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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Waiting For It

If you were spanked as a kid, perhaps you were like me, being made to wait for the spanking was part of the punishment. My Mom’s tactic was to say you just wait until we get home. Those words made me promise to do anything to avoid the switch or belt she promised me. Fortunately for me, my pleadings worked and I usually escaped the physical part, but the dread of waiting for the spanking was torture.

In school, waiting for the paddling was usually part of the punishment. You might have to wait until class was over or have to wait until school was out. Sometimes you would have to wait until the next day when you brought back the form your parents had signed acknowledging they knew you were going to be paddled.

waiting01Waiting, but the paddling seems imminent 

As an adult, waiting is part of the fun for us. We normally make the other wait until the next day for a spanking. It’s delicious to day dream about what is going to unfold the next day. Bacall really likes her paddling's scheduled so she can screw her mind into the right place. It’s not just her mind that gets focused on the upcoming paddling. She really enjoys the sexual twitches she experiences thinking about it. She is so naughty.

waiting03 Or perhaps someone is waiting for you right now

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  1. When a naughty woman has to wait for her corporal punishment, on her knickers down bare bottom, it is part of the humiliation.


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