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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, November 19, 2018

Why Do Men Wear Panties?

Well, according to me and this guy anyway. Your mileage may vary.

Available in hundreds of colors
Available in thousands of styles
Invisible under most pants and jeans
Erotic for many men to wear
Cheaper than men's underwear

and the number one reason for me is a cultural “forbidden pleasure”


  1. I wear panties every day now. The "forbidden pleasure" certainly is key. I also am very interested in being feminized, even more so in a "forced" way. However, my wife doesn't really care what I am wearing so I wear them for myself.

  2. Hey, it’s better than wearing diapers!

    Although not my thing, I’d be curious to know if you guys go shopping in stores or online.
    Where I live, seeing males shopping in stores like Victoria’s Secret wouldn’t be anything out of the ordinary but in rural America it’s got to be a challenge

    1. We used to hitch the mules to wagon and go to the mall, but, like all over the country, malls went away, so we sold the mules and order online now. We miss the social aspect, but you got to keep up with progress. Those mules were great company.

  3. Never seen a mule in my urban setting. However we do have Uber drivers that smell like mules.
    Fortunately for you , your mules understood English. I don’t think “Take me panty shopping” translates into Farsi.
    I just might have to shop online and give the panty a try.

  4. I am a pantyman, my wife likes me wearing them and we go shopping for them together. The thrill is good and the spankings in them later is fantastic! Whatever turns people on is okay by me.


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