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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, September 11, 2017

A "Punishment" Paddling

In the recent post How Men Like To Be Spanked, a reader commented.

I'm (male) a switch and spank only for the sexy fun of it. No punishment spankings, corner time, etc. for either of us. It's always sexual.  

The only time I ever 'punished' her was over a small argument (too petty to mention) that a day later - I WON!! Whoo-Hoo!!! I won. She ADMITTED IT! THAT was the victory and all I was entitled to - bragging rights!


Thanks for sharing that A.J. In desperate need of ideas to post, I will recount a like story from long ago. I was not happy with just bragging rights.

Bacall has almost no sense of direction. Ask her to point to North and she will wave her arm about and say out there. She can not read a map. I have to do that myself.

So with that background, we found ourselves at an intersection in a rural area that was strange to us. I was driving and was pondering which way to turn. She asserted we should turn left. I had calculated that was the low probability direction. She was adamant. I turned left. Within a mile, we both knew she was wrong.

She was a big girl about it and said she deserved 10 licks with the black paddle. That's one she really does not like. But, she got her mind into it and took all ten like a trooper.

Anyone else been in a like situation?


  1. Dating a spoiled brat, learned as we got into knowing one another. One particular event was when we were visiting her mother, we were staying at a hotel, our choice. Her spoiled brat attitude was on full display. I said nothing at her mother's home and decided to calm down and do nothing. The next morning as she stood at the mirror in the bathroom in all her glory I asked about the previous day and she smiled and said that a girl's thing and she always gotten her way. We visited her mother later that day and the first thing she told her mother that I spanked her. Her mother looked at me and out of the blue said I hope bare bottom, I said she had just gotten out of the shower. She and her daughter left the room and when she returned she handed me a large hairbrush, this works wonders. She added I wanted to spank her but could not do it. John

  2. Thanks for rememberance John. But is about "punishment" spankings, as in just fun.


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