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Saturday, September 8, 2018

Back-Alley Abortions

The usual Dem scare tactics are in full swing during the Kavanaugh confirmation process. A return to Back-Alley abortions seem to lead the list of atrocities that will result should he be confirmed.

It turns out that I am in favor of Back-Alley abortions. I want Chuck Schumer to be the first one aborted.


A letter from 13 progressive groups (listed below) trashing Schumer for not doing more

Dear Democratic Leader Schumer,

The Supreme Court is on the line, and you are failing us.

... Kavanaugh is an extremist who will help institutionalize Trump's hate for a generation. He will end women's access to abortion, decimate Obamacare, supercharge voter suppression and gut the EPA. 

....Holding 49 Democrats is the only way we can succeed in pressuring flippable Republicans like Sens. Collins and Murkowski to listen to the Mainers and Alaskans who are demanding that they vote no on a judge who will deprive women control over their own bodies.

Democracy for America 

Color Of Change 

Demand Progress 

Friends of the Earth
Justice Democrats 
Social Security Works
Women's March 


On their stated concerns:
decimate Obamacare - woohoo
supercharge voter suppression - Yes, require voter ID
gut the EPA - Just close it 
as to women's control over their own bodies, birth control is one option.


  1. Curious, just who finds all those groups?
    Surpringly they forgot to mention abolishing the NRA.
    I also agree about birth control, along with education as an option although I will admit I’m not totally against abortions.

    What’s next on their agenda? Will paddling be outlawed?

  2. About 4 years ago I was with my husband and his family on a vacation where he grew up. Its a small remote area and we went to where numerous of his elderly relations had been buried, small graveyard, next to a river and surrounded by trees. One grave had the birth and death date of what would have been his grandmothers sister. She died from a "back-alley" abortion in the early 1950's. His grandmother, her older sister, lived to be 93. So, due to a back alley abortion, she was cheated out of perhaps 50 odd years of life. Keep in mind that in those days, an unwed mother often had their child taken from them, put up for adoption and the "mother" sent off to some sort of girls school that was essentially a Christian prison reform sort of hellhole. I wish all pregnancies were healthy to term, and desired. But in the real world, where the religious right protests proper sex education in schools, thereby one reason why they lead the nation in unwanted pregnancies and abortions, (yea, so called red states do) things are complicated. As a libertarian, I loathe big GOP government telling me what I can do with my body. By the way, the sister of my husbands grandmother was raped..ergo the pregnancy.

    1. I hope that you realize that I just want Chuck et. al. to stop the drama of scaring people about the loss of a right to an abortion. It was in the same vein as holding up Trump's severed head.

      I don't actually favor back alley abortions. In fact, I don't advocate abortions.

      I speak limited LIbertarian.


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