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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Thighs Only For Guys Only

This is another one of my strange posts. It will probably appeal to men of a certain age. An age when hose were worn. I like thighs in silky hose. It's a fetish. I also like girdles and garter belts because they go with hose.

To make it really odd, I like women seated flashing their thighs. I know a lot of men who like to be spanked want to go over those thighs and stick their junk between them and squirm around until they spurt. OTK is the one position I never want to be in. So why do I like pictures of female laps so much? It defies logic.

Here are some pictures that get me excited. I have posted them all before, but why not again?


  1. I've always loved this look on a woman. Not a girdle fan but I love stockings and garters. Add to that a pair of heels, panties and bra and it doesn't get any better, especially since I am a fan of going over the lap of a woman for a good spanking. A woman sitting on a chair flashing her thighs and ordering me over her lap. Fantastic!
    Conversely, I love having a woman in same garments over my lap in order to properly spank her bottom. The whole ordeal of starting the spanking on her panties and then lowering them down over her stockings is a visual as well as physical turn on

    1. A pair of heels, bra and panties, stockings and don’t forget pearls. You and me.
      Recall your younger days when a gal would flash a bit of stocking from across the room.
      It was never accidental.

      I like girdles too. But only panty girdles worn by a woman who does not really need one.

  2. I had female teachers who'd do just that. Or better still they'd reach high when writing on the blackboard and their skirts would ride up their ass and expose the tops of their stockings from behind. We used to fight over who got the front row desks in class. Even back then I wanted to be spanked by those teachers.


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