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Foolishness since 2007

Monday, October 2, 2017

Be Careful What You Ask For

Spanking blogs are becoming rare. Those that discuss spanking even rarer. Most just post the same pictures. We don't describe every spanking that we get. That would get pretty boring unless we suddenly got struck by lightning and started writing like Ronnie. I see we have been sharing our spankings with you for 10 years. Here is one more.

Do you often have daydreams of being spanked, caned, strapped or paddled? Since you are reading this you probably do. As a switch, I dream of spanking or being spanked with great regularity. Sometimes the itch cannot be scratched. That was the case here. The last few weeks of our trip I was thinking about one particular paddle - one that we did not have with us on our six-month trip. 

Bacall often says Be careful what you ask for. I have heard this many times over the years when I have asked for a paddling. I heard it yesterday. I had been thinking for several weeks about a notable paddling I wanted when we got home. Before leaving, we decided we could get along without our Red Paddle during this last trip. It's our oldest paddle from early marriage and it stings like a hornet. Now I wanted to feel it. Nothing else would do. I could not get it out of my head. I knew what I was asking for and I still asked for it. She was pleased to accommodate me. She was more than pleased, she grinned like a Cheshire Cat.

The day after we got home, I wanted to free my mind of the thoughts, so I got out the Red Paddle, our wood batten, our nasty steel reinforced slapper and put on hot red panties.

She used the batten and then the slapper on my legs.  I then asked for the slapper on the crease between my bottom and legs. Youch!

That done, she was ready to paddle me. I think she gave me about ten, but I was not counting. She had me on fire and I was loving it. I asked for another six and then another six. I looked in the mirror and I was bright red. Laying on the bed, she used her hand and released all of my tension.

I felt it the rest of the day. But my mind was free of the thoughts that had been running amuck for weeks.

I would think that there would be lots of pictures of the Red Fli-Back paddles being used on the web. But, I have never seen one in action. Do I have to show my old backside reddened with one?


  1. Ouch indeed. Sounds like a hard spanking. Wouldn't fancy the wooden baton or the slapper.

    I don't write about all our spankings. Thanks for the mention.


  2. We never thought you wrote about all of your spankings. The ones you do write about capture all that we like about them.

  3. I'll join in by saying that I, too, love reading about Ronnie's spankings.
    I also enjoy Bogey and Bacall's.

    That last one sounds like me when I'm having a dry spell. The craving becomes distracting. VERY distracting.


    1. Our accounts of spankings take a distant place to Ronnie's. She knows how to write. Bonnie was another one.

      Yeah, distracted is a good word. She was paddling me, but it was not with the paddle I wanted. That's been taken care of now. We will not leave it at home again. She knows it will be in her future also.

  4. Joe, I deleted your comment. It was way off topic. Please refrain from such comments in the future.

  5. Whoa...that was some paddling! Don't think I could ever ask for a spanking on the crease between my legs and tush. Oh and a steel reinforced slapper? Ouch!!!!! But since that's what you wanted, I'm happy for you.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

    1. It sounded like a paddling from hell and for me, it was a real stinger. More than I normally want. But on the scale of what a lot of spanko's want, it was tame.

  6. We didn't have Red Fli-back as brand over here in the UK although we had a similar paddle game.
    I got swatted once or twice by a cousin (male) and quite enjoyed it. We did a few things afterwards that are probably better not gone into.


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