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Foolishness since 2007
Foolishness since 2007

Saturday, August 15, 2015

August 15, 2015

z indian bullfrog

As I have aged I tend to pay less attention to birthdays.  But, today this blog is eight years old.  Hard to believe.  So I am celebrating almost a decade of my inability to proof-read.  Thanks for your patients.

PS- yes, I did that on purpose.

PPS - I actually do know the difference between its and it's, for example, but I just don't always execute carefully.

My trip down bad grammar lane started in the seventh grade. The English teacher was grossly fat and short. I don’t she ever moved from her desk. She was short and her huge boobs puddled on her desk like Jello.  The entire first semester was devoted to diagramming sentences and reciting future past perfect tenses or whatever. When I found the second semester was more of the same, diagramming and gerundive phrases, I blew up and was tossed out of class. I was already out of History and sitting the last (dunce) seat in Algebra. So what was one more class to fail.

I never finished the 10th grade, but I was on the Dean’s list in college with a 3.7.

Stats: 1,025 posts, but only 1,897,060 page views. A meager 1,850 views per post. The stats go up considerably when I post lots of pictures. But, folks, the web pictures that appeal to me are few in number. I should have taken more when I had a regular parade of cute bottoms going over my lap. But, I had other things on my mind than photography.

How long will this blog continue? I have no idea.


  1. Happy blogaversary, Bogey and Bacall! Those are pretty good stats. I never got close to 1,000 pageviews per post until I put on the adult content warning.

    Your grammar teacher sounds like a horror!


    1. She may have been a horror, but I am positive she and rest of the teachers considered me a PIA.
      On stats, I would bet a large pile of toonies, that your blog has many times the readers that OBB does. Probably, I don't understand the stats.

  2. Congratulations Bogey and Bacall, on your 8th anniversary of your blog. Remember the #8 stands for a bare bottom. May you both have a 'spanking good time' celebrating being SPANKO''S.

    1. In re the number 8, I only recently learned that. Something about International Spanking Day. I did not get the memo.


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