly dispensed with.

I had not used a belt on her in sometime, so that is what I started with. She was having one of her low tolerance days, but I told her to suck it up, as I intended to redden her bottom. She did and I did. I used my belt, leather paddle, pussy whip, wooden paddle, pussy whip, wooden paddle, pussy whip and a final toasting with our red paddle.

I took her from behind and enjoyed the heat from her bottom. Not a bad Saturday morning.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bedroom Submission

If you got to know us you would most probably describe us as having dominate personalities. We would agree with that and it’s been long-established by more than a few personality tests. Becall pulls it off with more polish, while I am more of the knuckle dragging Airborne type.

I have spanked nearly a hundred women, most of whom were self-described submissives. Almost all of them had poor self-image. I mention this only to contrast Becall and I with them. We are dominates with positive self images who enjoy being spanked and who can infrequently get into a zone we call bedroom submission. We do not go in the bedroom submissive and we don’t leave it submissive. The state lasts for 5 to 15 minutes and then poof.

It’s rare in our percussive play that we can get into a submissive headspace. When we can, it makes the whole session a lot more enjoyable. Becall is able to get her mind there a few times a year. I always know it, as she tells me to paddle her hard and her orgasms are longer and more intense. I don’t know what allows me to get submissive; I just know when I am there. I have been paddled and she is talking to me about what she is about to do and I feel myself giving up all control to her.

We would be interested in hearing your take on bedroom submission

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Old Days

I was cleaning out a closet today and "found" a VHS tape of Becall and I when we were young and trim. We were early adopters of video cam technology. Of course, we used it record some of our play sessions. The tape has several paddling sessions on it, most of me being paddled and two of Becall bending over. We lost some sessions by leaving the tape in and allowing SNL to be taped over.

What I enjoyed most about seeing the tape was the look of joy on Becall’s face while she paddled me.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Love Our Lurkers Day

The most popular Blog for spanking enthusiasts, My Bottom Smarts, whose name this humble Blog adopted and corrupted without shame or guilt, has called for the third Love Our Lurkers Day. Becall and I encourage both of our readers to post to as many spanking Blogs as you like. The experience will be self-rewarding. And we would really like to hear from you.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The day after

Is this the only spanking blog with switches? I find it hard to believe we are the only couple who mutually enjoy recreational spanking. If you know of another blog like this one, please send us a link to it.

Surely there are as many men who enjoy being spanked as there are women who are fond of a hot bottom. However, there are far fewer women who will spank a man than the other way around. Women relish the submissive mode and find it hard to be dominate, even in play, to please a man.

I went to Spanked Hubby the other day. When he started his blog he often had some good artwork. That was then. I see he has talked his wife into meeting other couples so they can share disciplinary practices. I find it rather funny that he has to hide his enjoyment of being spanked behind a punishment fa├žade. I do something bad, she will spank me for it, she will think she has helped our relationship, I will get turned on and get laid.

We do it a bit differently. The other day Becall decided we would have a joint paddling session. I have heard of joint task forces, etc. but this sounded like fun. How did it work out? Pretty good I would say. We both got the spanking we wanted and then enjoyed sex.

Spanked Hubby has a penchant for privacy. Fine. I am trying to fit that with his having his wife take pictures of him buck naked on Lo Jolla beach. We want to see the bare ass and limp johnson of a 60 year old man?

From time-to-time we meet other couples that say they enjoy spanking each other. But when it’s time for my pants to come down, I find she is just going through the motions to please her husband who is getting a fine spanking from Becall. Then I find she is not much into having her bottom spanked either.

In our early marriage, we were playing in the den, which was on the back of the house. It had a double window and double door. We normally did not close the drapes. On this day the drapes were partially open. I don’t recall who was being spanked, but I happened to see our neighbor walking back to her house. She had taken to coming to our back door and must have done it that day only to see one or both of us being paddled. It was never mentioned and I don’t think she ever came to the back door again.

I have often thought what fun it would be for a neighbor to stop by and bend the both of us over.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Be Careful What You Ask For

It has been a month since our last post, so I will do three short versions of recent play scenes to catch up.

We are always interested in hearing from readers.

*** *** ***

Be Careful What You Ask For

Sometimes my mouth surprises me. It was a special occasion for us and it was all about me. We were talking about what my paddling would consist of. Before I could get my brain engaged, I blurted out that 30 with the batten on my legs and another 30 with our paddles would be about right. As the sentence ended, I thought oh gee, I am in for it now. The session was set for the next day, so I had all evening to think about it.

Becall was looking forward to the session as she was going to give the last few licks over her lap – always her fav position.

At the appointed time, I took off my pants and handed her the batten. She asked me to raise one leg and she brought the batten down on it 2 or 3 times in different places. This was repeated on the other leg. Then she had me turn around and bend over slightly and she popped the back of my legs with the batten. By now, I was aglow. She had me turn around and raise my legs again for more swats on the front of my thighs. She gave me 30 and they burned, but I was also on fire in another way. She rubbed me and let me kiss and fondle her for awhile. Then it was time to bend over and take the Principal’s paddle. I got 20 with it and then I was over her lap for the last 10 – hot and fast. I felt well paddled.


Becall Gets Her's

A week or so later, it was my pleasure to give Becall a distinctive spanking. We were n an outdoor location that is very extraordinary to us. Plus it is especially private. We took a hike and took turns giving each other bare bottom pops in the late afternoon.

The next morning I took her order for the spanking she wanted. I was to start with the leather strap that elicits plenty of mmmmmummm’s. Follow that with four licks with the batten on each thigh. Then ten swats on her panties with the holey paddle. And finish her off with our stingy red paddle; eight on her panties and eight bare bottom.

She put on her fav red panties and presented herself. I used the leather strap on her panties a hundred times or so. I don’t count. I think she would like it if I paddled her all day with it. She was getting a bit dreamy when I put it down. She sat on the couch and put her heels close to her bottom so I could access her inner thighs with the batten. After each lick, I rubbed her clit with the edge of the batten for a time until she was close to cumming. Then another lick with the batten. She was hot and bothered.

I made the licks with the holey and red paddle go rather quickly as she was getting frantic to get fucked. I told her last licks would really burn, they did ad she loved it.

Becall’s fav position has always been missionary with several pillows under her. She quickly tossed the pillows on the bed, laid down and spread her legs. God was she wet. I did not disappoint her, and fucked her hard and fast, just like she likes it. She came several times in mere minutes. After a few minutes she came back to earth.

My Turn Again

We had not been able to play in six days and I was seriously horny and needy for a paddling. I asked for 20 with the batten and 10 with the Principal’s paddle. I got the batten and a dozen with the paddle. Then she asked me if I wanted two more right away or a rest break with fondling and then another four. I opted for the two! She then gave me a divine hand job.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

That Batten again

We have had our batten for 5/6 years. We first used on each others bottoms and the effect was not great, so it was seldom used. Just one more item in the toy chest.

After I was introduced to the pleasure of the cane on my legs, we somehow started using the batten on my legs. Frankly, I liked it more than the cane. I like it the front and back of my legs.

I like to share, , so I used the batten on Becall's legs. She was not a fan of it in the same places I liked it but suggested I use it on the inside of her thighs close to her most sensitive spot. She says the nerves in her thighs seem to be directly connected to her "most sensitive spot". I give her a moderate thwack and she comes close to orgasm. I tap her "most sensitive spot" with batten and she has a nice come. Another thwack or two, more tapping, another orgasm.

After a few rounds of this she is ready for a more spirited release.

The Beginning

One of our few readers, bless you, asked how we got together. We were both in college. We dated, she got spanked. We married, I admitted I liked being spanked. Becall was most accomodative.

Most of the spankings in the early part of our marriage involved me bent over. After a few years, she became old enough to tell me that she would like to be spanked more often and how she would like to be spanked.

Communication is so important

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Bet

This switching story comes to us from one of the readers.

"You're on," Deborah said. "Unfortunately we won't be able to watch it live," Chris responded, "So I'll Tivo it. We'll just avoid any news on the way home." Chris and Deb had a reoccurring bet since they started dating. Chris was from Washington D.C. and a Redskins fan while Deb grew up in New York, and rooted for the Giants. "I told Patty that it wouldn't make a difference if Timmy got christened next month, but she didn't agree. It starts at one thirty. And then there is lunch at some restaurant after." Deb said. "We could skip the and maybe be home by five?" "No, we can't. I know how much you hate small talk, but we'd miss the game anyway." The couple made their way through the mall, "So what's thewinner get this time?" Deb asked. "Looser cooks for a week?" "Hmm, I don't know if my stomach could handle winning that again." "Hey!" Chris responded giving his wife a playful nudge on the shoulder. Still laughing Deb said, "We need to pick up some of that coffee for Patty." Deb guided Chris through the maze of retail, directly to the kitchen supply store. While Chris filled a one pound bag Deb wandered the aisles. When he had finished he found his wife perusing the cutlery section, "Do we need anything else?" He asked. "Not really, unless I found our bet?" "What do you mean?" Deb said lifted a long breadboard, "the looser gets 10 with this?"It was 18 inches long unfinished wood with a handle carved into it. Chris laughed out loud, "Um, ouch?" "What's the matter, worried?" "Me, my team has a quarterback." "Ok then, ten for the looser, that's a good number." "Ten how about a little more interesting? We'll go by the difference in the score?" "Oh, I don't think I could hit you that many times. But if you think you can handle it, OK" "Fine, may the best man win" Chris said emphasizing "man" "The only position I have to think about is your's, bent over," She said holding out her hand. Chris took it and they firmly shook. "Wow, that service was painful," Chris commented. Debbie let another couple enter the restaurant ahead of them and tugged Chris' sleeve to stop, "That's three times you said painful in the last ten minutes. You preoccupied with what you're getting later." She whispered. Chris laughed and walked through the door, "You betterhope not, because you'll be the one paying for it if you loose." "If? You don't sound too confident," Deb said following. One of the couple that they had entered with had over heard Chris' comment, "Sounds like someone has a bet going?" Deb answered as they took their seats at a nearby table, "Chris and I always have a bet on any Giants Redskin's games." "Mixed marriage huh?" The men said, taking a seat. As the whole table chuckled, the man's wife answered, "So what is the bet." Deborah glanced at Chris who was reaching for his water glass. A mischievous grin spread across her face as she turned to the woman, "It's usually pretty tame, this time we've upped the stakes though." She turned back toward Chris. "This year the loser won't be sitting down for quite a while after the game." Chris blushed. He didn't believe she would really say anything, but the way she'd been acting recently, Chris didn't want to take that chance. "Yeah, all the chores that were put off from coming down here get to be done by the looser after the game," Chris said as his eyes met Deb's. The look she gave him said, "ha-ha made you small talk." The rest of the lunch passed uneventfully. After coffee had been served, Chris leaned over to Deb, "We should get going. If we leave now we'll get home around the end of the late games." "Well we have a long drive, it was nice meeting everyone." Debbie announced, "email me those pictures when you get a chance." "As soon as I get home," answered the woman they walked in with. Chris immediately went to the TV and checked the saved programs. There it was in big bold letters NFL FOOTBALL WASH VS NYG 1:00PM. "You know? Part of me is a little disappointed," Deb said as she walked in carrying the paddle, "If you missed it, we could just check the final score and I could start using this on you," She laid the paddle across the top of the TV. The first half passed quickly. There was more emotion in the living room than on the field. Deb taunted Chris about every good New York play, and ridicule for every Washington mistake. Chris' only response was, "you know, you really sound more like an Eagle's fan." She answered by sticking out her tongue. The half ended in a 6 - 6 tie. Chris paused the TV, "Do you want something for dinner?" "Good idea, you won't be able to sit comfortably to eat if we wait until after." Chris chuckled, "What do you want?" "To eat," he added just as Debbie was going to make a smart comment. "What ever you're having is fine," she said as she kissed him. "Having for dinner, not what you're getting later," she joked and grabbed his ass. "I'm going to get changed." "Wear something easy to pull down," he replied giving her a squeeze. Deb ran upstairs while Chris made two sandwiches. He put them, a bag of chips, and two beers on the coffee table. He stopped in front of the TV and hefted the paddle. Chris swung it slowly once through the air. This was certainly the heaviest implement they owned and a part of him was not looking forward to feeling it. Especially not tonight, "Let's go guys." He replaced the paddle and trotted toward the stairs like the players heading into the locker room. Chris changed into sweatpants and his team jersey. Deb was across the hall at the computer in her Giants sweatshirt and stretch pants, "Just checking emails. We got those pictures for the christening." "You ready to get put away in the second half." "You were watching the same game I was right?" "If it was the one with the sucky team in maroon, then yes" she joked. "You just don't quit. You're cocky because it's close. Probably be decided by a field goal. So only three swats." "Ok then, let's up the bet. Double?" "You sure you want to do that" "Yeah my arm won't get tired." "OK then, double it is." The second half went much like the first. Nothing exciting, but neither potential spankee gave up on their team. With under a minute to go, Washington had just tied the game. "Come on boys, hold 'em and take this thing to overtime." Chris said leaning off the couch. "Plenty of time Big Blue. A field goal for six of the best." The kick went up. Deep and long, it seemed to use up half the time on the clock while in the air. The New York Giant fielded it at the goal line. The ball bounced off his chest and landed a few yards in front "No!" Deb screamed. The return man tried to scoop up the errant ball but only managed to bat it up the field. The Washington players drew closer. "Fall on it, fall on it!" Chris yelled as if they could hear him. Two players dove for the ball but it avoided their grasps and bounced away. Finally as if the ball acted on purpose, it bounced perfectly into the waiting hands of one of the Giants. Most the other players were either on the ground or entangled with someone else. He took off down the field, easily out distancing everyone else. Only the kicker stood between him and the end zone. Debbie kept chanting, "Go! Run you fool, run!" Chris was transfixed mumbling quietly, "get him, get him." The kicker made a valiant attempt, diving for the Giant but only sprawled himself across the field. New York scored a touchdown with seconds left, and the rest of the game ticked away while Chris sat dumbfounded. Deborah on the other hand instantly sprang up and retrieved the paddle, "Woo Hoo! Go big Blue, go big Blue!" She sang as she held it over her head like a trophy. Chris looked at his wife in disbelief, "Let's go mister, There's going to be one more Redskin tonight." Chris chuckled despite himself, "You've been saving that one," Deb just nodded with a huge grin, "I should paddle you just for making such a bad joke." Laughing and motioning to the stairs she replied, "Oh no, this is all for you. 14." Chris led the way upstairs. "Hands on the bed should work nicely," Deb stated stepping up beside her husband. Chris bent forward, placed his palms on the bed with his feet wide apart. He raised his head and took a deep breath. He glimpsed his wife while she stroked the flat of the paddle. He knew this was going to hurt, but the tingle in his stomach also caused another part of him to tingle. "Are you ready?" "Yes," was Chris' reply, followed almost immediately by a loud smack. Chris felt his cheeks go numb for a split second, but didn't feel as much pain as he expected. The second swat fell exactly like the first. This time a sting lingered. "Hmm, I think these need to go," Deb said lowering the paddle. She hooked her thumbs through the waistbands of his sweats and his boxers. In one motion she yanked them down to his ankles. The air on his exposed lower half added to both Chris' excitement and trepidation. Deborah continued the blows. Whack, whack, whack. Three quick hits made Chris lift up onto histoes and almost lay on the bed. He knew if got too far out of position, Deb wouldn't count the swats, but brushing against the bed did feel good. Whack, whack. The next two strikes were harder. Chris leaned in again, and let out two loud grunts. He could feel his cheeks tightening up; the tingling behind him was gone, replaced by a deep stinging. With half of the penalty paid, Chris braced himself. "Now for the double. Too bad it wasn't a field goal." The phone rang. "Oh, looks like you get a halftime," she said as she picked it up. "Hello...Oh hi...nothing, just settling up a sec mom." Deb patted Chris' red ass while grinning and motioned for him to stand up, "I'll just be a minute." Chris stretched his back, and turned away from Deb. He shuffled toward the bedroom door and pulled up his boxers. He walked without bending his knees, and gently put is hands to his sore backside. Chris walked into the office and noticed that the computer was on. He thought checking his fantasy football might distract him. Chris sat gently and kept some weight on his feet, he pushed the mouse and the familiar list of new emails appeared. As he moved to "x" out of mail, the preview pane caught his eye. "Deb, here are the pictures, and congrats on the Giants," read the subject.Chris checked the time stamp, four hours. He stood up slowly and walked purposefully into the bedroom."OK...I will...take care...bye," Deb said haning up thephone. She reached for the paddle, "Ok Hon, ready for the second half?" "I don't think so," he responded. "A bet's a bet?" Deb sounded a little unsure. "Double the bet huh? How many times have I asked you to turn off the computer?" "Oh you can't weasel out for something like that " "Oh I'm not. Those are interesting pictures from the christening" "OK, but what's that got to..." Deb froze. Her eyes darted back and forth. She clutched the paddle tight, "Ok, well, you took your seven, we'll just call it even." "You cheated, you little..." "No I didn't, not really. How could I? I would have doubled anyway" "Deborah, give me the paddle." She melted at the command. Dropping her gaze, she handed Chris the paddle, "now bend over the bed." Deborah's face began to flush as she stepped up to the bed. Chris heart started to race, "Now how many? I could give you the next seven. Or, what was that number you liked? 10 was it?" Deb remained silent, bent over. "After the way you've been acting, and the cheating, I think that's fair. Anything you want to say?" Deborah took a deep breath, "I deserve it." Chris drew back the paddle, hesitated an instant, and then swung. Whack. The first smack took Deb's breath away. Whack. The second brought the tingle back to Chris. Watching his wife take what he just got made him want her more and more with each swat. Whack. As the third hit landed, Deborah stood up and put both hands on her ass. "Ow, damn that hurts," she tried to rub out the sting. "Tell me about it. Back down, you have more." Chris tugged down her pants and panties. Whack. Deb grunted and dropped her head to the bed. Whack. She lay forwarded rolling onto her side and reached one hand back. Chris waited a moment, and then he heard the sob. The red in Deborah's cheeks had no gentle fade at the edges, only a harsh contrast to the rest of her skin. "Honey, are you ok?" "Yes," gasped a weak response. "Ok, you've had enough, come here." "No," Deb's replied stronger, "I want the rest." She took her position, sniffed, and wiped back tears. "Really Deb, it's ok" "I want the rest, I'm ready...please." Chris lined up the paddle. Whack. This strike was lighter the others. Whack, the next was the same, and the sobs returned. Chris excitement was evident as his boxers pushed out in front, despite the hesitation he felt, "Now we're even." "Give me the rest," Deb pleaded, panting loudly "You're sure?" "Yes. You just be ready to fuck me when you're done." That comment erased all doubt, and if it was possible Chris' excitement doubled. The paddle rose and fell as hard as the first swat. Whack. Chris drew it back quickly as Deborah let out a grunt. Whack. Chris left the paddle in contact with Deb's ass. Deb pushed back against it, but stayed in position. "Take me now," Deb practically yelled. Chris whipped off his boxers, and stepped up behind his wife. The couple started their own game, that in the end left them tired, satisfied, and sore. Both of them hoped their teams would meet more than once again this year.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

It's been a month!!!

It's difficult for me to believe it has been a month since I have posted here. It seems like maybe 10 days. I suppose my drive has got up and left.

Things on the home front are excellent. The spankings continue. I just don't have any new ideas on the subject at this time.

Perhaps my two readers will write with comments or questions?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

A Male Bottom’s Fantasy

It is been too long since I posted. We are traveling, seeing old friends and making a few new ones. No, not all share our interest in spanking. I thought I would share a little tale with you - A Male Bottom’s Fantasy.

Well it might also be a fantasy of some women, I can’t say. I have met a few women who have come up with some play scenes that twisted my crank that catered to male eroticism. I have also played with some women who ideas for play were exactly like mine. “Yes, I want you to do me, exactly what you said you wanted to do to me”. There are some areas or times when male and female eroticism seem to blend and blur.

I have written before about how Becall and I feel panties and spanking go together. Becall has three drawers of panties, most bought in the days when we attended spanking parties on a regular basis. By extension, we also both enjoy panty girdles occasionally for playtime. Nothing severely controlling, just a little Lycra to separate the cheeks and make them more appealing. We have noted that girdles concentrate the redness into a smaller circle than if the same paddling were given over panties or bare bottom.

Here’s example of the style of panty girdle we prefer.

Occasionally when we are home, I will find a panty girdle Becall has laid out on the bed for me. I know she has the matching one on. We will do chores or run errands while wearing them. We are always aware of them. In short order, we end the anticipation and paddle each other in our girdles.

I am not sure of where my fetish for girdles comes from. Perhaps, only because I grew up in the tail end of the era where women and proper young ladies always wore a foundation. They may not have needed the control or support, but proper young girls always wore a girdle on dates. I know in some instances they wore them because their mothers insisted they wear them as insurance that making-out did not go too far. I recall two lasses I dated, where everything would come off, except their girdle. We were both nude in the backseat, except for that layer of Lycra.

Or perhaps my passion for panty girdles, derives from the fact that I spanked most of my dates starting about age 14. Almost always, they had on a girdle, so the first, and sometimes the last, swats were over their girdles. Not one of them ever protested about being spanked even when it became a regular feature of our dates.

As much as I thought about spanking as a teen, I was almost 21 before I ever thought about a woman spanking me.

Now, to my little male spanking fantasy.

Bogey has been a smart alek, know-it-all at his new school and the teacher has taken all she can take from him. She calls him up to her desk, gives him a sealed envelope and tells him to take it to the office. He hands the envelope to the secretary, who opens, reads it and looks back at him and tells him to sit on the bench against the wall. She then knocks on a door, enters and returns to her desk without the note and goes back to her work.

Bogey figures he is in trouble and suspects he is in for a lecture about keeping his mouth shut and respecting the teacher. The clock on the wall ticks off the minutes as he fidgets and tries to act normal as people come and go in the office. After 35 minutes, a woman opens the door the secretary had entered and says “Bogey”. He enters her office while she holds the door open and closes it behind him. He is right about a lecture, it’s short. “Miss Becker writes that you have misbehaved all week. She also writes that she has talked with you on three occasions to no avail. She is invoking her right to exclude you from her class, unless your behavior changes vastly and immediately. That will be your decision. My decision is to paddle you for disrupting her class.” She opens her door and calls Becky Swift one of the student office assistants. “Becky, will you please take Bogey to the back room and get him ready to be paddled”.

Bogey’s head is swimming and he cannot say anything, but just follows Becky down the hall. He knows her, she is a grade ahead of him. They ride the same bus to school. She is petite and real cute. She is wearing a pleated skirt and a white blouse, proper, but flirty.

Becky puts a key in the door lock and opens the door and ushers Bogey inside. The room is almost bare, except for the bench in the middle of the room. “You need to take off your clothes, pants, shoes, and underwear”. “What?” “Take them off now, you must be ready before she gets down here”. “You are going to watch?” She smiled, “Yes, I am”. He started fumbling with his belt and zipper and then realized he was developing a bone. He sure did not want to pull his pants down now. He turned away from her and removed his pants, hoping the bone would go away as fast as it had come. “Hurry, you sure do not want to keep her waiting.” He finished removing his pants and slowly pulled his underwear down, his bone catching in the waistband, was pulled down and then slapped back against his belly.

“OK, now lay face down on the bench”. “But, I can’t”. “I have seen those before, now lay on the bench so I can strap you in before she arrives”. He turns and faces her and the bench, but cannot look at her thinking his face is flushed red. He lays down quickly to hide his erection from her.

She buckles straps over his ankles, thighs, lower back, shoulders, upper arms and wrists. He is confined, with his bottom in a perfect position for a paddling. He also notes that his erection is in space, sticking through a hole in the bench. Becky leaves and soon he hears two sets of footsteps coming down the hall. The door opens and Mrs. O’Gara and Becky come in. Neither of them say anything, but Mrs. O’Gara begins unbuttoning her blouse, removes it and hangs it on hook on the wall. She is not small, nor large, probably a size 12/14. Her bra is white and embroidered. While Bogey watches, she then removes her skirt and slip and hangs them on a hook next to her blouse. Now she is in bra and panty girdle, her hose hooked to garters on her girdle.

She opens a cabinet, picks up a wood paddle, taps her palm with it twice, looks at Bogey, moves to his side, raises the paddle and brings it down on his bare cheeks. It stings, but he knows he can take this paddling. He has had a lot worse. After a dozen licks, Bogey notices that she has given Becky a look and a nod of her head. Becky sits on a low stool and takes Bogey’s bone in hand. He is stunned and twists his head to see her. She is smiling and pumping away. Some women give a hand job, with the same excitement of playing with a Jack-in-the-box. They know what is going to happen and grin all the time, then laugh when it pops. Her skirt is necessarily high sitting on the low stool and he can see her bare legs and a glimpse of her panties. She keeps pumping him rapidly and soon enough he is squirting and she is grinning widely. He is starting to think, wow, an easy paddling and a magnificent hand job. Punishment here is not so bad. He hears Mrs. O’Gara heels click on the tile floor and the sound of the cabinet opening. Good, she is putting the paddle away. He figures Becky will start releasing him from the straps.

[Now for all those men who believe that adult spanking can be discipline]

WHAP, Bogey felt a fire in his bottom, he looked at Mrs. O’Gara and saw the wide strap she was holding in the air; he saw the exertion in her face as she pulled the strap down on his bare bottom again. He had never felt such pain. Again and again she slammed the strap down on him. He was pleading, then crying uncontrollably before she stopped. “Perhaps this will persuade you to behave in the classroom, young man. If not, I shall endeavor to strap you harder and longer.” She then turned and put on her clothes, while Becky released him. “Put on your clothes and go stand outside Miss Becker’s classroom. I will be there when the period bell rings”.

The next installment will describe what Miss Becker has in mind for Bogey.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Batten Daze

After Two-Fer Day, Becall had another declaration. At the next session I would get the batten and the session after that she would get the batten. She loves anticipation. And so it came to pass that in three days I was laying face up on the couch and she was applying the batten to my thighs. Each lick got a reaction from me as I could not help raising my leg. She gave my front side ten licks and then I had to roll over and take another ten on the backs of my legs. I was striped front and back. But, I loved it.

Next I was over her lap for ten hard and fast with the eternally stingy red paddle. She had me ready to try to get away by the last lick. She so enjoys paddling me OTK. Someday I may like it too.

The red paddle is our oldest toy. She bought it and put it my stocking our first Christmas. It has been used on the both of us countless times, and on the bottoms of a several other lasses.

Every day after my session with the batten, I would remind Becall that her turn was coming and touch her thigh with batten or give her a light lick over her jeans. Like I said, she loves anticipation.

On her morning, we went through her usual lame and false excuses, and soon enough her jeans were off and she was sitting on the couch with her legs spread and her heels on the couch. Most unladylike! I started smacking her inner thighs slowly and after every four licks I would tap her sensitive parts with the batten until she was almost ready to come and then resume with the batten on her thighs. After she had taken her limit with the batten, she was over my lap for ten with her holey paddle. After that we engaged in some rather frenzied sex.

Friday, June 27, 2008

a Two-Fer Day

This paddling took place about two weeks ago. It was quite memorable and I should have recorded it soon after it happened to capture all the juicy details.

Becall declared it was a two-fer day, that we would paddle each other. This is always fine by me, as I like both equally well. Since the session was her idea I suggested she select the paddles. She picked her fav holey paddle for herself and the stingy pine paddle for me. This paddle is one I have a love/hate relationship with. It warms me up real quick. Ten licks with it and I am struggling to stay anywhere close to in-position. It has no thud, but stings like a bee. This must have been the one I got in school.

She went over my lap and I started in not gentle, but not hard either. Soon she was making “yummy purring” sounds. I don’t really know how many I gave her, about 50 I suppose. Then it was my turn to bend over the bed. She popped me 12 times and I was burning up. Of course, I was also hard as a rock. I took her back over my lap for another round and before long she had two orgasms. Then it was my turn for another 10 scorchers. We then attacked each other in a carnal way.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Wood Paddles

I love to paddle a woman who loves the burn that wood gives. Not many women enjoy wood paddles. Here’s to the few that do enjoy the challenge of wood paddles.

I think round shaped paddles are best. They concentrate the force right where they are aimed. I like ones that just fit the bottom, with little overhang.

I only want to contact the sit spot, the meaty part of the bottom.

I prefer her bent-over - her elbows on a bed, over a low back chair, etc. I position myself slightly forward of her bottom and swing upward and through.

The sound the paddle makes when it lands it satisfying to me. To hear her suck her breath in and remain in position is most enjoyable.

Monday, June 9, 2008

The batten on our bare legs

In a recent blog entry 'Not an insignificant change', I noted that Becall desired to feel the batten on her legs and use it on mine. Today was the day. There are wide red stripes on both of our legs and our bottoms were reddened with trusty red paddles. Her principal orgasm was much longer than usual. Mine? Being a guy, about the same as usual. In my next life.....

Friday, June 6, 2008

It’s not punishment

I am going to get off this topic gentle readers. But, first, I want to repost one of the first entries I wrote for this blog.

I do not need or want to be scolded. My ideal spanker is one who is gleefully sadistic. One who smiles and tells me that she is going to burn my bottom up and then proceeds to do just that. She takes pride in hearing the paddle crack forcefully squarely across the meaty fullness of my ass cheeks. She does not flinch when I react to the pain She is firm and ensures the session is business like. But she also has a sense of humor. It's breathtaking to hear her to tell me to assume a novel position and not to move until she tells me I can.

Her demeanor is always professional and cordial. I am going to light your bottom up, I am going to enjoy doing it and I see no reason to project anything other than delight while I attend to you.

That’s what does it for me.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Wanna chat with us?

This blog does not get too much traffic, probably because we choose not to post pictures of the Becall's attractive bottom. Still, we would like to hear from our couples. Our address is

Not an insignificant change

Two of our last three spanking sessions have, at Becall’s desire, given both of us red bottoms. This may not be unusual for most switches, but it is for us. Since the beginning of time, Becall has preferred not to share her spanking time. She wants it all for herself or all for me.

This morning it was all for me, but before we started she informed me that in our next session we will both be feeling the batten on our legs.

This is a small, but not insignificant change in our spanking play. I have no objection to it.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Adult spanking as discipline - a sequel

As a couple who spanks for fun, I have always been preplexed by the many who say they use spanking for discipline. I have spanked quite a few self-professed brats for their behavior. I often worked up a sweat, left their bottoms glowing red, and sometimes their legs striped with the marks of peach switch. Not once did it do any good. I was the sub, as I was doing exactly what they wanted me to do to them. I would add that these woman had problems that a shrink would love to deleve into.

I am much less an expert on men, but I will venture to say that most men who want to be spanked for discipline act out to keep getting spanked. On some level it is sexual for them. Prima facia evidence is a erection before a spanking. I get a boner each and everytime I am paddled - before, during and after. If I did not, spanking would not hold my interest.

This is from a popular f/m blog. The man gets spanked almost daily. He does not go into the “reasons” for the spankings. But, an adult (or child for that matter) that needs to be spanked almost daily either has some real personality problems or is intentionally doing something to “earn” the spankings.

Suffice to say, that play spankings from Lynn still leave me with an obvious erection, but discipline spankings totally remove the visible physical erection, long before the spanking is finished.

However, if Lynn is then in an amorous mood, the sexual re-awakening occurs rather rapidly. Fortunately for me (and us), almost all spankings result in our making love, either immediately, or later the same day.

Notice that he normally gets laid after being spanked. This is discipline/punishment??

Hmmmm, Hey Buddy, try this, when you need discipline, masturbate before you get spanked. Sure you can cuddle after, but no sex.

I can only conclude that spanking for discipline in such circustances is only done to hide the fact that they really enjoy being spanked.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The batten leads to a real quickie

I picked up the batten and playfully tapped Becall’s thigh. Play was not on mind. Although she had on blue jeans and it was a very light tap she reacted as though electricity had flowed from the batten. Recognizing the look on her face, I told her to take her jeans down. After a token protest, the jeans were on the floor and the batten was on her thighs. After only four licks, it was fuck me now, fuck me hard.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another Aunt Becall

I got something new the other day. Becall likes to paddle me OTK and I like to accommodate her when I can. One morning when I was feeling bullet-proof, I asked if she would like to paddle me OTK. As I expected she smiled and said “Of course!” Still feeling bullet-proof, I suggested about eight licks with the 9-ply and to then paddle me until she was satisfied with the old standby stings-like-hell red paddle.

After breakfast, she got out the paddles and the ruler. I got about a dozen on the legs with the ruler. Each lick leaves a line and makes me inhale quickly. They sting like nothing else, but I love it.

Soon I was over her lap for eight with the 9-ply paddle. This paddle is round and made with nine plies of birch - about ¾ inches thick. It has both burn and thud. She laid the licks on as hard as ever and it was difficult for me to stay in position.

I was still over her lap and she was laying the red paddle on my bare bottom. Before she got to ten I was begging, but she kept on. More begs, more licks, finally she said “You are getting four more”. For the first time, she broke me, it was like a real paddling.

I will be cautious, before I ask for another Aunt Becall paddling.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Panties, Panties, Panties

I take the title from a defunct blog that was fun while it lasted.

Panties and paddles go together for me. I started getting pleasure from wearing panties when I was a teenager. I loved the silky feel of the nylon and the sensation of rubbing myself through the fabric. Soft porn and self-paddlings were habitually a part of these masturbatory sessions. I would slip the back of the panties down and with a long handled paddle swap myself as hard as I could 10 or so times. Then I would return to stroking myself until it was time for the paddle again. Usually I would rub myself very slowly just below the head to prolong the experience until my orgasm soaked the front of the panties. I would then wash them out and hang them to up to dry – ready for the next occasion.

After marriage, Becall was most accommodating with my panty fetish and we bought many pairs, yellow, pink, black, red. I prefer panties that fit like tighty-whitey briefs, and with little or no lace. Bikini’s are fun too, but offer no coverage for erections and no support for the boys. The larger granny styles leave me cold. We have often bought matching panties and panty girdles to wear when we both get paddled. It’s fun for us to dress and then do chores or run errands for a hour or two knowing we are both dressed in matching panties and soon we are both going to have hot bottoms. Anticipation!

Last week I watched a m/f spanking on Xtube and noted panties was a key word, so I clicked on it. What I got was not what I expected. There were dozens, hundreds? of videos of men masturbating in panties. Sure it can be fun, but I would have never guessed men would want to share that with others or that other men would want to see it. I led such a sheltered life. Anyway, that discovery prompted me to write this blog entry. Here’s to all the other men out there that share my enjoyment of wearing panties. There sure must be more of you than I thought.

I would love to do a survey of women and their experiences with men who like to wear panties. How common is it? Do most men hide it from their wives?

We have only shared our panty fantasy with one woman. We would all dress in matching panties and paddle each other. It was great when they had me bent over, one putting the wood to me, the other stroking me until I squirted.

Well that is not quite true, we shared our panty play with a switch couple. We went panty shopping and were ready to play, but something happened and they left the next morning rather abruptly. We found that is the way they were. A little play on Saturday and promises of more Sunday morning, then nothing.

A long time back, our neighbor took to coming to our patio door to see us without announcement. We often played in room where the patio door was located. This room had large windows and we seldom closed the drapes as it was private – unless someone was on the patio. I do not recall who she saw getting paddled, but I saw her walking back across our yard. She stopped coming to the patio door and it was never mentioned. The event sparked a fantasy that she would put us in panties and would paddle us when she felt we needed it. She would bend the both of us over the sofa and paddle us until the cows came home.

That is like another fantasy of mine, everyone in the neighborhood gets paddled by everyone else. For example, Becall would hand me a paddle and tell me to walk to Marcy’s house for a paddling. Anyone seeing me would know what was in store for me. Becall could have me put on panties or Marcy could have a pair for me. It’s a delightful fantasy for me when I am in a male submissive mood.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Switches switch

It had been almost a week since we could play and we were rather randy. We got our showers and put on pink panties. I gave her the batten on her thighs followed by the vibrator, resulting in a wonderful climax. She then tuned me up with the batten. Gawd does that little piece of wood ever do it for us!

I gave her about 20 with holey paddle and she gave me a dozen or so with the "Pretty" paddle. She got her fav paddle used on her and used her fav paddle on me. Then we engaged in some pretty frantic in-and-out. A wonderful morning.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

On Vacation

We have been traveling for sometime. The last few weeks we have been out of the country - we still are. Access to the web is not readily available where we are. However, the spankings continue and life remains good.

Thursday, February 14, 2008


As we were coming back from a hike the other day, I asked Becall if she wanted to be the spankee or the spanker. She responded that we should switch today. I readily agreed and suggested we pick our own paddles. She opted for 20 licks with her holey paddle and I, feeling bullet proof, chose 10 licks each with two of our stingy paddles. We each got what we wanted and the sex was great.

I hope both our our readers get what they want.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Something Different

From time-to-time I have wondered how a spanking would feel if I gave the spanker free reign to blister my bottom. From reading this blog, you know I like my paddlings given with hard measured strokes using sturdy paddles. Paddlings not unlike those I got in school. Becall likes to paddle me OTK, hard and fast. It always puts a smile on her face. The licks are not as hard as when she has me bent over as she does not have the swing room, but they are stingers anyway.

Yesterday morning, I got the courage to ask her to take me OTK and paddle me hard and fast. She was more than willing to accommodate me. First she had me put on red panties and think about the paddling. She used our round red paddle first and followed with our round 9ply paddle. The red one is ¼ inch thick and the 9ply is ¾ inch. They both burn and the 9ply leaves a lasting throb.

She gave me about a dozen with the red paddle and I was surprised first that I was able to take the licks so well and also that she stopped before she had me begging.

Without much delay, she asked me to hand her the 9ply and she went to work with it, although more slowly. I suspect she gave me about 20 licks with it. Again, I was surprised that I could take the licks so well.

I mentioned to her that I had expected the second set of licks to be as fast as the first. She said she could correct that and gave me another 10, hard and fast.

We decided to call these Aunt Becall paddlings, so I can ask for them by name. I think the next time Auntie gets me OTK, all the licks will be hard and fast and she will not stop until I am begging and then go on for awhile longer.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Adult spanking as discipline?

I am not putting down anyone’s lifestyle, I just cannot understand those who use adult spanking as discipline while it is also sexually arousing to them. I like to be spanked. It arouses me. It has nothing to do with discipline. It’s all fun.

Many women and men hide their desire to be spanked behind a supposed need for discipline. I am going to focus on men, as sexually arousal is so evident with us. I just cannot buy into a spanking being punishment when the man is erect and when sex follows the spanking.

After I climax, my interest in sex and spanking is extremely low. That would be the time to punish me. I wonder how many men who need discipline would take a spanking after they climax?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My turn at the alter

Becall wanted to paddle more than to be paddled on New Years Day. She gave me the full treatment to improve our luck in the new year. She dressed up. Pearls, white lace bra, shinny white panties, white thigh hi hose and off white heels. Topped off with a white cashmere cardigan sweater, which she did not bother to button. HOT!

She got out the 9-ply paddle, which is ¾ inches of birch, a stingy paddle and the wooden batten. She toasted my legs with the batten, eight on the front and eight on the back of my legs. It is always like an electrical shock, but I love it.

Next she put me on the floor, nose and knees on the carpet, stood over me and laid on 8 scorchers with the 9-ply paddle. It was hard to keep breathing. I was now hot front and back.

Finally she put me over the bed and gave me eight hard and noisy licks with the stingy paddle.

We wish you the best in this new year!