Foolishness since 2007

Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

OBB - How Great We Are

This is a self puff piece

I was checking to see what info Google collects on the OBB persona and stumbled on a link to every picture published on OBB over last 9 years. WOW! I thought what a great collection. Of course, I am biased, as I would not have published them if I did not like them in the first place. That said, I think they are an order of magnitude of better than the pictures on some the more popular blogs. [Sorry the link to the pictures is only available to the blog owner or I sure as heck would share it with you]

We don’t publish just any picture. If Bacall would not like it, I don’t even suggest it. Our tastes are about the same. You may have noticed that it’s not common to see a picture of a red bottom. That’s just not something that turns us on. We prefer to see a bottom that begs to be spanked. Attractive lingerie wins out every time over nudity. Poor composition or inadequate lighting eliminates many pictures. Baseball caps turned backwards will never be see on on OBB. A messy background consigns an otherwise appealing photo to the ashcan.

I like pictures of women paddling men. But, I am turned off by women who scold or snarl. I like a women smiling, teasing and joking with me as she sets me on fire. Not many pictures like that.

We don’t use spanking as a punishment, but for erotic pleasure. Sort of a super back rub. A back rub is not something one might expect after expressing a sharp word. Well it’s the same with spanking for us.  

We like pictures where a paddle is used. We have tried all sorts of toys, leather paddles,  straps, even a real barber’s strap, canes, crops, you name it, we have tried it. A decade or so back we settled on wood paddles. Bacall has her’s and I have my favorites. That means some pictures are culled just because a whimpy leather paddle is used. That may be your favorite to get or give, but it just does not work for us. Pictures with carpet beaters are just ridiculous to us. 

You have not seen many captioned photo’s here. No plans to start with them either. That just men captioning pictures with what they would like to hear a woman say.

Commercial photo shoots feature more F/F action than M/F. Probably because men think that is so hot. It might also be because some straight women feel more comfortable with another women, rather than a “strange” man. We prefer M/F and F/M.

And just how many spanking sites offer original content? We have published photo’s of ourselves and some some of our friends. We don’t always say who it is, but if it has a ‘As seen on OBB’ watermark on it, it is original to OBB. When we first started OBB, I was careless about the watermark and those pictures were fletched and are still making the rounds, a compliment I suppose.


  1. Love the panties
    Terrific blog

  2. Yes, you are great. A classy, intelligent and pleasant to read blog.
    I totally agree with your point about the captions, so fake.
    Unlike your blog, the real thing.
    Thank you.

  3. Nice knickers. I do like the pics you post.



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