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Monday, December 31, 2018

Skinny Dipping

Happy New Year Readers

First a report on Red Panty Month. Bacall got paddle pops every day, except one. I got pops 2 to 4 times a week. I tried to tally the number of days she was Miss Iron Bottom - 12, the days the spanking was a prelude to sex - 4, the days she was sensitive - 6. The rest of the days she just enjoyed a warm bottom for a while.

If it is winter weather where you are, perhaps this will help.


  1. Ahh, skinny dipping. Have never been in the ocean.

    However, have had the pleasure on numerous hot summer days and more frequently nights in various secluded coves on the Bay.

    It is interesting the difference in the feel of the water without any clothing - the water just seems "closer". Hard to describe, so you will just have to try it yourself.

    Have only had another couple join us once. While interesting and fun, we never repeated primarily because many of our nude swimming adventures have ended with sex in the water - we never wanted to be cramped by an audience.

  2. I would not say we are libertines, but we have been skinny dipping a lot times. Rivers, oceans, lakes, hot springs, and many many hot tubs. Most of the time with others, some we knew, some were strangers. When the clothes come off in such a setting all pretenses go with them. People get real. Most of the western states have thermal features. Oregon maybe more than other states has hot springs. Some are easy to access, others take a moderate hike. Always a good time.

  3. Wow , skinny dipping. Didn’t think anyone used that term anymore. Been so long since I tried that. Water by me too cold and not exactly clean.
    My luck I’d run into a chain of gay guys.

    That second photo , is she on a target range?

    Happy New Year to all! Let’s hope for a great 2019!

  4. We have skinny dipped in pools, lake cove but never the ocean or the beach.
    Nude or clothing optional beaches are not our thing.
    But to go to a secluded beach and spend an afternoon skinny dipping with my lady would be amazing!
    Bucket list material!

    Happy New Year and may you be blessed with the thrill of many, many, many burning bottom times!

  5. Happy 2019.

    Sounds like you both had fun.

    Have skinny dipped in pool many a time, but never in the sea. Maybe add it to my bucket list.



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