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Monday, January 29, 2018

We Took The Test

We took the test at I am not at all sure the results correctly measure spanko's as BDSM is vastly different from our interests.

It shows we are both switches. It also has some surprises like I am way more vanilla than Bacall and she is more experimental. Another surprise or anomaly, the scores indicate that I am both more submissive and dominant than she is. I know there is something amiss as it shows me as more of an exhibitionist than her when I know it's actually the other way around.

Over 600 views in the first 6 hours and not a single comment.

Better than a mime. For fun take the test. At the end of the test, you will be offered several options. One will be to copy your top 10 to your clipboard. You could then paste your top 10 as a comment. [Assuming comments will actually work]


  1. OK, I will play!
    == Results from ==
    98% Switch
    70% Dominant
    62% Sadist
    61% Submissive
    60% Voyeur
    58% Non-monogamist
    58% Experimentalist
    57% Masochist
    56% Rigger
    47% Brat
    I think I need to go back and find out what some of these descriptions are - like what in the world is a "rigger"? I guess I've lead a sheltered life....

    The "98% switch" I agree with 100%! Have been that way for a l-o-n-g time.

    I think this test was aimed more at those into something considerably heavier than we are or ever have been. A more accurate description of us is B&D rather than BDSM, and very light and infrequent on the B at that - the D works though!

    1. You are a kinky guy, you bested us in every category. Rigger was a new term for us, they are needed for rope play. Thanks for playing and sharing.

  2. Well I took the test and the one thing that it showed is that I am disgustingly.....average!!!! Not that I am disagreeing but it is a bit discouraging to see it in print. Ah well; back to fantasy land.

    1. Hear you, just look how vanilla we are. So average.

  3. I took test and got these results. Not sure if I agree completely

    == Results from ==
    100% Switch
    90% Degradee
    84% Non-monogamist
    84% Masochist
    84% Dominant
    83% Voyeur
    78% Rope bunny
    76% Vanilla
    75% Experimentalist
    73% Exhibitionist
    71% Rigger
    70% Slave
    65% Master/Mistress
    64% Submissive
    60% Sadist
    59% Brat
    58% Degrader
    58% Owner
    43% Daddy/Mommy
    37% Pet
    35% Boy/Girl
    33% Primal (Prey)
    28% Ageplayer
    18% Primal (Hunter)

    1. Well sir, if there was prize for being kinky, you would be in running. Grin.
      Thanks for sharing. And it lets me know some comments will get through whatever problems Blogger is having with them. One site discards even my Anon comments.

  4. Not sure if this means anything but...


    == Results from ==
    100% Switch
    98% Rope bunny
    57% Primal (Hunter)
    55% Vanilla
    55% Dominant
    49% Masochist
    44% Submissive
    42% Daddy/Mommy
    41% Experimentalist
    29% Brat
    12% Rigger
    1% Primal (Prey)
    1% Ageplayer
    0% Slave
    0% Degradee
    0% Exhibitionist
    0% Boy/Girl
    0% Voyeur
    0% Degrader
    0% Pet
    0% Owner
    0% Master/Mistress
    0% Sadist
    0% Non-monogamist

    1. I think you have said you were a switch and your score confirms that. Just a little fun and sharing with others.

      I have this really silly image of a rope bunny in my head. Just means you like to be restrained.

      Thanks for sharing


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