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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Walking In The Rain

A reader shared this:

Depending on the mood, and if it's a warm rain, my husband and I will go out walking in it. The very first time we did it was before we got married, and we were on our way to his folks' place. He suddenly pulled off on a little back road, then turned down a little field road that led back into a grove of trees. There was a little pond right in the middle and we walked around it, getting pretty wet before we got back to the car. We made love right there, standing against the car, in the rain, and it was pretty magical. We've stopped at that pond a few other times, but that first time is still the best!

I am sure many of us have an experience with rain. We raced sailboats for a quarter decade, so we have lots of wet experiences. Perhaps the worst was when the wind dies in a steady deluge. Just floating. The rain gear keeps most of it off, but more than once we tacked and a bucket full poured off the sail down my back.

Another memory from years ago. I was car shopping, walking between adjacent downtown dealerships. It was a warm day, the rain was in droplet form, but not heavy, not windblown, just delightfully warm. I got soaked to the skin and it felt so good I continued walking just to be in the rain.

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