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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Consensual Spanking - Reprise

This is been in the Drafts folder for a year. I had some thoughts I want to add to it, but I forgot them.
So here it is, as is.

In an old post I posed the question In most spanking stories and spanking video's, the spanking takes place as punishment. Do most spankees need a reason for the spanking? Or put another way, would you be just as happy getting a spanking just because?

Enzo replied:
I know your question was directed at spankees, but I will offer my thoughts as one who only delivers spankings; in case you are interested. 

There are different reasons why I give spankings; from fun to funishments, from erotic to strict discipline and punishment. What I have found very interesting and across the board in my experience is that even when funishments are delivered, the ladies on the receiving end are always more excited when a reason for the spanking is presented. Even if it is a silly one; as long as there is a reason it heightens the excitement. [I agree] 

As far as stories go, reading about an entirely consensual pre-arranged spanking between a married couple would not keep my interest. Generally in stories, the less consensual the spanking the more exciting the story is to me. 
Best, Enzo 

Anonymous wrote:
It is erotic spankings for me, exclusively. That is the only kind that my wife will give me. And that is perfectly fine, though I think I could accept a punishment spanking if that is what she wanted to give me. Yesterday morning I asked her to spank me at her convenience sometime during the day, and she soundly spanked me with a wooden paddle just before we went to bed. Yes it hurt a lot when it was being administered, as any good spanking should. Going to sleep with a warm bottom has a lot to be said for it. Of course, I thanked her afterwards and gave her a hug. 

Ron wrote:
OK, as a bottom, I never need a reason to be spanked, just love to be lost over the knee, but at the same time having a reason can be a lap, it depends on the bottom, if she wants a reason I can easily find one but like a lovely friend I spank, she just loves to be spanked and her only reason is well to be spanked. 

For me, again I too love to be spanked, so no real reason needed.
Thanks, Ron 

Ronnie wrote:
I get spanked for all different reasons and get spanked just because....P wants to. You know me, I'll take any spanking:)

In my opinion, doesn't matter, how, why or for whatever reason you are spanked as long as it's consensual and both parties happy.

archedone wrote:
I follow Ronnie and yes she loves to get spanked (as I do too) Some times she finds a reason some times P spanks her because he wants to but usually gives her a reason. I get spanked because I'm submissive to my wife and I love presenting my bottom to her for spanking. She also loves spanking me and many times has told me to get her some implements so she can spank me. Now having said that I will also say she has given me punishment for real reasons and they are not play and no sex after just a good hard spanking the type you wish had not happened. Is the punishment consensual YES. I do have a temper and I do snap at her at times and too many times she will ask me to do something and I keep putting it off. Does the punishment change the problem. you better believe it does and for a long time. I follow many blogs here and each person that gets spanked or does spank has their own reason. I enjoy what they have to say and am happy they found a way to enjoy themselves.

JGH57 wrote:
I don't do punishment spankings, at least not for me. I'm adult. I just like to be spanked. So I ask my wife and she spanks me. I am a switch but my wife is not into being spanked. That's ok. I love her and I can go with that. In the past I had a friend who wanted and needed punishment spankings. I have punished her. When we just playing I could wear her bottom out and not get a tear. When I punished her she was crying from the start. I guess it's all in the mind set of the individual.

Hermoine wrote:
Our spankings are never for punishment, only for fun because we both enjoy them.


  1. My only reason for having my wife spank me is because it turns me on and I crave it. No need to contrive a reason. I ask for it and I get it. Somple. We both like it that way.


    1. *simple

      Forgot to proof read.



  2. That describes us too Yorkie. It took us a few years to get there.
    Wish you would contact us.

  3. Please can I pose a question, and I would welcome all replies?
    It is always difficult to separate fantasy from reality around spanking, but in terms of reality and as a sweeping generalisation, if a naughty teenage nephew got a "sound spanking" with a wooden hairbrush from his strict but loving aunty in say the 1950s in the US mid west, how many swats would he most likely get?

    I ask this question because it is my favourite fantasy, and one which I have tried with my wife and have never managed to get past 6 swats with a heavy brush and 24 with a lighter weight one.

    1. Anonymous, good question, but you are treading on thin ice promoting the discussion of teens being spanked. I suspect 6/24 would be more than ample. Now let's let this end it. Besides, it not relevant in any way to this post.

    2. Many thanks. It is just a "role play context" that I wanted to get as near to realistic as possible for my wife and I.

      I find even in non-erotic fiction the spankings are often exaggerated. With paddling and caning there is credible research out there, but domestic spanking is a bit of a grey area.


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