Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Black and White

For those who enjoy retro pictures.

b&w bacallBacall in her bolero jacket


My HS dates getting ready


b&w02 b&w03 b&w04

Yes, I had to get all that crinoline out of the way to spank

b&w05 b&w08

Monday, May 18, 2015


In March we posted this happy trio.


Recently, I saw this drawing featured on Chross and could not resist revisiting the theme.

trio2 Being a switch, this appeals to me. I would gladly assume the position. Well, maybe. I had the chance more than once but was always too shy to do it.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

What Happens In The Bar…


We seldom go in bars, but we would give these a try.



More of the usual here. Nothing of great import to say. We are back from our trip that started the first week of the year. Plan to stay home most of the summer. You be cool where you are.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mars and Venus

z red panda

Have you noticed that men and women are different? We are rarely thinking the same thing when it comes to relationships, interaction with each other, etc. We may find agreement in the sciences, but not in how we drive, cook and or much else.

Women are playful. Men are not. Girls play with each other. Boys hit other boys, girls and any damn thing with sticks.

Here’s a small way we are different. A few short weeks back I did a post of pictures of two women with bare bottoms. Sometimes they were touching each other. How many pictures have you seen of men touching each other’s bottoms?

the difference - women

Quite normal, nothing odd here

the difference - men

When I saw this, I thought this is a first. I showed it to Bacall and her eyes opened wide. What does this say about men? Why are they so few of pictures of more than one man being spanked? Are we homophobic?

Would I have done this when my bottom was these guys age? Probably not. Would I now? probably not.

So men want multiple female spankers, but not other men being spanked with them.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

WTF – In The Kitchen

I have given Bacall some pops in the kitchen while we were cooking. But, it has never been our room of choice for play. It sure is a popular room for some judging by pictures on the web.

wft kitchen paddling

wtf kitchen cooking

If Kelly Payne’s objects, I will be pleased to delete the whole post.

wtf kitchen dildo

We used to have cook in the nude nights, but never near hot grease. I have no idea why she has on a dildo any more than why the kitchen was selected for spanking depicted in the pictures above. Some pictures pose more questions than they answer.


Perfectly attired for dishwashing


Now, this looks like fun.

bottom0234Say, maybe I am missing something? Bacall. bottom0236

Monday, May 4, 2015

Yellow Panties Day

I don’t think yellow panties are in style right now. I miss them.

No captions, use your imagination. Have Fun.

yellow panties yellow panties1 yellow panties2bottom0298 bottom0353

yellow panties4 yellow panties6

Watch for imitations of this theme coming soon to a blog near you

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

A Night in Old Vienna

Another from the vault by the Divine Miss E, written on her return from Kosovo. I think it was her best effort as it perfectly captures her.

Spring in Vienna came with cool breezes and soft clouds. Perfect night for a stroll. The keys to the elaborately carved side door felt smooth and heavy in his hand. Sad that everything had to be kept locked all the time. Slipping down the street he turned toward the market, thinking of the ever changing display of wares. Too many tourists, but they were interesting to study too. Perhaps a steaming mélange to warm him. Lost in thought, he glanced across the street. Something about those girls was familiar. All too familiar. What were they doing out this late, in this part of town?  He made a mental note.    

Crisp white table linens were one of life's best pleasures. The sun streamed in the windows and sparkled on the silver. As usual the newspaper was full of distressing announcements, and trivial drivel. He shifted in his chair and had the slightly unpleasant feeling of having forgotten something. Clatter on the stairs told him the girls were descending. Elizabeth was bright eyed and pert, Elise languid. Sliding into her chair, Elise poured a cup of coffee and reached for the paper. Elizabeth breathlessly offered a "good morning" and started to chatter about her sightseeing plans. Deep in his brain, a little thought begin to stir, then rushed to the surface.  Lowering the paper, he gazed over his glasses at Elizabeth, "What were you doing out so late last night?   Where had you been?"   The newspaper tented in front of Elise rustled ever so slightly. Elizabeth's big blue eyes widened and darted nervously around the room. Everywhere in fact, except to return his look. She leaped from her chair, "I just have to have more of that delicious juice. I don't know where you find it."  He leaned forward, "Sit down, young lady. I believe I asked you a question."  She popped back in her chair and a look of sheer panic swept across her face.  He turned, "Elise, I want to know what you two were doing last night."  The paper lowered slightly, and she peeped over the edge. He saw in an instant that she had a guilty look. " I see", he said, rising.  A few steps to the den, a drawer opened, and he returned to the table.    

He placed the crop on the table between the girls. Elizabeth was frozen with terror. Elise was studying her plate intently and was already biting her lip. No need to even hear the details of what they'd done.  "Elise, on the wall, NOW". He tapped the wall with his crop. She knew better than to open her mouth and silently got up. She stood with her feet apart and leaned over to place her palms on the wall. Elizabeth was squirming in her chair, already close to hyperventilating.  They would learn a lesson today. The pajama bottoms came down and with each blow of the crop a bright red stripe appeared. Elizabeth jumped and whimpered each time as well. Elise knew better than to reach back or move out of position. But soon even her resolve melted and she was begging him to stop. When he was satisfied, he sent her up to her room with the promise of a trip across his knee when she'd had time to consider her folly. Laying the crop back on the table, he took his seat and picked up the paper as though nothing had happened. "I'll just run up and make my bed", Elizabeth chirped.    

"I don't think so." he said in that frightening measured tone.