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Foolishness since 2007
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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

The Evil Hairbrush

The Hairbrush may be the most popular instrument, but it’s never used by us or on us. In early marriage Bacall bought one on impulse. The cashier made a comment about it when we checked out, indicating that she thought it would be used on me. We laughed and she did not say another word. I guess she felt she had revealed herself.

I tried it out on Bacall and she declared it was evil. Then or later she tried it on me, I fully supported her position that it was evil. We then understood why it was the go to implement for Mom’s. OTK with a hairbrush is indeed punishment. It’s small size makes it ideal to use briskly leaving no time for recovery until it strikes again. I try to humor Bacall’s desire to paddle me OTK, but before she gets to a dozen I am off her lap. She giggles.

Nope, no hairbrushes in our home.

But, it enjoyable to look at pictures of others being hairbrushed.

As I was finishing this post, I noticed I had used the label "Hairbrush" before, so I looked and found I had discussed it four times. Here is an except from a 2008 post.

We tried a few hairbrushes over the years, but none were effective. They were either wimpy or thudy. Becall got a vanity set for high school graduation, which included a hairbrush. It’s not wood or plastic, but some man made material that makes it a 10 on the thud scale. But it is silent and we used it from time-to-time when noise was a concern.

One day, Becall saw a Vidal Sasson brush that looked like it would work. At the checkout, the clerk remarked how good it was for spanking and thought should be used on me. We bantered back and forth for a few minutes and then she must have realized how much she had admitted and sealed her lips.

Let me tell you, this hairbrush works. After it’s first use on her, Becall declared it off limits. And so for years, it was used for brushing her hair. Last year, I had her bring it to me and I whacked her a few times with it, before she said that I should feel it. Lordy, Lordy, was she ever right, that sucker set me on fire. I put it aside for a future play date and told her she should paddle me hard and fast over the knee, just like I was a kid. As you know, she loves me over her knee and she likes to pop me hard and fast and get me wiggling around. So she had an agreeable time and I found out what a bona fide hair brushing feels like. I prefer a paddle thank you very much.


  1. I don't get the hair brush too often but when I do feet kicking, bottom wiggling and ouches and ow's start with the first spank. They are indeed evil.

  2. We don't use the hairbrush much in our house and yes they are evil but not as evil as your paddle:)


  3. I just got the brush yesterday. I love to hate the brush but to us here it is a symbol of domestic spanking. Hurts like the devil but we have a few here. Sometimes fast and intense and other times very light and slow. Love to hate the hairbrush!
    Now to me the cane is pure evil

    1. Oh hairbrush spanking over the panty is pure heaven

    2. OK, Ron, you are welcome to all the hairbrush your wife can dish out. I could handle light and slow or even just slow, but hard and fast, I head for the next county.

      It's amazing how different a hairbrush or anything feels with panties on. Even thin ones greatly reduce the sting. That's good sometimes, but we both love the sting.

    3. Gee thanks haha

      Yes the live of the panty. Agree


  4. Why is it that such a small innocent thing can pack such a punch; both stingy and thuddy at the same time. As you said...lordy, lordy these things are evil.

  5. Oh but the sound Bogey! Pure adrenaline to a spanko's ears...

    Now a thuddy heavy brush such as the old Vermont Country Store variety, I agree is too severe. But a nice oval backed hardwood brush like Mom used to have or even that tail-warmer from NuWest??? Now there is a spanking my friend... feels like it, looks like it, sounds like it!

    There's a reason Bacall is smiling when she uses it...

  6. I have a short handled bath brush which is quite formidable but I love it. I am quite the pain junkie when it comes to bare bottom spankings.

    Happy Spankings



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