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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Men Are Strange

Looking at amateur video clips, either porn or spanking, it's usually the man who hides his face. Wonder why? If the woman is shown, why does the man feel he needs to hide? 

Some go to extremes like the guy above. I think he was an extra on Duck Dynasty. I saw another guy in a balaclava. Really?

And it's not just their face they hide. In almost every spanking clip I have seen they hide their penis. I enjoy being spanked and every time I am spanked I have an erection. I just can't imagine hiding it if I were on camera. Men send women dick pics, but hide their faces.

And while I am on a rant, what's with carpet beaters?  I guess we are so focused on wood paddles everything seems odd to us. Would that be an obsessive occlusion?

Slippers! Never seen a slipper that would have any effect, but they are quite popular with men. Maybe it's a maternal need thing? Maybe it's a foot fetish? It seems to be another Brit fav like canes. Now a wooden sandal is a different deal.

Just not going to get the job done

So, we are pretty fixed on wood paddles. When I see a slipper, carpet beater, cane, strap, etc, I just pass over that picture. Though Bacall does like the belt now and again.


  1. You can say that again:) I thought it was a women spanker.


  2. Self confidence is a tricky thing. Beyond those that hide their face for privacy reasons, hiding the crotch area might be due to a feeling of being under-endowed. :)

    1. I had not thought of under-endowment. That could be a reason.
      I should have said when the wife's face is shown, why does the man feel a privacy need when he could be identified though his wife.

    2. Its are strange. :)

  3. We are strange, us men. Thankfully! And my wife has a very large, rubber soled slipper that works well on my bottom.


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