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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Pictures That Excite Me

We have a cell signal! 

Many of the pictures on OBB do not depict spanking. Many are pictures of attractive women that I can imagine spanking or be spanked by. There are thousands of sites that feature red asses. Those pictures do nothing for us, so we don’t collect them or post them.

Here are six pictures that excite me.

I think the first one is a dream sequence in a movie. One great dream!  I would love to be in his place.

This woman would be a welcome house guest. She has a great smile. Her outfit dates the picture, but I like it.

A great paddling outfit. I like the garters built into the panty. I imagine she has on a matching shelf bra that has her breasts way up firm and high.

A couple from the neighborhood over for drinks, dinner and paddling fun.

Mrs. Daniels showing me that she still has it.

I like this one. It’s hot to me. But, I hate OTK. We have had a Fli-back all our marriage. We know what it can do when used fast and furious. And it’s scary. I was never paddled like this as a kid. So why do pictures like this fascinate me?

Now you know where my mind lives.


  1. The last picture most of all. I've been that person standing. I have found true joy, my beautiful wife understands the purpose of a spanking.

  2. Does anybody know what movie the first picture if from? I have seen it before, but forgot its origin.

    Carl H

  3. Your underpants around your ankles, pull down my your wife, seeing the paddle, across her lap she puts you, your bottom soon stinging and very warm. Tell me does life get any better.

  4. There is something about a woman wearing pearls, proper dress. It tells me she means business and when you stand before her, underpants around your ankles, your bare bottom will feel every sting of that paddle.

  5. Anonymous C and Anonymous D, underwear around the ankles is very popular judging by the number of pictures that show that. Personally I like for her to pull my pants and underwear down, and then I step out of them. Somehow I I feel more exposed to the paddle that way.

    Anonymous All, think about getting a web name. It's still private.

    1. My wife pulls down my pants and underpants, part of the punishment, feel very little. Standing facing the wall afterwards, displaying a spanked bottom, hoping no one drops in. Rick


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