Foolishness since 2007

Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Monday, November 30, 2015

Bacall Bends Me Over Again

I wish either of us could write spanking accounts like Ronnie. We like her style. This one will be my usual bare bones non-titillating accounts. It seems every time I write about them they get shorter.

Bacall gave me a satisfying paddling the other day. They are all gratifying and welcome, but she mixed this one up a bit and made it memorable. First, she picked panties for me to wear before the paddling. Panties and paddles have always gone together for us. This time they were maroon colored. The material over the cheeks is see thru and the center part has a bit of Lycra that defines the cheeks. She likes the look on me.

After making me wait for an hour or so, she told me it was time. It took place in three rooms with three implements. She started in the bedroom with the batten on my thighs. Damn it stings. Damn I love it. Then she took me to the office and had me bend over the desk, gave me four licks, then she pulled my panties down and gave me another 6 full force with the principals paddle. Youch! Next it was into the dining room where she had me bend over a chair and gave me another 10 with our ever stingy red paddle. My bottom was bright red and I was well heated if know what I mean. And I am sure that you do.


  1. I like Bacall's style. Keep meaning to ask, have either off you used the cane?

    Thanks for the mention. Really lovely of you.


    1. A long time back she used the cane on me. Another women had used it on me and it was delightful. Bacall tried it on me with some trepidation and it was just OK, so we put it away. I have used the cane on other women a few times. It’s not my fav to use. I think that it resembles a switch in our minds, something that our legs felt as kids puts it in a negative light for us.


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