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Saturday, February 17, 2018

It's the Weekend

An average of one school shooting every 60 hours. 

Students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School painted the picture of a weird and disturbed teen who sold knives out of a lunchbox, bragged about killing animals and was finally kicked out of school for fighting and carrying bullets in his backpack.  

An FBI official also said Thursday that they were warned - not once, but twice - about the shooter. One of the warnings came in September, from a bail bondsman in Mississippi who alerted the feds about an alarming online message Cruz wrote saying he was 'going to be a professional school shooter'. The FBI did not bother to even try to locate him.

Some think the response should be gun control! This guy should not have been walking around. 50 years ago, in response to abusive environments in some state hospitals, we begin releasing patients without any supervision. It's now all but impossible to have anyone involuntarily committed in most states. The responsibility for treatment for mental health is in the hands of jailers. 

Confinement is fraught with possibilities for abuse. But, we allow DA's to prosecute people with zero evidence, so what would be so different here?

Added Sunday 2/18

No, There Haven't Been 18 School Shootings This Year — Not Even Close

We are now in the middle of a third great modern scandal. Members of the Obama administration’s Department of Justice sought court approval for the surveillance of Carter Page, allegedly for colluding with Russian interests, and extended the surveillance three times.

But none of these government officials told the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court that the warrant requests were based on an unverified dossier that had originated as a hit piece funded in part by the Hillary Clinton campaign to smear Donald Trump during the current 2016 campaign.

Nor did these officials reveal that the author of the dossier, Christopher Steele, had already been dropped as a reliable source by the FBI for leaking to the press.

Nor did officials add that a Department of Justice official, Bruce Ohr, had met privately with Steele — or that Ohr’s wife, Nellie, had been hired to work on the dossier.

The new FBI director, Christopher Wray, has also reassigned the FBI’s top lawyer, James Baker, who purportedly leaked the Steele dossier to a sympathetic journalist.

Scandal, Corruption, Lawbreaking — And So What?

An article worth reading

Al-Qaeda’s chick-lit: how to please your holy warrior 

“GREET your husband with a smile when he comes and a smile when he goes.” So says a new magazine aimed at women in the Middle East. “Don’t dabble in his work,” it continues, and certainly don’t hector him. “Can you imagine all the bloodshed and bones he sees every day? Your fussing only increases the pressure.”

The magazine, launched in December, is called Beituki (“Your Home”). The publisher is al-Qaeda, which seems fed up with the way other jihadists empower their women. Al-Qaeda’s scribes tell female members to stay indoors and be good brides. “Make your house a paradise on earth,” it advises. “Prepare the food your husband loves, prepare his bed after that and do what he wants.”


  1. I couldn't agree more! These shootings are primarily a mental health issue. There is also a SERIOUS problem with law enforcement, particularly the FBI. My understanding is that the "tips" are reported to a centralized communications center. Frequently they are not then shared with the appropriate Field Offices. Having someone in DC, who may or may not be a Special Agent, screen tips and decide if they should be further investigated is a bad policy and approach. Local Field Offices are much better equipped to run down such leads and evaluate the actual risk. They have relationships with local Law Enforcement and can have agents do interviews. The FBI will tell you that their hands are tied without probable cause. Talking to local Law Enforcement would have yielded the fact that their paths had crossed the shooter multiple times. That would create the needed probable cause to pursue all leads and in all likelihood would have prevented this mass murder. When will we learn? Local control is always best.
    As for the real war on women, you're dead on. In our PC world we can't deal with facts. Feminists are silent in the case of Islam. Do they not see this could be the future of their daughters?
    Finally, I love your blog. I'm hoping you keep on keepin' on. I urge you NOT to end OBB!!!

    1. Maybe wrong, but I understood an FBI office in MS was alerted. Anything that gets as big as the FBI can not be effective. My rule anything over a dozen folks needs to broken up. Work gets done with 12 or less.

      Thanks for your support. Posting may not be as regular, but we will continue.

  2. Yes, the MS Office was alerted, but the more specific tip from FL was not referred to the Miami Office. It's my understanding that the Florida tip was from "someone close" to the shooter. Yup, smaller is better!

  3. Let's not forget that many of these killers were on very strong psychiatric type drugs. All of these drugs have strong secondary effects. We don’t know whether it is causation or correlation, but its prevalence is so high that it needs to be studied.

    I know a guy that had to stop taking Chantix , because it made him have suicidal thoughts. Here is a very normal guy that just wants to stop smoking and he started thinking that “suicide was a really good option.”

    I have a friend who is a psychologist. He told me that as far as he can tell, all psychiatric drugs have thoughts of suicide as a potential side effect. Imagine you have a teen that has serious behavior problems, so they give him really strong mood altering drugs- what could go wrong?

  4. So if you are taking psychiatric type drugs you need to be closely monitored. Did not know that.

    Read this morning, his brother was committed yesterday. FL allows a 12 hour evaluation period.

  5. On the topic of the Every Town for Gun Safety report which claimed 18 school shootings so far in 2018 which some of "the usual suspects" have latched onto to promote......

    When even the Washington Post admits that the numbers are bogus, you know they are way out of line (AKA: "fake news").

    Apparently, Every Town's definition of a "school shooting" is if a single round of ammunition is fired on school grounds, intentionally or not, it is a "school shooting". To them it does not make any difference if the school is in session or even an active school.

    The story is referenced here:

    To Every Town, a suicide in the parking lot of a closed school = school shooting; the linked article points out more examples of shootings which they reported to get their count of 18.

    Here is another analysis of Every Town for Gun Safety's methodology from 2014, so this type of reporting is not new to the group,a mistake or an error,it is a pattern and their standard operating procedure:

    It does not really matter which side of the gun control issue you fall on, bogus reports like these simply weaken the anti-gun side's case.


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