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Monday, July 18, 2016

The Toy Chest

Since several blogs have published pictures of their toy collection, we decided to join the fun. Long time readers have seen some of these pictures before.

The first picture was taken a decade back - perhaps at the peak of our collection. We have been downsizing ever since.

From left to right

The homemade Black Paddle. Southern pine, light and stings like a hornet. Mine

A perverted kitchen utensil. Works great for OTK on bottom and thighs. Retired.

A gift, It was heavy and thudy, but one lass picked it every time. Retired.

Homemade red oak paddle. It was Bacall’s favorite to use on me. Out of favor.

A souvenir paddle. Not really useful, very sharp edges. Retired

A hand carved spoon made from Arkansas cherry wood that was a gift. Guaranteed to get anyone’s attention promptly. It comes out for Christmas.

A handmade round paddle also made from cherry.

The Principal’s paddle. One of the first paddles I made. Has some thud and a lot of sting. Mine

A kitchen pervertable with an ergonomic handle. Retired

A flexible rubber ruler. Wraps evenly around bottoms and legs. Retired

What Ronnie calls the Bogey paddle. Light and a little stingy. Bacall's favorite.

A Fli-back paddle painted pink. Lost

Two Fli-back paddles glued together. Bacall gave it to me our first Christmas. She broke it on me and I glued a second to it. Stings like fire. Ours on occasion.

A long handled spoon. Lost

The Sheriff’s paddle. A friend gave this to her boy friend. He used it a few times on her and then on Bacall. It broke on the first swing. Bacall was so pleased. I repaired it. Looks mean, but it’s not. Retired

On the brass tray.

Another souvenir paddle. Not really useful. Retired.

A Lexan paddle. It was a gift and never “worked” for us. Re-gifted.

These were her favorite things only a few years ago. Only the Bogey paddle remains. Classic case of women changing their minds.

She bought this one for herself. It's made of Myrtle wood, 3/4 inch think and really stings. She tried to master it, but in the end she wanted to burn it.

Being the nice man I am, I bought some 3/16 Myrtlewood and made this for her. She was not impressed.

Another picture that shows how our preferences change over time. As mentioned above the Myrtlewood is no longer in use. The batten in the middle gets used about once a month on our thighs. The red paddle was used frequently for many years on both of us. Now maybe once a year.

At one time these were only used on my bottom. That's still true for the Principal's paddle. In the last few years she has abandoned leather for wood and likes to feel the Teacher's paddle after the Bogey paddle.

I like to get 10 or 12 with the Principal's and another 10 or 12 with the Teacher's. She normally likes 6 to 8 with the Teacher's, but when she is feeling bullet proof, the count goes a lot higher and she will feel it the rest of the day.


  1. Nice collection. No leather. Is wood both your favourite type of toy?


    1. The second picture shows two leather paddles. A Shadow Lane she bought and one a friend gave her. She was a big fan of leather for years, then one day she decided she wood is good gal. I have always been a wood paddle fan. I tried canes, but that did not take.

  2. Wow, just wow! I am definitely a weakling
    love Jan, xx

  3. Oh dear all wood OUCH! is all I can say.
    Hugs Lindy


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