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Foolishness since 2007

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

A Holiday Tradition

Bacall started Red Panties And Paddles Days 20+ years ago. At first, it was the 12 days before Christmas. Then we learned the actual 12 Days were after Christmas, so we did both. Now it's the whole month. Every day this month she has gotten her red panties paddled, usually with our red Fli Back paddle - the one she put my stocking our first Christmas. I have not escaped, she has put the wood to me a few times. Most days, it's only 6-8 pops, but twice she received the extended play version to her delight.

At the Fireplace

For example, the other morning I asked how she wanted her paddling. Her request was simple, to be paddled in the foyer bent over the back of a chair so she could look into the living room at the decorations she put up the day before. I gave her a long and hard paddling while she twitched her fanny around and sang made up words to the Chick A Boom tune. Her bottom got hot and so did she. 

Do you have any holiday spanking traditions?


  1. I love your holiday traditions, especially how you doubled down when you discovered the actual 12 days schedule. The red paddle in your stocking your first Christmas was a nice touch too. No special holiday traditions here, although a cup of eggnog could lead to me getting a spanking sometimes.

    1. We wish others would share similar traditions.
      We would love some eggnog, but on our low carb diet, it would be too much.
      Used to drink it by the tall glass.

  2. A wonderful holiday tradition. No spanking ones here,


  3. Can’t say we ever had any spanking traditions for Christmas. New Years is a different story. Used to count down to the new year with paddle swats.
    Actually went to a party one year a long time back where we had about 8 couples all involved in counting down to the new year. I recall the males all dressed like the New Years baby getting their bare bottoms paddled in unison. After the ball fell it was the ladies turn to be paddled. 1986 was a good year!

  4. We did the 12 spankings of Christmas last year. Sadly though, no repeat performance this year.


  5. What a great tradition!
    Thanks for sharing OBB!


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