Foolishness since 2007

Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, September 18, 2017

Not Much Today

We don't have much for you today. Out of ideas. I could post pictures of spankable bottoms. Nah, not today. We will get home in a week or so after traveling the last six months. It's been a wonderful trip, but we are ready to get home.

Spankings continue with us. A week or so back, Bacall though I should put on my Army green mesh underwear. They are THIN. She said she wanted me to Ranger Up and take it. Geesh, did she paddle me hard. She says sometimes she just wants to see me struggle to take it. I do the same to her. Sometimes we both want to hear and feel the paddle as it makes that sweet cracking sound on bare flesh. So I tell her the next six are for me and she will just have to take it. Of course, having to take it works a miracle in her mind. That's as submissive as we get, but it's enough.

Bacall bought some panties the other day. When she put them on I said they were virgin and needed to be paddled. She got her paddle and bent over. I gave her eight stingers. She kept saying for the next hour or so that she could still feel them. It did not stop there. She thought I should put on the panties and see how the paddle felt to me. She gave me eight stingers and then two more on the bare. My question is why does it sting longer when you only get a few licks?

OK, here is a gif to amuse the guys. A magic skirt.


  1. Don't know about the skirt... but I'd say what's underneath is pretty darn magical!


  2. I feel short, quick , firm paddle swats dirt if one as a surprise and shock to those ass sensors we all have. That's why they sting longer.
    The more paddling you take , the more used to the sensation you become.

    1. For us, a longer paddling results in a sore bottom, while a shorter one leaves us stinging. We like it that way. I suspect endorphins deaden the sensation. For me, after two dozen firm pops, I can't feel much at all. Bacall likes a long slow not so hard paddling, maybe a hundred or more licks. She likes to finish with some hard ones. We are all so different.


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