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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Jim's Saturday Night Adventure


Thought you might be interested in Saturday night’s activities.

As has happened most weekends this summer, we went to our second/future retirement home on the Bay to work on our new master bathroom. The project is coming along and we have finally started tiling – the tile work is extensive and complex.  We have built a largish irregular shaped shower enclosure…..yes, it is large enough for two and still have some space left to move.

There is a Coffee House in the nearby small town which books live folk music acts and Saturday night was the kick-off for this year’s series – one act per month until May.  We decided to go as soon as we heard they were open again. So Saturday night was booked until about 9:30 or so.

W used the day to catch up with friends over the phone, pay some bills and generally relax.  As I tiled away in the shower during the day, I got progressively hornier (interesting that Word suggests “hornier” in place of “more horny”!) and I decided to try something a bit different.

I texted the following to W:

HELP WANTED: Experienced lady to paddle horny gentleman’s bare fanny tonight, must be willing to work nude, other activities to follow. Text “YES” to apply, interview in the shower following the concert.

I got a “YES” reply fairly quickly and that served to make me even hornier – anticipation is always good.

Light dinner, concert and the drive home had no mention of coming events.  

I went upstairs to the guest bathroom and under dimmed lighting showered and shaved.  W joined me in the shower and she assured me she was experienced for the job.  I quizzed her as to her paddling technique and she informed me as a “new hire” a demonstration of her expertise would be much more appropriate, and with a smack to my wet bottom, she left telling me to “not keep her waiting too long”.

When I got down to the master bedroom, the lights were down low and she was sitting up in bed, nude, no paddles in sight.  She made a production of lowering my underwear to my knees and motioned me across her lap (different!).

Once draped across her lap she proceeded to hand spank my bottom, I must admit I continued to waggle a bit every time I thought she was finished.  She stopped after a fairly long time – I did not count but I am guessing she delivered about 70-80 good firm spanks – I think her hand was stinging, I know my fanny was.

I started to rise but she quickly stopped me……..”You requested a paddling, now you are going to get one!”

She produced our fly-back paddle from under a pillow and gave me another 30 or so licks on my already red fanny.  Nice!

She must have enjoyed giving me the spanking with my erection rubbing against her thighs as she was wetter than usual – the sex was great. 


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