Foolishness since 2007

Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, March 27, 2017

Reasons To Spank

You were naughty
You look like you are going to be naughty
I think you might have been naughty
Someone, somewhere has been naughty

You could use a good cry
I could use a good workout
I want to make you wet

I want to
You asked me to


  1. I'm in a relationship with my college roommate, so if you wish not to publish a f/f relationship that is okay. We just hit it off, and she will playfully spank me when I do as she states foolish little girl things. We were visiting her mother on spring break, her mother had no problem, but she had rules of the house and one as she put "those activites" will only result in a spanking in my home. I thought she was joking, at our age getting a spanking. We were sleeping in, sort of, when the sheets were quickly pulled back the second morning, her mother had a very stern look, we both saw the hairbrush, so she said, both of you wish a spanking. Out of bed young ladies and we both did, standing naked. She pulled a chair to the middle of the room and grabbed her daughter and soon had a crying, squirming little girl over her lap, pleading with Mommy to stop. I found myself covering my bottom and then I was over her lap and soon was pleading. We both stood crying, rubbing, her mother with that stern look on her face. I'm not done young ladies, get to the bathroom and we did. She bathed us like we were little girls and drying us off, we were then then taken to the kitchen, she had her morning coffee as we stood facing the wall. When we got back to our dorm room our bottoms will still somewhat red and sore. My friend did not like the spanking I admitted it was okay. We have since been married, and yes spankings are a part, I receive, she is very good giving. Her mother reminded me as mother-in-law she has the right to spank her daughter-in-law if naughty. Mostly when we visit and I do something stupid my "husband" is the one doing the spanking. I recall the three of us went out to dinner, I messed up and my "husband" excused us from the table and to the restroom we went. She was not happy and I was soon across her lap. An older woman, smiled, handed her a hairbrush, and soon my panties were around my ankles and the hairbrush doing the talking. I squirmed at the table, my mother-in-law agreeing a spanking was needed. The next morning my mother-in-law was going to insure I not do that again, she gave me a very sound spanking, my "husband" gave me a bath and I faced the wall for an hour.

  2. Yup...those sound about right. LOL

    Hugs and blessings...Cat

  3. To quote Wilford Brimley "It's the right thing to do "


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