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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, December 26, 2016

The Santa Spoon

For years, we heathens, erroneously believed The 12 Days Of Christmas preceded Christmas. We celebrated by giving each other pops with our one-of-a-kind hand painted Santa Spoon. One pop for each day. Well, two pops the first day and four on the third day just to make it more interesting. 

The spoon is hand carved Arkansas Cherry. A dear friend of Bacall's made it for us. He made us a lot of toys. The spoon side is lightly dished. Not worth a damn for cooking, but it cups a bottom great. Bill died of stomach cancer before his time. He is missed. It's heavy and has more thud than sting. When you get up to about 8 licks with it, you are ready for it to end. 

That's the history. Only a few years ago we learned that The 12 Days really start on Christmas. So Bacall changed our celebration to Red Panty and Red Paddle Days for the days before Christmas and then the spoon is used for The 12 Days. Got that? It's 24 days of paddling.

The spoon at our old home

 The spoon at our current home

Bacall puts the spoon in action on a Christmas visitor

Red Panty Days These are mostly all about and for Bacall. She loves being padded in panties and she has a large drawer of play panties. I have some panties also and a few are red. The other day I put on a pair and asked her to guess what color I had on. She guessed right and she got really giddy putting the red paddle to me after I had paddled her. We lay on the bed embracing and she remembered it was our anniversary. It's not a big deal for us and we often forget. We decided that we should take some more pops to commemorate the date and so we did. You can guess what happened afterwards.

No dinner out, no presents, but a memorable day.


  1. Sounds good to me.

    Merry Christmas


  2. Happy Anniversary for starters.
    I have to say we never engaged in anything holiday related with regards to paddling. No Santa spoons of 12 day ceremonies. There's always guests around during the holiday week so logistics are a problem. However after reading about all these "traditions " I must find a way to institute them.


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