Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Graphics That Amuse Me

The less I say and the more pictures I post the more hits I get. Happy?

The first one should count as several pictures, since they are several subjects and they are all smiling. No frowns, no tears. Happily spanked.

bottoms six 

Six Spanked Bottoms – Look Mom and Dad, I am learning so much at school.

You can see red Solo cups, so you can assume alcohol is involved. I wonder what the occasion was?

I did not start college until I was 21. I had my own place, so I missed dorm life. But, we had a huge old house and threw some huge parties. But nothing like this.

Oh, I have to pick one? OK, the cutie blond on the left. PS, if you look really closely, you will see two guys in the background.


I like to wear panties when we play sometimes. I did wear them to work sometimes in my 30’s. I gave that up as the Boys got real hot and squeezed in them.


My kind of gal

no shirt no shoes

x Porky-Pig

Monday, April 6, 2015

I Like Tall Women

I am tall, 6’4”, and I like tall women. Bacall is 5’8”. I also like blondes. Bacall is blonde.


So you might understand that I would like the bend over the desk while a tall blonde put the wood to me.


I wonder how many men have had some sort of fantasy involving Christina Hendricks? Nothing wrong with tall red heads either.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Lingerie and Heels

All my life I have had a fascination with lingerie. It is certainly not practicable. It’s quite expensive. It does have it’s purpose though. It makes the wearer feel enticing and sexy and it has the desired effect on men – women too. Nothing quite like dressing up in racy lingerie, a skirt or dress that shows off the figure, adding a pair of fuck me pumps and prissing about to improve a gals self-image. Well, that is what I am told.

Here is an example. The tassels accentuate her hair don’t you think.

lingerie ohlala Such an outfit sets the stage and invites an evening of role play.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Yoga Shorts


Yoga Pants are all the rage this year. I have not gotten any good shots yet, but hope springs eternal. Meanwhile here are some highly spankable bottoms in yoga shorts.

yoga shorts yoga shorts3 yoga shorts4

We are still roaming “out west”. We do not always have Internet access, so that’s the reason for not responding to comments.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Informational Panties

About 87 years ago at a spanking party I encountered a woman wrote messages on masking tape and fixed them to her panties for the spankers to see. I can not recall a single message, I only saw two, but they were humorous. I think women are more fun than men in things like this. Anywho, here are some panties with printed messages on them. Bacall says they are informational. I suppose you can make your own with transfer material.

Collect the whole set

lingerie panties infomational01 lingerie panties infomational02 lingerie panties infomational03 lingerie panties infomational04 lingerie panties infomational05 lingerie panties infomational06 lingerie panties infomational07 lingerie panties infomational08 lingerie panties infomational09 lingerie panties infomational10 lingerie panties infomational11 lingerie panties infomational12 lingerie panties infomational13

Monday, March 23, 2015


Some years back a Texas gal’s pictures started appearing on the web. Just as suddenly, they stopped. I collected a few. Here’s to Amanda.

amanda1 amanda2 amanda3 Bacall is one to do this

amanda4 amanda5 amanda6See the woman on the left


I think it’s the same woman spanking Amanda

amanda8 amanda9cane043

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

WFT - Humor

z eyes9

Regular readers, maybe a bakers dozen souls, know we prefer wood paddles. This is a versatile paddle. It’s small enough to carry in a pocket while hiking with your fav bottom or cruise around at parties, but serious enough to get warm up most any bottom. The drawing is interesting. But, why is a gal holding a whip depicted on a paddle?

toys paddle gal w whip

This looks it would be a fun game to play, especially if all the players were switches.


If these women were younger, it could be college dorm hi-jinks. But, they are bit older, so I really wonder what they could be up to. Don’t you?

what is going on