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Monday, May 14, 2018

Men Can't Spank

This comment was made on a post that had nothing to do with discipline. Those that crave discipline can seldom resist ringing in and they usually include a witnessed public spanking.

The commentator said she and her "hubby" were female. I doubt it, but what the hey I always need an idea for a post.

What woman does not enjoy a spanking, I sure do, only problem is the males don't know how to properly give a spanking, they are to easy and stop too soon. 

Many women lament their husband does not give the thrashing they crave. As many or more men report the same from the wife that spanks them. Trying to make a spanker from a vanilla is exceedingly difficult. Their desires should have been discussed before proposing marriage.

....  My hubby will spank me when it is needed and does not care where. I was taken to the restroom once while eating out, my attitude was the reason, my hubby just took my arm and soon I was in a stall, bottom bared and getting a spanking. 

Here is the leading cause of men and women feeling their spouse is not being the disciplinarian they desire. Their spouse does not desire a partner who acts out. They expect adult behavior. 

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  1. IMO there is a fine line between a really hard disciplinary spanking and spousal abuse. I don’t feel the average spanking couple really go towards that extreme. Maybe in some of the DD relationships you have that but to me that takes it beyond the enjoyable, fun aspects.


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