Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Highly Spankable Bottoms



This one is for you Ronnie.


I love polka dots.


A Miss from Down Under, down over her sofa.


Hey, Harriett, you still out there?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

A Tale Of Woe

Bacall pecked this out with one-finger.

Life is not good right now for Bogey and Bacall.  Eight weeks ago, I fell and fractured/shattered my wrist.  We were in northern California and decided to return home in order to have our local orthopedic surgeon handle it.  The wrist did not healed the way the doctor thought it would, so now we are in a wait and see stage - will I be able to live with it the way it is or will I need surgery in the future.  I know it will never be 100%.  What I want is to be able to dress myself, fix my face and hair, feed myself and paddle Bogey.  I am right handed and my left hand does not have the coordination any where close to the right hand.  I was in a cast from fingers to shoulder for four weeks after the temporary cast and now I am in a short cast, which is below the elbow, so at least I can move my arm.  Poor me.

While on our trip in Oregon,  we stopped at a wood shop and bought some Myrtlewood so Bogey could make a tray.  There was extra to make a paddle.  He made a very nice paddle and it is much better than the one we bought there several years ago.  He has given me some test pops with it and it certainly does have a mighty sting!  But I would not attempt to try it on him because I know it could not be properly used, so Bogey hasn't felt the paddle yet.  Poor Bogey.

P1020360 P1020361

The weather has been perfect for trips to the woodshed, but we haven't be able to enjoy that yet.  So, that is our story of woe.  But as the saying goes, "this too shall pass".  Part of my physical therapy will be swinging a paddle and also being able to bend over and take paddle pops, with smiles on both of our faces.


The new paddle is light, only 1/4 inch thick and should be quite stingy. I am worried that her swinging the paddle might not be the best physical therapy for her. I am sure it would do me a world of good.

Monday, October 27, 2014


Another snarky post, in a long line, about spanking land.


The latest stats show that 43% of all pro spankings take place in proximity to a computer. PS the shoes do not go with the top. Hair style D-


What is the fascination with spankers dressed like the Stasi. (See Ministry for State Security of the former East Germany)


Most professional spankers are slobs. Clean up your room girl.


Really? I get a uniform fetish, but it needs some root in reality.

Friday, October 24, 2014


z hot pants hs

toys paddle w instructions



Decisions, Decisions (Private to Michael Masterson, bare breasts and jeans at ankles do not work for me. All nude or breasts covered would be better in my opinion)



Wednesday, October 22, 2014


Bacall thinks purpose of this style of Spanx is to lift the bottom. It would also allow natural jiggle so important when wearing a clingy dress for a gal who wants to flirt. Also handy for pinching. I see it as an invitation to spank. So what is the real reason for the exposure?


I still have not located a retail source for these. Anyone?


Monday, October 20, 2014

Paddled In The Principal’s Office

Needed a post. This title will catch eyeballs for years as all you perv’s search for such. I am not after “hits”, but I don’t mind them either.

I don’t even try to write stories anymore. But I do like plots and you can make up your own words.

This one came to me from some chats I have had with a woman who was paddled in school and likes to play it out as an adult.

You “wake up” in the principal’s office. He looks and acts just like you always wanted. The paddle burns more than you remembered. Getting on the bare does sting more. You “wake up” again and there is your picture on the TV and the announcer saying “Helen Gardner paid off an old debt today in Principal’s Koffman’s office with a dozen paddle licks. Interviewed by our Jan Michael’s, Helen said she glad to not have this hanging over her head any longer. She added she would be sitting gingerly for a day or so."

school room 

Today’s picture is of blogger that I thoroughly enjoyed.