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Saturday, November 25, 2017

This And That

Every week things get more crazed, more chaotic. Another mass shooting and now mass gropings. Is that a word? You know boobs grabbed, boners rubbed on women, etc. I can't keep up. It's all coming at me so fast.

Dumb Asses Man on the street interviews done by various folks for decades have proven that most of the people educated in the US would fail the test for becoming a citizen. Here's a compilation. If you need more convincing or eye-rolling amusement here's one done by Jay Leno. It's no wonder there is no political dialog, just name calling, most of us are too damn dumb to argue.

Immigration - The focus is the Mexican border, building a wall. That's a distraction to me. More enter the US on temporary visa's and stay. Still more come to visit and stay. There are numerous visa programs, all designed to allow foreigners to come and work here. These programs are supported by all major employers. No matter how folks get here, most vote Democratic. How handy is that when you don't require voter ID - which is the case in the Blue states. More foreigners who will reliably vote Democratic is the long game for establishing a socialist state here. And it working.

A failed education system that outputs chuckleheads and foreigners who will vote Democratic. It's a winning combo.

Ann Coulter presents the case here.

Trump - The advocation to impeach Trump is wearing thin on me. What is his offense? His hair? 

I can not say that I am pleased with the progress he has made. But, then I consider that no one can move our bureaucracies to do their will. Not the President, not the Secretaries. 

I take that back. Our government is entrenched with liberals. They will follow the lead of a liberal. Obama proved that. We got all sorts of regulation under his administration.

But, they are not going to follow Trump. They know they can keep fouling up and just wait for another President.

Here's Scott Adam's report card on Trump. 

HRC is not going away. We are thankful she is not our President.

Are they twins?

This shot of her reminds me of Alfred E. Neuman. This week Hillary said that she believes appointing a special counsel to investigate her ties to a uranium deal with Russia would make the United States into an “authoritarian regime”.

I never liked anyone telling me what to do. That has always been the quick way to get me into fight mode. I am quite receptive to being asked to do something. But tell me. Nope. So someone making regulations or laws to control me is just not going to go down well with me. And that's what liberals like to do. Everything seems scary or chaotic to them and they want to make a rule to restrict it. In the graphic below, it's the first one that ticks me off. The rest I can just ignore.

Sexual Harassment - Several say they were surprised by the man in a hallway, elevator, like that. What surprises me is the women did not punch the guy in the throat, then knee him and call 911. Rather than watching him wank off, drop kick him. Yes, there are jerks and they will take advantage of women that will put up with it.


  1. Why now are women (and men) coming forward with claims of sexual harassment? If this has been going on for years why now are we finally hearing about it?
    As someone who personally knows a woman who was involved with Harvey Weinstein, I know she benefited from his antics and only after she decided to stop did she join the bandwagon against him.
    So I again say why now? Are people finally realizing that giving in to those “harassments” at the time they happened got them no where so now they cry foul? Or where they really harmed by them? Is the climate in this country now one that is causing this revelation? Or is it politically motivated?
    I still say if you yell loud enough someone hears you. All this time these people claim to have seemed help and no one helped? Hard to believe. I think there is more to it. I am in no way approving of harassment but I find it very odd that suddenly it’s the flavor of the month.

  2. BYW , Alfred would have been a better choice for the Democrats than Hillary. Much more intelligent and better looking.

  3. I had the same question as Hands63...very strange that all of these women are coming out with accusations now...and more just keep jumping on the bandwagon. It's also very interesting that Weinstein's behavior was an open 'secret' that everyone knew.

    Totally agree with 'Liberal Privilege'.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  4. Liberalism really is s disease


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