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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, April 3, 2017

Vicki's Story

They had played before. She had a deep desire to be "mastered" by a strong male. To be punished until she no longer resisted, until her will had been broken and it was a strong will she had, very strong.

They had engaged in a lot of cyber and face-to-face role play. She was three-people-in-one. Vicki the real person, vicki the little girl who needed to be conquered and a bridge character, a playmate of vicki's who could talk about vicki's inner secrets.

They had played twice before. While the role play was good, she admitted the spanking was not severe enough to give her the release she desperately wanted. She went all out to antagonize her "Uncle" into being really mad at vicki to ensure he would not hold back. She was most inventive in her role play. He let her know he would not disappoint her again. She did not really believe him, so many men had disappointed her in other ways.

On their first meeting, he decided that he would make her prepare for her spanking, by removing her skirt and panties herself. He knew this was an act that most woman prefer to have done for them. He also knew that the act would require her to acknowledge his "power" right from the start. She refused. He paddled her across her skirt until she found the will to prepare herself and bend over the desk.

At their next meeting, she had on pants, which she refused to remove to get herself ready for punishment. Again he paddled her hard and long until she again reached the point where she was willing to remove her pants herself.

After this meeting she wrote him that she would never consent to prepare herself for punishment and that he could not make her do it. He knew what he had to do. He had never used one before. The thought of one made him a little queasy. He also knew that it would provide the sharp burning pain that would make her contrite very quickly. He got a cane and tested it by moving it through the air. It would bend and the swishing sound it made was almost terrifying to him.

He had spanked her hand before. The last time, she took 10 licks on each hand without even flinching and she later taunted him that it did not hurt. He decided he would repeat that, perhaps a bit harder, but with a lot more theatrics.

When he arrived she was all smiles. He noted she was attractively dressed, but was obviously wearing panty hose, a no-no and she knew it. He also noted a gold ankle chain, but thought nothing of it. She proceeded to aggravate him in short order. He had planned to draw it out for a long time, but she was asking for it in a big way. He tried to get her to apologize for her behavior, but she only became more brazen - testing his will.

He asked her to get ready for her punishment. As expected, she refused. He got the ruler. 10 licks to each hand had her begging and trying to pull her hand away. Very different from the last time. He again asked her to get ready for her punishment, she again refused. He got the cane. He partially raised her skirt and begin to spank her thighs with it. She collapsed on the floor. He struck whatever part of her leg was exposed. She still refused to remove her skirt. He hoisted her off the floor and turned her over the end of the couch, raised her skirt and continued to use the cane on her legs. She collapsed again. This was repeated a third time until she was finally broken, the pain having overtaken her strong will to resist. She removed her skirt. He pulled down her panty hose and panties to mid leg and bent her over the couch, he did not want to waste time taking them off. He wanted to continue the punishment without respite while she was still on fire from the cane.

He picked up a heavy paddle and proceeded to give her hard licks without pause. She was already crying and before long was sobbing. He continued, sensing her limits had not yet been reached and he wanted to take her right to the edge and let her look over the cliff. He listened for the safeword, while she sobbed and begged.

He stopped, he asked if she had learned her lesson. She said she had, but it was not convincing. He paddled her some more, then stopped and had her stand with her face to the door. He let her try to get control of herself, but he did not touch her, he did not console her, but offered her a Kleenex. He finally talked to her. He extracted promise after promise that she would keep her commitments, that she would try to change her behavior. He believed her. But he sealed her promise with more paddle licks that were no less severe than the previous ones. Then he held her while she cried.

Later when he removed her stockings and found the left one would not come off, she admitted she had put the ankle chain on just to foil his efforts. He appreciated her thought. He was glad he did not try to take them off before paddling her as it would have given her precious time to recover from the cane. So her scheme partially backfired on her. While she did not completely prepare herself for punishment, the punishment itself was more intense.

Vicki talks about vicki afterwards: I doubted the first two times would happen with you - and I certainly did not expect you going "all out" with me this last time. It really hurt.  I did collapse and it was for real.  It was probably the worst physical pain that I have ever felt.  And that's important: I felt it.  I don't remember feeling it before.  So, I ask myself, if you inflicted so much pain, why would I feel some sort of "gratification"?  The only answer I have is a male took the time and effort to try to understand and demonstrated that he was not intimidated by me.  I didn't "scare" him off, nor did he "walk out on me" when I desperately was needing to feel acceptance and human contact.  He took control and I didn't have to feel anything but safe... protected...and loved.  All that a "little girl" should have to feel.  Safe: because I no longer had to control the effects of life on the adult image.  Protected: because someone was "bigger and stronger" than me - such a one could keep me from the harm of others. Love:  because someone had "higher expectations" of me than just to consider me a "mistake" in their way "causing" their unhappiness.  Can you imagine the guilt involved in just existing when you're told by your mother that you were a "mistake"?  The guilt involved when you can do NOTHING to gain your parents' acceptance and love. The guilt involved when you can do nothing "right" and feel responsible for an adult's reactions!? Perhaps that's a key!  I was punished for a "false guilt" that had been thrust upon me.  A guilt for being alive and thinking I have nothing to offer anyone.

Love, Vickie 

PS This was the only time I played with a psychiatrist.

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