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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, November 30, 2009

Our Paddles

Here a few of our joint use paddles. They are equal opportunity paddles since they perform equally well on male or female bottoms.

paddles ours

The red one is our oldest paddle. Becall put it in my stocking our second Christmas. It started life as Bolo Paddle - one of those toys with a ball on an elastic cord that separates after a few minutes of use. She cracked this paddle on me. I repaired it by gluing another one to it. It has lasted for decades and gets frequent use. It is just the right size and weight for OTK use, plus it packs a sting.

When Becall wants to get into a submissive mood, I always finish her off with a dozen or so with the red paddle.

The top paddle is special to us. It is made from the Murtlewood tree which grows only in Oregon and Israel. We got ours in Oregon and when we use it, it always bring to mind memories of the tree groves and their unique smell.

It is the stingiest paddle in the world. Small and heavy for it’s size – it is all burn. Twenty on the bare bottom with this one and you will know you have been paddled.

Yesterday, I got eight with the Murtlewood followed by a dozen with the red paddle – six hard and slow and then six hard and fast as Becall likes to give. Delightful!

The wooden batten in the center is one we don’t use all the time - maybe once a month. We keep it in reserve to preserve it as a special treat.

Becall likes it used on the inside of her thighs, close to her most sensitive parts. Six to ten licks are enough for her. She likes to think about getting the batten the next day, take her licks and then get fucked. She says the sting from the batten connects directly to her clit. She will sit in a chair and spread her legs for the batten. Once she has gotten her licks, it’s fuck me now, fuck me hard and fuck me fast.

I like the batten on the front and back of my thighs. I can take them on the inside, but that often leaves me with raw legs for a day or so. About two dozen licks is right for me. I do a spankee dance after each lick. Becall tries to spread them out, but some licks will fall where a previous lick landed. Double Yow!

Getting the batten is always the start of a two part spanking for me. After my legs are hot and stinging, then I get a full going over with paddles on my bare bottom.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Her Paddles

Take a look at her paddles.

paddles hers

Left to right - The first is a metal ruler she found and wondered what it would feel like. I was pleased to let her find out. She says the sting radiates like a star shell bursting. The licks have to be just right for the effect, not too light, not too hard. Four or six licks are enough with this one.

The purple pussy whip does not get used enough. Making a note to myself to employ it more often.

The leather paddle in the center is one she could take until the cows come home. She makes moaning sounds and says “yummy” repeatly.

The leather strap is from Shadow Lane. It is easier to use than a belt for me. But, it does not have the same appeal to her as seeing and hearing my belt being drawn through belt loops.

The “holy” wood paddle is her favorite wooden paddle. It has a light sting and is the one most often used after a long going over with the leather paddle.

She also has many other toys, a real crop, soft floggers, hand cuffs, spreader bars, etc. We may get to those in another post.

Next time – Our paddles.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

His Paddles

We mention our paddles in the Blog, so I thought I would introduce you to a few of them. These two have been my favs for the last few years. The top one we call the Principal’s paddle, since it is like the ones I felt all the way through school. It’s pine and a 1/2 inch thick. It has both thud and sting, I would say 35% thud. I made this paddle many years ago. Becall usually starts with this one and gives me from 6 to 12 licks depending on her whim. I don’t want warmup licks, so it’s like the paddlings I got in school, except on the bare bottom.


The lower paddle is newer. I made it only a few years ago. It’s birch wood, light and thin at 3/8 inch. This one is a bottom scorcher, it’s all burn, plus it has after sting. Becall normally uses this one after the Principal’s paddle and gives me a dozen or so with it.

It’s often difficult to stay in position for either one. But, I do try. My bottom is always red and burning after she finishes with me. I do love it so.

Next, Becall’s paddles.

Enjoy the Holiday!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Did you miss your thrashing tonight?

I found the Blog post about the wife that figured out that withholding spanking might work better than spanking. I neglected to note the name of the Blog. 

At bed time, my wife turned to me with "Did you miss your thrashing tonight" to which I responded that I had.

My wife then went on to say she had considered various punishments to get me back in line but in the end decided that lack of any punishment would work better. She explained that she was fed up having to keep reminding me what was expected and we have reached a stage where I either get with my role or we stop playing it.


Here at Our Bottoms Burn, we have rededicated ourselves to being good to each other so we can keep on getting spanked.


This photo has nada to do with this post.

 panties white

But it has everything to do with what I enjoy. I have always been amazed that women know how to dress for a spanking. Even when we say nothing about dress. They know what we want. Bless them!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Red Panty Day

We will call today Red Panty Day. It's simple really - I have new red panties. We have always felt that new panties should be initiated, so today seemed the right time. It's gray and dreary here so the panties should perk us right up. Properly attired in red panties and bra with white socks that say "Spank Me" in red, I was ready for my paddling.

Bogey was wearing red underwear also. Sometimes I just get in a mood to be naughty and everything fell into place this morning. First was a delightful warm up with my red leather paddle, followed by my favorite wood paddle. It was delightful. But I thought I needed a break so Bogey could experience the same sensation as I was experiencing.

See, I am not naughty, I am nice - I want to share!

We have a red paddle (of course) that is our oldest paddle. Even after many years of use, it still stings a lot. We each had a good session with the red paddle. Now after a very satisfying morning, it isn't so gray and dreary and we both have very pink and warm bottoms.\


I took some pictures of Becall’s in her new red panties, but none of them were worthy of publication. Instead, here are a few lasses in their red panties.


bottom631 bottom177

Friday, November 20, 2009

Self Spanking

I think anyone that enjoys being spanked, has spanked themselves at some time. I know I did – when I was young and without a partner.

My technique was to use a long handled bath brush that could reach both cheeks with either hand. I would stand and deliver swats to myself as hard as I could. They were never hard enough. My bottom would get numb before I was satisfied.

Of course, the paddling always made the blood flow a little more and Mr. Happy would get so hard a cat could not scratch him.

I am sure my jaw dropped the first time a woman told me she spanked herself. My gosh, women were doing the same thing I was doing? She told me about the locked box that held her paddles and vibrators. She told me that she would get on her hands and knees on her bed and pop her backside with a paddle. She must have done a good job, because she sure could take whatever I gave her and ask for more.


I Goggled self spanking and was actually surprised at the number of personal accounts. Here are a few links, if you are interested.

Tiggr, Patty, Pixie, Ash Self Spank Videos, and a self spanking video with a bath brush. I am not at all sure of the sex of the spanker/spankee. Guessing male. Looks like he? is just trying out the brush, since it still has the tag on it.

PS Several times I year, when I tell Becall I am going to paddle her, she tells me not to bother she will do it for me. She will get a paddle, bare her bottom and wack away. I like to watch her and she knows I do. She does a darn good job. But in the end, I give her a hand.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Male Orgasm Makes Kink Index Negative

Spankable Husband discovers that after orgasm his interest in spanking is less than zero. I would strongly agree with that. I have long suggested that men who want to be spanked for punishment, first masturbate and then immediately take their licks. That would prove to their partners they are really serious about improving their behavior.

On a Blog that I can not recall, it was related that the wife was not going to spank him for his repeated misbehavior. She said she would not spank him until his behavior improved. Bingo! I have often kidded with “brats” that I would not spank them if they kept acting like a three year old. It always instantly produced a change in behavior.

I think I will keep on enjoying my paddlings with a boner.


Fun, But Not Discipline

Alas, orgasm does not reduce a females’ need for spanking or in many cases the need for another orgasm.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Trip to the Woodshed

In older spanking literature, the use of a woodshed as a place of punishment is familiar. When homes were smaller, rural and woodsheds more common, I have no doubt they were frequently employed.

At private spanking parties we have attended, everyone got excited if there was any structure that could be used as a woodshed; guest’s cottages and pool houses all worked.

Only once have Becall and I had use of a real woodshed, a separate structure, for storage of firewood, but that also had an area that was large enough to deliver a spanking. That was one popular building that weekend as couples took their turns walking the path to the woodshed.

I suspect more than a few readers would like to experience being sent to the woodshed to await discipline. Having to prepare themselves. Looking at the paddle and the strap hanging on the wall. Waiting.


Monday, November 16, 2009

An Anniversary Special

Reader Michael was kind enough to share an account of his recent anniversary celebration.

Fairly recently we had an anniversary special. My wife's present to me was an all too rare offering of her bottom for a spanking and a few cane strokes. She added that she would be happy to play out an anniversary switch in roles if I wanted to which I most certainly did, so we embarked on the following two day session. Neither of us had found time for spanking and role play for a couple of weeks so my anticipation level was high.

The next day she attended my study in her best school outfit consisting of a dark mini skirt, white shirt, one of my striped ties and large white knickers. This was finished off with knee high socks and smart shoes. We discussed her dreadful behavior with a boy in the street on the previous night, which had been witnessed by a lady in the town who had subsequently reported the transgression to me, her House Master. Apparently, as well as kissing this boy she had had a lighted cigarette in one hand and a bottle of something, possibly alcoholic, in the other. I had to advise her that such behavior would need to be reported to the school authorities and her parents and would most likely result in her expulsion. Inevitably there were tears and special pleadings so I reluctantly agreed to deal with the the matter myself and told her that if she agreed to a very hard spanking and six stokes of the cane and promised not to get involved in such disgraceful behavior again, then no more needed to be said and I would not report her. I sent her out of the room to consider my suggestion and she came back in a few minutes with the hairbrush from our bedroom and the cane from the hall cupboard. We then spent a delightful half hour with her first over my knees for a knicker clad hand spanking, then her over the back of the chair for quite a few minutes of hairbrush time with her panties down to her knees.Corner time of five minutes (whilst I wrote up the punishment book) was followed by six of the best on her bare bottom with her bent over the desk, forearms resting on the top and palms face down on the top. She took the caning very well because I was not particularly severe. The strokes were more like hard taps than strong stingers. As the punishment ended she sank to her knees and invited the appearance of the other stick which was so firmly evident in my trousers. Needless to say I did not last very long in my state of high excitement.

As I tidied up the study and we retired to watch some TV my wife promised me a good session on the next night and she hoped that I would pay closer and longer attention to her own needs.

At about 6pm on the next evening I was sent upstairs to shower and told to appear outside the study at  6:20 dressed for an evening out at a local restaurant, i.e. smart but casual. I decided to be slightly badly behaved and took a pair of silk knickers from her drawer and wore those under my own pants. I stood outside the study at the appointed time and waited. I was left there for an age until my wife came downstairs dressed in a marvelously severe black trouser suit that she usually wears for work. She brushed past me in an angry fashion and then called me in. She got straight to the point saying that as the Headmistress of the School she had learned that I had been fondling the bottom of one of the girls and had even spanked and caned her. Up to this point I had no idea that we were continuing last night's role-play but I speedily dropped into the scenario. I mumbled something about the girl needing some discipline and the Headteacher snapped back that it was out of the question for a male teacher to take it upon himself to discipline a girl in this way and that I should consider myself lucky just to be sacked right there and then and not taken to court by the girl or her parents. I begged the Head to reconsider her decision saying that such a sacking would mean I could never work as a teacher again. When she told me that I should have thought about that before, she added that there might be another sanction she could apply. I asked her to consider anything, anything at all that might save my job.She smiled and said that she had an idea. If I took a damned good thrashing from her and also agreed to do all her laundry and house cleaning for the rest of the term and attended to her every need on request then she said, she might, just might reconsider the sacking. I gave her my promise that I would do all that and more and for her please not to sack me. The Headteacher then turned to her desk and wrote something on a piece of writing paper and handed it to me. On it was the hardest thing to bear at this stage in the role-play. I was as excited as hell and literally gagging for my punishment but she had written - "End of storyline we are going out for dinner and I will deal with you later". Talk about frustration. I put on a happy face however as she told me to place the paddle and the cane in the sitting room for later because there was not enough arm swinging room in the study and she wanted to have a hard go at my bottom.

We set off for the restaurant in great spirits and the dinner was excellent. We spoke eagerly of our plans for the week ahead and for our forthcoming holiday and we were back home all too quickly. I had held off from too much alcohol but we were each on a high as we entered the house. My wife turned to me in the hallway and told me to go to the sitting room and strip to my shirt and pants and face the wall. When she entered the room and told me turn around I was stunned to see her in high heels, stockings, suspenders and the white blouse covering her upper body and waist. To add to the effect she had her hair pulled back tightly in a pony tail. Briskly I was reminded of my role as a school master and hers as the Headmistress and the fact that I had agreed to a severe punishment and an ongoing service to her needs. Looking straight ahead I apologized for my behavior and asked her to punish me. The Headteacher ordered me across her lap and began a hand spanking that lasted more than five minutes. Then I was sent to stand in the center of the room and bend over with my hands on my knees while she lectured me for an age before yanking my pants down. When she discovered the thin silk panties underneath she was apoplectic with rage and demanded to know why one of her male staff was wearing ladies underwear. In an embarrassed way I explained that I enjoyed the feel of the tight panties. The Headteacher promised me a number of extra strokes for my insolence and yanked them down along with my underpants. The paddle whacked into me with such force that I nearly lost my balance and she proceeded to give me 30 hard strokes. When she was satisfied that I was sore and bright red all over she told me to go and face the wall and wait. As my panties slid to the floor she asked me to pass them to her and left the room.

On her return the Headteacher grabbed my wrist and pulled me over to the back of the sofa and then pushed the pair of panties in my mouth, telling me that that would teach me a lesson and keep me quiet at the same time. I was told to bend right over and spread my legs and prepare for a severe thrashing. She lectured me again and told me I was damn lucky not to be out on my ear. The caning was slow and hard with each stroke placement tapped out on my bottom two or three times before the cane was whipped into me. After a dozen strokes she threw the cane down and told me to tidy the room up and join her in the bedroom. I staggered up the stairs somewhat weak at the knees, rubbing the soreness from my bottom and then forgot all about the pain as I saw my wife laying on the bed in stockings and black lingerie. Without saying a word she pointed at the triangle between her legs and I lay on my front to get started on the task ahead.

That was some anniversary and I cannot wait for a birthday to come up.

Best wishes Michael

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Panty Daze

We are still having fun with our new panty girdles. We found some on eBay for only $1.99. Call them not much control panties, certainly not real girdles. We like the way they fit and feel. So smooth. Becall needed some new everyday panties and these fit the bill. We are working our way through initiating each pair by paddling her in each one.

We will try some some photos, when we get time. Plus Becall says she has something to post.



Panties and paddling go together.

We grew up when girdles were every day wear and marked a coming of age. Young ladies knew how to flirt with their stocking tops, garter belts and sometimes a flash of panties. They would cross their legs and flash their hose as they dangled their high heels.

I don’t recall many dates when the girl was not wearing a girdle. A proper foundation was considered essential. How times have changed. I recall one date that wore tight white shorts, but she still had on a panty girdle.

One lass wore several layers of undergarments. I asked why. She said her Mother thought it would protect her. It didn’t. <smile> This is back in the days when most making out took place in cars. It took some time to get all the layers off and back on but we managed. <smile>

On November 5, the Wall Street Journal had an article

Shapewear Has Women Bent out of Shape

It started: Before Jessica Kraus put on a tight-fitting frock one recent evening, she wriggled into a $76 piece of flesh-toned underwear that extended from the bottom of her bra to mid-thigh. She felt confident and svelte as she left her apartment to meet friends for cocktails.

Then a few hours later, the 25-year-old Boston event planner was faced with what she says was a "horrific situation." As she was embracing a man she had met that night, Ms. Kraus got to thinking about what lurked beneath her sleek exterior.

"There's no graceful way of taking the thing off," she says.

I liked what one father wrote in response to the article: As a father of two young women, I plan on adding Spanx to their Christmas list this year; the harder to get off, the better.

It seems that underwear can still be employed in an attempt to thwart young hormones.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Welcome Followers, Welcome All

When we changed to the new format last month, a Followers widget was added. Since then, a few more people have signed on as followers. Welcome!

The last seven posts have all been different. They did not garner any comments, so I guess none of them were all that great to you??

If you have some likes/dislikes, let us know. Leave a comment or write direct to

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The Perfect Spanking Position

Why didn’t I think of this position? Insertion is possible and the bottom is presented like bongo drums. Perfect!

Let us know how you like it.


For the record, Becall dissents with my view.

Maybe if I lose my waist line bulge she will come around?

Monday, November 9, 2009

Change Is Constant

So many of the Blogs we have followed have bitten the dust this year. Of course, new Blogs are started everyday. Right now, for us, the new ones are not as filling as the those that have gone toes up.

We got on the web in the early days. We were here when text only Gopher browsing was the only game in town. Searching for spanking returned on a few hundred hits. Yes, in the hundreds. Most of the hits were for story sites and forums.

Most of the personal interaction was in newsgroups, ASS and then SSS. I see they are still around. This was a playground where many came to one place. Now we have many playgroups, Blogs.

I wonder what will be the next wrinkle?

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Joe Shares His Passion for Spanking

A few weeks ago, I was enjoying a dialog with one of the readers, Joe.

He wrote this, which said to me that we shared like tastes in spanking.

.....nothing (for me) can substitute or compare to sharing the bond that just exudes sexual tension and
anticipation. Throw the paddle in, and you have touched off what is the ultimate in the type of spanking/paddling that energizes me.

I wrote him back with an offer: If you want to send us a story that embodies those elements, we would publish it with whatever attribution you want.

I did not get a story, but rather, well you read it.

I will preface this with two "disclaimers", for lack of a better word.

The first is that spanking fiction is one facet that I have never gravitated to.

The second is that although I think the varied sources that dabble in spanking do serve some purpose, I would encourage all those (especially women) to explore using sources created by everyday people who share in their passion.

Although I knew early on that I had an interest in spanking, my journey to learn more started around 1985. Despite getting paddled on two occasions in Catholic School, my experiences to date come from administering.

Initially I was surprised by the number of females that were like me, looking to play. An average white male who was rounded in his life, an eager (lol) made me a reliable candidate to some extent.

Never did I put myself in the category of S&M or dom or submissive. Clearly when giving a spanking, opportunities present themselves based on simple human nature, to be dominant. Being sadistic is not a trait that I can ever remember being present. Lustful toward a spanked bottom; absolutely.

One of the most satisfying experiences I can relay was with someone I met under "normal" circumstances. It was not until several conversations that spanking came up during a conversation about sex. The more we talked, the more we both got more stimulated. Crazy as this sounds, it was in mid sentence that Michelle turned around and stuck her rear end towards me and said something to the effect of; "let's see".

Her wish of being paddled that she had kept to herself for a long time seemed almost too good to be true; for both us. Sadly on this occasion as everything was impromptu, no paddle was on hand. The spanking, and sex that followed however; easy. I say easy because often that first encounter beyond foreplay (for me anyway) has some hurdles.

The hand spanking I gave Michelle was sound as her behind was nicely red, but also very heavy on the erotic side. Although I made sure that rubbing was the only thing I allowed myself to do as to not spoil the spanking, her body made it clear that the spanking was priming her for more.

Unfortunately more time than we both would have liked passed before the next opportunity. It was worth the wait! It was funny in that I made sure I had a paddle ready. Michelle showed up with one as well. Bending her over the back of the sofa I initially gave her 10 or 12. They were all solid, and when the first crack of that wood paddle made contact with her behind, I knew it was what she anticipated, as well as feared. She stood up and faced my fireplace (sadly no fire was burning as it was summer) and although she was not crying, her face looked like she might have wanted to. I put my arms around her and as we began to kiss I realized she was soaked. We once again experienced the most gratifying sex.

Out of sequence perhaps, but we then ordered pizza. Sorry if this seems lacking in the romance department.

Less than an hour after finishing, she was leaning on her knees toward my couch preparing to take the paddle. This time we talked allot. She was fresh, sassy, swearing, giggling, you name it. In between swats, her bottom was fingered along with a great deal of play in general. Tension was very high. Her bottom at this point was marked like I wanted to frame it and hang it.

Not to contradict myself as it pertains to role play, but there was a great deal of back & forth that I would not call role play, but most likely would be interpreted as such by others?

The bond was the best I ever experienced in all my years of spanking. Michelle also did something over the ensuing months that I did not think was possible. She opened my mind up to finding myself on the other side of the paddle. Honestly she had me so hot, horny and bothered, I think I was as excited about getting it, as I ever was about giving it. To keep this no longer than it already is, I will leave it as circumstances never allowed her to give me that dose of the paddle. ;0(

In closing I would say that I have not been a good boyfriend over the years. The classic example of a workaholic who always made "some time", but never had gotten the whole priority thing. Now at 46 I find myself looking to make that connection that I know I will recognize and more importantly appreciate.

My tip (especially for women), is to not pigeonhole yourself into thinking you can only take the spanking/paddling. To share fun, enjoy sex, and experience imaginative times, I now realize splitting the time of that paddle handle is what life is all about.

Joe Angelotti

Why not write Joe, if only to wish him well.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

A Promising Curve

The second spanking publication I bought was Modern Spankings, by Will Henry. Copyright 1969. [Yes, I was a young lad back then] I never spent a lot on spanking literature or movies, but this paperback was my all time favorite. It’s a compendium of fictional case studies of almost every type of spanking relationship; parent/teen, marital spanking, everyone in the family spanks and gets spanks. This book served me well as a masturbation companion. I was a randy fellow in those days and intercourse twice a day was sometimes just not enough.

While stories of paddled sorority pledges were of significant interest, my favorite “case studies” were in the marital spanking section, especially those about couples who switched and spanked just for erotic purposes. I had no idea I would soon meet a young woman who would share my interest. My number one story was about Ed and June. They were dating when she was under going pledge training. Ed was interested in hearing about the paddlings the girls got and June discovered she was “more ardent when my bottom was still smarting and prickling from the paddlings dished at the hazing sessions”. Soon enough, she was over Ed’s knee for smacks on her skirt prior to all their necking sessions. [There’s a word from yesteryear] After more dates, her tight-fitting skirt came up to reveal the tops of her stockings, white thighs and trim pink panties. [That brings back some fond memories for me]

Well wouldn’t you know it, after about a year of dating, we find out that June decided Ed should get a dose of his own medicine. She got her sorority paddle, bent him over and acted very bossy as she put the paddle to him. Ed revealed that “the paddle stung smartly through my clothes in a very stimulating way and I was quite a bit embarrassed by the reaction which I couldn’t conceal when I straightened up”. [You too huh Ed] June relates “ I pretended not to notice the big lump in Ed’s pants afterwards, but I was delighted”. Through the remainder of their courtship, they rarely had a date when Ed didn’t get the paddle and June did not get his hand on her panties. [How sweet, they saved themselves]

It concludes, “With this spanking background, we could hardly wait to give each other a bare bottom initiation on our honeymoon. On the first night at the motel I promptly went over Ed’s lap and blushed hotly as my skirt was lifted and my panties were lowered to my knees. I nearly melted as he gave me my first hand spanking on the completely bare bottom. Afterwards, when I was down to my garter belt and hose, I initiated Ed. The promising curve he presented as I lowered his shorts for him indicated that things would be very interesting later on. He bent over the side of the bed and I showed him what the paddle felt like on the bare bottom. [A promising curve is what it’s all about]

You want to hear about Alan and Jackie?

Paddle Peach2