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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Sharing Underware

Longtime readers [not sure there are many] know that I like to wear panties for a paddling. They also know that Bacall likes to be paddled in panties and has three drawers of panties to choose from. Not sure what style of men's underwear is preferred in the article below. Men's briefs are thick cotton which sure does lessen the sting of a paddle. So I would not want Bacall in them.
From the Daily Mail:
Nearly half of young women like to borrow their partner’s pants as they find them more comfortable than their own.
Research reveals that among 2,000 people aged 18 to 24, 42 percent of women had worn men’s pants more than once in the past year. 
The study found that only 17 percent of men in the same age group had borrowed their partner’s underwear. 

Of course, this survey was done in over there and we all know how odd the Brits are. [grin]

Speaking of underwear, edible underwear has been around for a long time. Bacall found organic underwear on the web the other day. Turns out it's just a name for all cotton material. We wondered when there will gluten-free panties. How about free range panties? We enjoy four-wheeling, wonder if there will be off-road panties?


  1. Panties allow the spanking not to be heard, softens the sound, but still warm the bottom. Also once the spanking is over and she is standing in the corner I enjoy pulling the panties down. She looks so cute and when it is time to show her I care and the spankings are a form of Love she loves sitting on my lap and teasing me.

  2. It's true some men's pants/boxers are more comfortable than some ladies knickers. P has a couple of pairs of thin boxers that I love to wear and if I wear them, it's a sign between us that I need to be spanked:)


    1. We understand about your signal. But, really, you don't need a signal. If it's another day you want a spanking.

  3. I wonder what style of underwear they are referring to as well. Years ago, My (now ex-) Girl worked with a group of women and their female supervisor (all in their mid-20’s at the time) would show off to them that she wore and enjoyed wearing her boyfriends “tighty-whities”. Not the briefs that are popular more recently but full on old school white briefs. My Girl and her coworkers found it very peculiar as it supposedly wasn’t in any way a sexual arousal thing but solely a comfort thing; she souldn't imagine them being comfortable.


  4. I dont mind loose boxers as shorts but other than that i cant say i find mens undies comfortable at all. Plus theres that extra bit of cloth in the front isnt there?

  5. Sometimes I would grab Matthew's boxers and wear them around the house in the summer but other than that, I preferred my panties. Can definitely understand why you and satin can be very comfy. :)

    Hugs and blessings...Cat


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