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Monday, December 3, 2018


Let me try a question out on you. I can’t answer it myself since my parents did not have any dedicated spanking tools which could be passed along. Switches mostly. So if your parents had a spanking tool, what happened to it? If you had the option would you have wanted it as a keepsake? Would you want to be spanked with it now? Or is that too weird?

I asked a friend about this. She and her two sisters were no strangers to Mom's hairbrush and Dad's belt all the time they lived at home.

My mother is old-fashioned, so she doesn't talk about sex, and only acknowledges spankings if one of my nieces or nephews get them. I suspect most of my mother's spankings are for pleasure rather than discipline. The few times we heard them late at night, she wasn't bawling and pleading like it was actual punishment. We heard a few 'Ows" along with the smack of a hand or paddle on her bare bottom, but it never got loud like ours did!  

The last time I saw mom's hairbrush was a couple of years ago, and she was using it on my 13 yo niece, so I'm pretty sure its still in her possession. 

As for owning it, I think it would be better served going to either of my sisters. They both have teenage daughters who sometimes need that maternal guidance. :) 

Would I want to be spanked with it now? I doubt the sting would be any less than I remember, but just knowing it had been used on my bare bottom growing up would make it special.  

I've read a few stories about hairbrushes being handed down, but I wonder if any are actually true? I couldn't see my parents suggesting to my husband and brother-in-laws that my sisters and I still needed to be spanked after we got married, that would be weird for me! I'm sure if it was going to happen, my dad would have bought each of them a nice new belt instead! :)



  1. I have no idea what happened to my mother's the original sample, but......

    Among other things she used a "fly back" paddle - the 50's & 60's kid's toy which supposedly developed kids' eye / hand co-ordination by hitting a small rubber ball attached by a rubber band to one side of the wooden paddle. As a general rule, the rubber band broke quickly and the surviving paddle was usurped by a parent and used to refine their eye / fanny co-ordination on their kid's bottoms.

    W and I bought a fly back paddle when we were in our early 30's at a yard sale for a quarter from a middle aged couple - the woman looked at us somewhat knowingly and blushed (flushed maybe?) a bit during the sale - she had to make change for us - we always wondered how many times this paddle had smacked her or their bare bottoms! I think W and the older woman had that female radar thing going on and they both knew exactly what that paddle had been, and would be, used for! Why they were selling it?...I guess they found something that they liked better. Or, maybe they put it in the sale just to see who would buy it, perhaps if purchased by an acquaintance or close by neighbor they could develop a relationship later. I did notice that the woman pointed us out to her husband as we were leaving - something was definitely up!

    By the time we bought this, I was being paddled as least as frequently as W, and frequently we would both be paddled in a single session. I initiated this purchase at the garage sale, since our first paddle was not really stingy enough for me - this was undoubtedly the very best 25 cent investment we have ever made!

    So I do not have my mother's paddle, and it certainly was not handed down. But I do have a copy which has been slightly modified with a sheet of heavy leather glued to one side - wood on one side, leather on the other - allows the spanker to switch paddles instantly during a spanking.

  2. Really enjoyed reading the history of your experiences with a Fli Back. I will point it to Bacall. My childhood experience with them was getting the ball in my eye. Never figured out coordination.

    My adult experience with them was when Bacall bought one for my stocking our first Christmas together. It partially told here in a 2007 post.

  3. Posting for Magenta

    My mother had a combo clothes brush/shoehorn that was made of hard light colored, call it "blond", wood. It was about 18 inches long, 3 inches wide and the bristles had been sliced off. It stung like the dickens! I have no idea what happened to it but suspect it was lost of discarded in a move. And yes, I'd love to have and to be on the receiving end again.

    Sorry to send this comment by e-mail but the only posting option I was offered required a Google ID.

    My regards to you and keep on posting, I love your blog.
    I learned to cook at my Mother's knee
    I learned to behave over it!


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