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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Spanking Game

Game One

Spanking game with 13 popular positions
Instructions: draw a position card, roll the die, pick a paddle, assume the position and experience the burn. Wait 15 minutes and repeat until all positions have been drawn.
Position Cards
Put your nose on the floor, spread your legs
Bend ALL the way over the bar stool
Lay on your back on the desk, hold your legs up
OTK, straddle one knee
0Th, what is generally called OTK
Bend over the chair
Bend over the desk
Bend over the deck railing
Nose on bed
Kneel on prayer bench
Hands on wall
Hands on head
Roll of die determines number of licks
When die shows Number of licks
1-2 2
3-4 4
5-6 6

This warmup game should only be played by admitted sadists and masochists. We play with substantial wood paddles and the bottom does the picking of the paddle for each position. Adjust for your local conditions.

Game Two

This is a fun game that can be played without a computer.

On a small piece of paper, write the name of each toy that might be used. Fold each piece paper and set the stack aside.

On an equally small pieces of paper write the name of each pair of panties that might be worn for the game.

On a third group of small pieces of paper, write the number of licks that might be taken.

Ready to play? Draw from the panty pile and put the panties on.

Then draw from the implement pile. Finally, draw from the number of licks pile.

What are you waiting for, bend over and take your licks.

You could make a rule that some fraction of the licks be bare bottom.
You can always draw again from the implement and licks pile.

You could have a rule that if you deem the number of licks is too many, you can draw again with say a two lick penalty.

Our licks pile had the numbers 10 through 30. Many want a lot more than that, so you could keep the number of slips of paper down by numbering by 5 or 10.

You can have another stack for positions. Like 15 over the sofa with a crop in your polka dot panties.