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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, February 27, 2017

The Only Thing Better

We have always used spanking to supercharge sex. It makes for bigger orgasm’s I guess we are like drug addicts, we are hooked on the bigger high. Even if we do faux discipline, it’s with a case of the giggles. 

I came on this clip of the guy being spanked while masturbating. It reminded me that we used to do something like this. Don’t know why we quit doing it. But, it’s on the agenda for tomorrow.

The way I recall this from our early marriage is that I would get so excited from being paddled, I would stroke myself whenever Bacall gave me a break. I just could not resist doing it. She would act perturbed and insist I stop, saying she would do any stroking herself.

At some point this evolved so that Bacall would give me enough paddle licks to redden my bottom, then we would hug and kiss and our hands would find their targets and we would both go into heavy breathing mode. Just before I would explode, she would stop and tell me to bend over again and give me another round of licks with the paddle. Then we would repeat the heavy petting and stop just before either of us could come. Only recently have we learned this is called edging. I seldom had the will to stop, so it was up to her to tell me the paddling (and fun) was not over yet. After 2 or 3 rounds of edging we would both come while standing up and then melt on the bed.

We had a variation on this where we paddled each other, but usually it was me bending over.

Our wood batten and leather slapper are out for use tomorrow. The batten for my legs and the slapper with the steel enforcement for my bottom. I can’t wait. We had planned for it today. But just before we started our hosts popped over to chat.

For me, the only thing better than simultaneously being getting paddled and having my short arm drained is having two women do it to me. They get a little competitive and are so creative. Bless them.


  1. Wonderful post! Mistress K. will sometimes incorporate masturbation (either I must do it or she will) during a legitimate punishment spanking. I'm not talking about the dreaded "masturbate until you cum then I will spank you hard" spanking. I'm talking about masturbation during the spanking. Being brought to the edge mostly but occasionally being required to orgasm while being spanked. The reason? She says that she wants for me to associate a negative connotation of a painful spanking to the physical pleasure I am receiving while my cock is being stroked. She believes that it is a helpful way for me to always, instinctively fully understand my role in our marriage.

  2. Your last sentence took the words right out of my mouth. I've done this scenario on several occasions where my wife would paddle and her friend would be done on her knees in front of me sucking my cock. Nothing like it and true, the competition always kicks in.


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