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Saturday, April 29, 2017

The Weekend

If Trump can get corporate tax reform done and otherwise stop harassing the economy the way Mr. Obama did, a judicious America might even decide it had a lucky election night. An improvement in the growth rate by itself would allow Mr. Trump rightly to say he left America better positioned to confront its long-term fiscal challenges. That’s not nothing.

A cartoon in the Eisenhower era had the president saying to his cabinet, “Gentlemen, what should we refrain from doing next?”

by Dan Henniger April 27

Back in 2016, Speaker Paul Ryan and the House leadership held public hearings, conducted negotiations inside the House conference, and published texts of the proposed legislation to repeal and reform ObamaCare. The American Health Care Act that emerged from this process had both a political and policy purpose.

Its political purpose was to create a bill that could survive the House, survive the Senate, survive a conference and make it to Mr. Trump’s desk to fulfill one of his and the party’s biggest political promises.

The policy purpose was to lay a foundation on which Health and Human Services Secretary Tom Price and his SWAT team of reformers, such as Indiana Medicaid specialist Seema Verma, could help Congress clean up the rest of ObamaCare over the next two years—moving away from the 2010 law’s 2,000 pages of legal babel and toward a market-based system.

With momentum from that accomplishment, the Trump White House and the Republican-controlled Congress would roll forward into the next item on the ambitious, first-year Trumpian agenda: a historic tax-reform bill to clean up the tax code and restore growth of the kind last seen in the 1980s and ’90s.

From there, Congress would move on to the other pieces—infrastructure, the funding needs of the military, and cleaning out the sludge in the financial system produced by Dodd-Frank.

And then came the Freedom Caucuses, the Tuesday Groups, the Ted Cruzes and Tom Cottons —all those who helped kill the health-care bill.

Victor Davis Hanson on April 24, 2017

Trump is a flawed individual, but he is hardly the near-sadistic womanizer as was JFK. Nor has he used coercion to force himself on women as did Bill Clinton on numerous occasions—still a feminist hero. I did read in the autobiographical Dreams From My Father and from other biographies, how Barack Obama habitually used “blow” and decided at one point not to date “white” women any longer. 

I make a small prediction, When the present lengthy review is finished, the story will not be Trump’s purported collusion with Vladimir Putin, but rather the lengths to which the Obama administration went to reverse-target political opponents and to leak monitored conversations illegally to the public—an Obama administration trait of abusing constitutional rights unfortunately not confined to Trump alone, but apparent earlier also with the Holder/AP, Lois Lerner/IRS, and Brennan/Senate computer scandals.

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  1. I'm not economic genius but why can't people understand that if big business isn't so crippled by regulations, paperwork and taxes, they can more easily grow their business. Yes, I know that one sentence is very simplistic but that is the bottom line. Also, another thing that irritates me is that what President Trump said...1. he did not know was being recorded 2. was a private conversation, 3. was taken out of context. How many of us would be in trouble if every word we had ever said was recorded and then only snippets were played to portray us in the worst light. But ya know, the real bottom line for me is that Donald Trump is President of the United States and I am a US citizen which means I will support my President.

    Really hope that prediction comes true.

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  2. Bill Clinton a feminist hero? I find that rather amusing. I also never heard that before. Then again look at some of these so called feminists.
    In the words of George Carlin, "Who'd want to fuck them anyway"


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