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Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Free Home Delivery

I often talk with a woman who is regularly paddled for her "sins". I think most of the reasons for punishment are pure bullshit, but she has a strong need to feel accountable which in turn makes her feel loved. Her Dad is eager to hold her accountable. Dad lives at a distance, so he has substitutes paddle her when he is not available. I remarked to her that her paddling's are delivered right to her door like pizza. That's something a lot of folks would find appealing, even fun.

The idea of a woman popping by on the third Monday of the month to paddle me, has some appeal. Of course, she would have to meet all my criteria. And I am quite picky.


  1. We're a lot like you, with spanking being a part of sex, not an act of discipline (though we do enjoy role-playing a discipline scene now and again). On the other hand, I have definitely had spanking sessions that provide a release from something that's bothering me, whether that's something I did (or didn't do) or just something that happened. I wouldn't say "sins," per se, but I definitely empathize with the concept of catharsis. However, I wouldn't want it to be a scheduled visit, like having to go to confession every Sunday after a Catholic mass. I'd feel like I had to come up with sins just so I could be absolved. It sounds like a "maintenance spanking," which I still don't understand. Is it to maintain being good? Or is it to maintain the idea of "Well, you were bad at some point, probably, so here we go." Spankings for no reason are fine, welcome, and enjoyable - sometimes, don't tell anyone I said this, I think the idea of discipline gets added on because the spanker/spankee hasn't yet embraced their fetish as a fetish and instead they need to contextualize it in terms of being good or bad in order to make it an acceptable activity in their own mind. Not in all cases, and of course in some the idea of being disciplined is a BIG part of the fetish. I just worry about some folks. I hope, especially in the area of corporal punishment, that we're all able to be honest with ourselves about what we truly want, so neither we nor the other person come to emotional, mental, or physical harm.

    1. We also enjoy role play. Bacall more than me. She always assumes a defiant role. Her Dad is head of the school and she will not be paddled. A secretary who makes lots of mistakes and could care less when confronted about it. A Persian sex slave who refuses to bend to his will. Sometimes, she wants to get to her submissive place. It’s a well hidden place even from her and it takes her awhile to get her mind there. When she can get her mind there, she wants to be bound and for me to force her in several ways.

      I also think that some employ discipline as a reason to justify a spanking. "I’ll do this and he will spank me for it.” We tire quickly of those that feel that have to act out to get spanked. Of course, they can not understand us, just asking for what we want.

      Thanks for taking the time to express your thoughts.

  2. There are some of us for whom discipline, and only real discipline for real things, provides the deepest meaning and attraction to being spanked. It's not a "child" thing, and it is a Love thing, since usually, when it's real discipline, we need the person to know and love is in some way, even if it is as mentor.

    Without question, there is a sexual element to it, even if not overt, and even if only because sexual and spiritual are intimately connected. Being disciplined by one's will usually have more manifestly sexual effects than, say, being disciplined by a mentor (esp if the mentor is of the opposite sex of the one you are attracted to).


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