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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Thoughts That Have Crossed My Radar Screen

There is more in our lives than spanking. Saturday posts allow us to share with you another part of our lives. The weekend post garner 30% more views than other days. So your lives must have more than spanking in them too.

There is a lot of Trump this week. Also lots of foolishness. Feel to skip over the Trump articles.

Let's Start With Sexual Harassment
Ranking up there with 'It was a dark and stormy night' I submit this opening sentence for a novel: 'Weinstein quickly ejaculated into a potted plant.

Can't say I have ever thought about asking a woman to go in the hall and watch me jack off on a plant.

In my younger life, I grabbed a woman I barely knew by the pussy. She fought back by grinding herself against my hand and ramming her tongue down my throat. I struggled to regain the initiative, but I was over-matched and she had her way with me. My only injury was a drained dick.

This quote is attributed to Twain, George Carlin, Bill Murray, and others. It may be derived from Proverbs: “Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest thou also be like unto him” (26:4).

Us On Trump
Trump often irritates us and his policies on trade and a freaking wall are, at best, misguided. Bacall brought a quip about him to my attention. If Trump was a rooster, he would claim credit for the sunrise.

We are not shills for Trump. But, he is better than any Dem of memory. 

Scott Adams on Trump
A great read.

Another Take on Trump This time one year ago, the assumption dominating political coverage was that the only people more stupid than Donald Trump were the deplorables who elected him.

Over his 11 months in office, he has put Neil Gorsuch on the Supreme Court and four times as many judges on the appellate courts as Barack Obama did his first year; recognized Jerusalem as the capital of Israel; withdrawn from the Paris climate accord; adopted a more resolute policy on Afghanistan than the one he’d campaigned on; rolled back the mandate forcing Catholic nuns, among others, to provide employees with contraception; signed legislation to open up drilling for oil in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge; initiated a bold, deregulatory assault on the administrative state—and topped it all off with the first major overhaul of the tax code in more than 30 years.

And yet that Mr. Trump is a very stupid man remains the assumption dominating his press coverage.

From Bloomberg
I can not imagine anyone reading this and thinking "this is so true".

Liberals are at a loss.

The U.S. president, who turned out to be more vile and duplicitous than they even had imagined, may or may not be indicted within a year’s time. Meantime, the U.S. Congress is run by conservatives who, spurred by the greed of their donors and the fears of their base, are growing ever more comfortable telling blatant lies, preparing cover-ups and counter-narratives and overhauling the nation’s tax code in the manner of a Vegas caper -- hidden from view with the cash to be divvied among the plunderers.

The Road Was Paved. Now Rough. How We Got To Trump
Conservative people have tried dignity. There could not have been a man of more quiet dignity than George W. Bush as he suffered the outrageous lies and politically motivated hatreds that undermined his presidency.

We tried statesmanship. Could there be another human being on this earth who so desperately prized “collegiality” as John McCain?

We tried propriety – has there been a nicer human being than Mitt Romney?

And the results were always the same.  This is because, while we were playing by the rules of dignity, collegiality, and propriety, the Left has been, for the past 60 years, engaged in a knife fight where the only rules are those of Saul Alinsky.

I don’t find anything “dignified,” “collegial” or “proper” about Barack Obama’s lying about what went down on the streets of Ferguson in order to ramp up racial hatreds because racial hatreds serve the Democratic Party.  I don’t see anything “dignified” in lying about the deaths of four Americans in Benghazi.  I don’t see anything “statesman-like” in weaponizing the IRS to be used to destroy your political opponents and any dissent.  Yes, Obama was “articulate” and “polished” but in no way was he in the least bit “dignified,” “collegial” or “proper.”

The Left has been engaged in a war against America since the rise of the Children of the ‘60s.  To them, it has been an all-out war where nothing is held sacred and nothing is seen as beyond the pale. It has been a war they’ve fought with violence, the threat of violence, demagoguery, and lies from day one – the violent take-over of the universities – till today. The problem is that, through these years, the Left has been the only side fighting this war. While the Left has been taking a knife to anyone who stands in their way, the Right has continued to act with dignity, collegiality, and propriety. With Donald Trump, this all has come to an end. Donald Trump is America ’s first wartime president in the Culture War.

Great Long Read on 2017 by Dave Barry

From a British OBB reader
Modern liberals consider anyone who doesn't share their totalizing vision as not fully human, not merely mistaken but morally degenerate. 

We're all undesirable elements from somebody's point of view.
Abbey's Road (1979)

More On Sexual Harassers
Social scientists and psychologists identified three factors as the most distinctive in harassers: a lack of empathy, a belief in traditional gender sex roles and a tendency toward dominance/authoritarianism.

They also found in studies that the environment surrounding such harassers has a huge effect. “If you take men who score high on the scale and put them in situations where the system suggests they can get away with it, they will do it,” he said. “Impunity plays a large role.”

What Happened to Beauty?
What happened to the classical emphases on voice, comportment, grace, and gesture as ingredients of beauty? Have they simply fallen by the wayside in our boobs/butt obsessed popular culture? Are there voice or posture classes anymore, or has it become all liposuction and implants?

What Naughty Means
We have always thought the word naughty meant being slightly mischievous. Such as overt flirting. Like Bacall swishing her bottom at me when she walks into a room. We looked naughty up and found it has a really negative meaning. So different from sassy and teasing.

defiant, disrespectful, ill-mannered, impolite, impudent, insolent, rude, uncouth, uncontrollable, wayward, wild, ruffianly, corrupt, evil, wicked, rebellious, inconsiderate, selfish, thoughtless, unkind, unkindly, babyish, childish, immature, infantile

Penile Fractures
"I did a kind of accidental back handspring off my boyfriend and cracked myself on the head," she says. "My boyfriend got the worst of it and 'fractured' his penis." Penile fractures,  are notorious copulation catastrophes and can cause permanent damage.

Cowboy and Reverse Cowboy positions account for many injuries. Girls, bouncing up and down is NOT the way to do it. Your muscles must be developed for a specific position. For instance, having your feet under you in the cowgirl position uses different muscles than having your heels behind you. You need to be able to seemingly effortlessly move both slowly and rapidly while keeping the penis-centered in the canal and not bent back. You need to keep your muscles exercised and if possible warm up before sex.

Addicted To Prostate Orgasms
One 63-year-old man had so many prostate orgasms that he couldn’t stop. 

If you didn’t already know, it’s possible for someone with a prostate to orgasm by massaging it through their anus. I thought everyone already knew this, thanks to awkward conversations in health class and the movie Road Trip. But it’s an understudied phenomenon, and a British researcher who is interested in sex named Roy Levin has just published a review paper about it. At the paper’s center is a case study about our poor 63-year-old protagonist.

The unnamed man was healthy, with a normal prostate and high sex drive. He purchased an Aneros helix, a fancy butt plug, to massage his tender prostate after an infection. Combined with his daily tadalafil prescription (that’s Cialis, an erectile dysfunction, and urinary tract infection drug), the drug made the infection go away. But he also began having extreme orgasms of the “Super-O” category. He felt them everywhere—his penis, his anus, his pelvis, and his perineum (the place between the anus and the scrotum).

He became addicted. He would have up to 10 orgasms before ejaculating.

Two By Camille
Men are run ragged by female sexuality all their lives. From the beginning of his life to the end, no man ever fully commands any woman. It's an illusion. Men are pussy-whipped. And they know it. - Camille Paglia

Let's get rid of Infirmary Feminism, with its bedlam of bellyachers, anorexics, bulimics, depressives, rape victims, and incest survivors. Feminism has become a catch-all vegetable drawer where bunches of clingy sob sisters can store their moldy neuroses. - Camille Paglia

Made Up History
Peggy Noonan commenting on the factual errors in The Crown and The Post

When people care enough about history to study and read it, it’s a small sin to lie and mislead in dramas. But when people get their history through entertainment, when they absorb the story of their times only through screens, then the tendency to fabricate is more damaging.

What Are You People Doing?
Things found in vagina's in 2017 included a bike reflector, a phone, and cash.
In penises, doctors found a domino piece, a piece of a shampoo bottle, and a 'small screw'.

A man in Taiwan was reportedly rushed to hospital on Boxing Day after his wife chewed off one of his testicles during an aggressive lovemaking session.

When paramedics arrived at the couple's home, they apparently saw the 51-year-old man, surnamed Wang, wearing a robe and holding his severed testicle in a rice bowl while the wife repeatedly explained: 'I accidentally bit it off!'
[named Wang in case you missed it]

Are these guys bros?

"Let it be known there is a fountain that was not made by the hands of men" [from "Ripple"].

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