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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, March 7, 2016

Facial Recognition

Spanking enthusiast tend to hide their faces and identity. You have seen our faces on OBB, sometimes you did not know it was us, because like most folks we hide ourselves. Some of you know who we are. In fact, several hundred people know we are into spanking. There have never been any repercussions. We hide simple because a few years back I used facial recognition software to locate pictures of Bacall on the web. It found a few. It also found a picture of our daughter. Whoops! Neither of us thought that they looked that much alike. It would embarrass our granddaughter to look for her Mother and find that her grandparents like spanking. Even more so, if her friends chanced on it. So we use pictures of dead movie stars as stand-in's for us.

I think men hide more than women.

Today, I would like to contrast how we hide ourselves as being spanking enthusiast and how open we are to showing off our sexual organs.

Before going there, you must keep in mind that Bacall and I see spanking as sexual, not as punishment or discipline. I can see how people might want to hide that they were spanked for raising their voice to their spouse.

So consider would rather your face be found in this pose or with your bottom reddened?

Hi Kids, yes Mom likes a enema now and then

Yeah, we have all done this, but there was no web when we were young. Is this really smart?

College was so much fun. Will it still be fun when your future employer matches this to you. It's already common practice for employers to search social media to see what pops up on you.

"I did it on a dare. You can't hold it against me forever".

We were newly weds then and it's still on the web 40 years later!

Have I made my point?


  1. But wouldn't it be interesting if someone came up to us and told us how much they enjoyed your work?
    And waht about bottom recognition software or a programme that wipes out the blur from videos?

    1. Having someone recognize us and tell us how they enjoyed our blog would be great. We don't try to hide from fellow spankers, but only to shield our daughter and grandkids.

  2. Hello! I can't help but wonder if I might have sparked this debate with a change I made to my blog last week. I think I'll probably have to write all my thoughts in a post (thank you for the post idea!). My short answer, though, is that I'd rather be found out as a spanking enthusiast than pose in any of the pics that feature, literally, a member of the opposite sex. Maybe it's my ego but I want it to be all about me and my backside. Also, I had the opportunity to interview for a position a few weeks ago where talking about my blog and its content was a plus for the job, and it was so incredibly freeing. However, this is only where my life is at right now, and I can see how it wouldn't work for someone who wasn't either trying to become self-employed or work in an industry where a sex/fetish/erotica blog is a plus.

    However, I will say that I hope the handjob driver causes an accident in which no one gets hurt but she has to go to court and the prosecution shows that video. Seriously, people! Safety first!

    1. Like you, i would rather be found spanking, than in a sex act. But, it seems that sex is cool and spanking is to be hidden.

      ....literally, a member of the opposite sex.
      Good one, I missed that.

      I recall being young and dumb and getting a HJ while I was driving. I don't recall a gal giving me while she was driving.

  3. I'd certainly rather be found spanking than in any of those poses you've shown. To be honest as I get older I don't think I'd care too much about people knowing just wouldn't want son and his friends finding out.



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