Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Informational Panties

About 87 years ago at a spanking party I encountered a woman wrote messages on masking tape and fixed them to her panties for the spankers to see. I can not recall a single message, I only saw two, but they were humorous. I think women are more fun than men in things like this. Anywho, here are some panties with printed messages on them. Bacall says they are informational. I suppose you can make your own with transfer material.

Collect the whole set

lingerie panties infomational01 lingerie panties infomational02 lingerie panties infomational03 lingerie panties infomational04 lingerie panties infomational05 lingerie panties infomational06 lingerie panties infomational07 lingerie panties infomational08 lingerie panties infomational09 lingerie panties infomational10 lingerie panties infomational11 lingerie panties infomational12 lingerie panties infomational13

Monday, March 23, 2015


Some years back a Texas gal’s pictures started appearing on the web. Just as suddenly, they stopped. I collected a few. Here’s to Amanda.

amanda1 amanda2 amanda3 Bacall is one to do this

amanda4 amanda5 amanda6See the woman on the left


I think it’s the same woman spanking Amanda

amanda8 amanda9cane043

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

WFT - Humor

z eyes9

Regular readers, maybe a bakers dozen souls, know we prefer wood paddles. This is a versatile paddle. It’s small enough to carry in a pocket while hiking with your fav bottom or cruise around at parties, but serious enough to get warm up most any bottom. The drawing is interesting. But, why is a gal holding a whip depicted on a paddle?

toys paddle gal w whip

This looks it would be a fun game to play, especially if all the players were switches.


If these women were younger, it could be college dorm hi-jinks. But, they are bit older, so I really wonder what they could be up to. Don’t you?

what is going on

Monday, March 16, 2015

The Valley Of Fire

We are traveling in our motor home from one fantastic place to another. Today we are in the Valley of Fire State Park which is about 50 miles from Las Vegas. Our first time here. This place has some fantastically colored and oddly eroded rocks. A wonderland of geology. Even in March, the weather is delightfully warm.

We arrived just before noon. We found a parking place that is U-shaped. High rock walls on three sides. Prefect privacy. For some reason, I thought of our decorative boat paddle which hangs on the wall. I took it down and we tried it out in our private canyon. The sound reverberated off the rock. I decided that it could be confused with driving tent stakes in the ground or splitting fire wood. Besides there was no one else around. So we took turns warming each other up with it. And it did exactly that and not just to our back sides. We hatched a plan to ratchet up our play the next morning. So with stinging bottoms we took a short scenic drive and were back for lunch. While Bacall was fixing sandwiches, I asked her to come out and give me some more pops. Well, she wanted more also. So we had lunch on stinging bottoms. Still we were thinking of delaying play until the next day - going for the teasing and anticipation factors.

fish paddleThe Fish Paddle 

We wanted to rest for a short time before we took off to explore the park. That’s when our plan feel apart. When she took off her pants, I told her I wanted to paddle her. She was on board with that and I got her favorite holey paddle and started slow and easy for a few dozen licks, gradually upping the intensity. She started wiggling her naughty bottom around and I knew she was feeling quite randy. I used my left hand to fondle her and continued paddling with my right. I finally decided screw tomorrow we are going to do it right now. Our trusty vibrator was close by, so I slipped it on my left hand and continued to paddle her. Well, wouldn’t you know she came twice – rather loudly. Loud enough for anyone walking by to know what was up. Good for her.

When she came down off the ceiling, she wanted a piece of male tail. And I wanted her to have mine. I gave her our meanest stingy paddle. She said she was not going to hold back and I told her to go for it. After a few licks, I knew she meant business and was wiggling around. She told me to stay in position as she was far from though. I don’t know how many licks she gave me, but she sure had me on fire. Both back and front.

She slipped the vibrator on her hand and I erupted in short order. And then you know what she did? She put it back on herself and won the Triple Crown.

All in all, it was like we were 30 years younger. I think we will stay here for awhile, maybe the red rocks are rejuvenative?


Wednesday, March 11, 2015


No words necessary. And Yes, his bottom is also marked.


A Paula Meadows drawing I would guess. My, would it be fun to play with her.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Begging For It Inch-By-Inch

One from the vault by me

A trip down memory lane to some most gratifying
memories. Memories from the days when there was no concern about
sudden deflation - when the in-and-out portion of a session could last. It also brings to mind the juxtaposition of pain and pleasure. While I appreciate that some can morph pain into pleasure, I
relish in the power exchange where the woman submits her mind and body
to me for my pleasure. She offers her ass to me, and I relish when she
recoils from the stroke, puts her nails through the bedspread, but
stays in position for the next stroke of the paddle. I enjoy teasing
her. Her enjoinder, "Rub my pussy", "Sure right after you take another lick". I enjoy
rubbing her, getting her close to orgasm and pulling my tongue or
fingers away "No you are not going to come yet". I enjoy repeating
that as she grabs my cock and begs "Fuck me now". I mount her and rub
my cock back and forth over her pussy, pulling back when she thrusts
her hips to avoid penetration. The more I tease, the harder I get.
It gets so engorged with blood, it turns purple and the skin is
stretched as smooth as a balloon about to burst. Finally, letting the
head go in and slowly moving it in and out. Sometimes purposely
pulling it out and enjoying her gasp and grab for it. Tease, again and
again. When she again begs to be fucked, and has her back arched just
right, suddenly ramming it all the way in, hearing her moan, holding
her so she can not move, pressing down firmly on her, then slowly
moving my hips in a circle while maintaining pressure on her, knowing
the pressure is right on her clit and also preventing her from
thrusting. When I feel the torture is complete, finish her off with
long fast strokes. Ah, those were the days.

Friday, March 6, 2015


Blogger writes:

What this means for your blog:
Commercial porn will continue to be prohibited.
If you have pornographic or sexually explicit content on your blog, you must turn on the adult content setting so a warning will show.

Well, as far as I know, I do not have any porn on the Blog. I recall posting one picture which I would call highly erotic and the man had a hard-on. I have never posted pictures of women with their vaginal lips spread. That’s freaking gross to us. Our Blog is about spanking not about genitalia.

I have had a Wordpress blog since 2012. I have not taken the trouble to learn how to use it. I am slowly working on prepping it for a possible move.