Foolishness since 2007

Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Friday, December 29, 2017

Year End Potpourri

This post to post images that interest me, but have no relationship to one another.

First a drawing sent to us by Brian. Thanks, we like interaction. It is by Constaine Razoumov. It was done in Paris. If you like it, Google his name, there are dozens more.

Now we move to New Zealand where they have all sorts of zany ways to decorate fences. This is one style.

I look at the background of pictures, just as much as the subject. See the sign for 15 cent dogs? That dates the picture as much as the lingerie.

We have never seen hose quite like these. We like them.

Did you get this present?

We have never seen any like these. She gets points for her points.
So spank me

In climbing aerobatics, she gets extra points.
We love Utah.

And In Closing

Happy New Year

Try an extra helping of kindness in 2018


  1. That photo of the fences in NZ reminds me of a bar in New Orleans I once went to. They had a custom of asking any female that entered to remove their panties and toss them up into the ceiling rafters. There were dozens of panties already hanging up there. Women then got their first couple of drinks for free. My wife surprised the hell out of me that day by complying with bar policy. I think I got overcharged for my drinks though.


    1. There was a copycat bar like that here. We never went. Bacall once worked with the owner. He lost his ass gambling. Made stock trades without clients knowledge. The Feds gave him a vacation from all that.


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