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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Friday, December 9, 2016

Pick Your Paddle

From the 1971 high school science textbook Probing The Natural World. [Only on Google Books]

"Suppose you had misbehaved and your mother said she was going to take a paddle to you. So that this will be a learning experience for you, your mother decides to let you choose which paddle will be used.  

Which paddle would you choose to keep down the amount of kinetic energy transferred from the paddle to you? Now you have found that mass and velocity can explain kinetic energy.

                 Mass   Speed of Swing

Paddle 1    .5 kg      
.30 m/sec 
Paddle 2   1.0          .15 m/sec"  less

Having zero knowledge of physics, I don't know the answer. Twice the mass, swing half as fast, a toss up. Talk about learning a lesson. Thanks Mom.

This woman has a lot of paddles to choose from.

The shoes are a turn off to me, but she has quite a paddle collection. Love the colors.


  1. Other factors to take into account would be. Mom's arm strength and just how pissed off she is at you. In any case you're sure to remember the paddling. It's all relative in Einstein's equation.

  2. Mom's arm and the paddle moving at the speed of light. Oh my!
    There is a Latin phrase, commonly used in Economics, ceteris paribus. It means holding all other variables constant while considering the one under immediate consideration.

  3. K.E.= 1/2 M.V2 (squared), so K.E. is proportional to the square of the velocity. So the higher the speed, the bigger the wack. (Sorry to be all nurdy but Maths was my major)

  4. I wondering now if there are any employment opportunities as a paddle consultant

  5. Is the surface area of the two paddles the same? Elasticity of the skin? Across one cheek each time or both cheeks each time? What an equation. I like the new masthead.

    1. I think ceteris paribus would handle these variables.
      Never liked both cheeks at the same time.
      I am of two minds about the masthead picture because of so much blank space at the right.

  6. I love being paddled with both cheeks at the same time. Requires a longer paddle such as the classic 'Spencer'. But I also like being over my wife's lap receiving the attention of her hairbrush. I guess the ultimate would be getting the hairbrush by two women at the same time (the classic 'double lap').


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