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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, September 10, 2018

No Goody Two Shoes

In two recent Sunday Brunches, our views have been in the minority. Heck, it seems we are always in the minority spanking-wise. We are switches that switch with each other. We both embrace the fun and sexual components of spanking and never the discipline/punishment side.

What jumped out at me in the responses was that most strongly felt that spanking was something that could only be done with an exclusive partner.

Hotels and motels would be out of business if all sex was with exclusive partners. But, I am to believe that spanking only with a third party is more of a taboo than sex?

We have great respect for the monogamous, for their depth of commitment, for the work and courage necessary to pull off a conscious decision to remain monogamous. We are sexually monogamous ourselves. Monogamy is normal, but not natural. It is the cultural norm, with centuries of assumptions and confirmation bias backing it up, and it may seem like sacrilege to say that it is unnatural, but then again it was once sacrilege to say that the earth revolved around the sun instead of the other way around.

Two things set us apart.

We have no issue with nudity. We have been to nudist resorts, neighborhood hot tub parties, hot springs etc. Being nude is natural to us. 

Second, we are not jealous. We lean into the poly camp. We think intimate relationships with others is healthy. We don't think that such relationships have to include sex. Yes, sharing with another your most private feelings, being nude, spanking, cuddling, even sleeping together does not in our world mean we are not fully committed to the other.


  1. Clarification Comment, then Question: Assuming you and Bacall were "spanking monogamous" first, then extended your spanking to include others. How long were you two spanking monogamous before venturing out?

  2. Almost 20 years. It came at a time when we were OK financially and could take long weekend trips.

    1. Thanks Bogey.
      We're newb's and frankly, Her's is the only knee I wish to be taken over.
      I'm not knocking others for what, where or how they do things. In fact I admire those who are more adventurous. I'm just not there yet, probably never will be but the beauty is, there's something for everyone in this spanko world.


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