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Monday, June 18, 2018

Non Consensual Spanking - Where are the feminists?

I am on my soapbox today.

Where are the feminists? They don't seem to be on spanking sites. The women I am going to write about will probably not see this. They are devout bottoms and want nothing to do with even thinking about spanking men. 

OBB is all about consensual spanking. Neither of us will be dominated by anyone or seeks to dominate anyone. Most F/M blogs are about the female being in charge. Most M/F blogs are about the man being in charge. Got it. That's an agreement between two people. 

It's when the activities, real or fantasy, depict non-consensual behavior that we feel the responsible action is to speak out.

Men seem to be outed hourly for unwanted suggestive words, for inappropriate touching, or coercive sex, etc. So I am puzzled by popular spanking blogs that regularly offer stories of fictional nonconsensual spankings of underage females. This baffles me when the blogger is female. It's a head-scratcher to me that female reader's of these stories are enthusiastic in their response to the stories. It is the readers that concern me more than a single blogger. Where are the feminists?

Tales of being caned by the headmaster and the like are tiresome to me. Using the power of a position to bare always delectable bottoms seems to me to be akin to rape. 

Is this what they would want for their own daughter?
Is this what they want their sons to do?
All of us need to set appropriate examples.

Why do women enjoy such stories? Do female readers of these stories see themselves as something to be conquered and tamed? Do they sincerely want men to be like the characters in the stories?

There is a dichotomy between such fiction and how women say they want to be treated. It seems that “please abuse me” is in a lot of women's dreams. It has to be confusing to men with no moral compass. Publishing such stories is like tossing gasoline on a smoldering fire. It's despicable.

This is a hot button for us. We are both involved with both men and women who are physically abused. And yes, spanking/beatings of kids are a part of it. We are unalterably opposed to the depiction of abuse to minors.

This morning I read a profile of a male spanker that is looking for a casual spanking experience. His favorite roleplay scenes are principal/student and daddy/daughter. He is a retired HS principal.


  1. Hey Stranger...surprise! I tune back in to blogland and what do a article about something that has always puzzled me. I have spoken with several people regarding this topic along with the stories where the 'hero' rapes the 'heroine' and they then fall in love. The most common response I've gotten is "It's just fantasy, I wouldn't condone it if it was real." Really? I can guarantee that there is no way I would fall in love with someone who spanked me against my will or raped me. Not happening. And before anyone points out discipline spankings, when you enter into a DD or D/s relationship that incorporates that aspect, you agree. Oh and that retired principal...just ewww!

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. I thought about you when I wrote it. Figured you would agree with some it.
      Bacall used to read the bodice rippers and we played out some of the scenes.
      Ones like the Persian Prince kidnaps the feisty heroine and keeps her chained in his sleeping room until she succumbs to him. Hot, but not rape.

  2. Bogey, you are a dinosaur like myself. Similar tastes, similar beliefs. The exception rather than the rule. Trying to find logical reasons in these now illogical and I’ll add hypocritical times.
    What’s good for the goose is no longer good for the gander.
    As for the feminists, I keep hearing George Carlin in my head. “Who’d fuck them anyway”
    The world we grew up in is gone. Is it now better, depends on who you talk to.
    In some ways I’m glad I’m closer to the end of my run than the beginning

    1. I am most definitely a dinosaur. I am a feminist of the Camille Pagila variety. She makes sense to me and is despised by feminists that you and I disagree with.
      More about her if you are not familiar with her.

  3. THANK YOU! Those spanking stories depicting children or young adults being beaten by aunts, headmasters, teachers, etc are horrible.

    1. Having now found your blog, I think I will enjoy reading it. While we do not come to spanking in the same way, I always appreciate one who knows what she needs and can engineer a way to get it without employing unreasonable behavior to get it. I think you have done that. I am making you down as one smart cookie. Best


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